Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday REPOST: Flashback Friday- Papa Serenades Ann Peyton {September 16, 2009} **HILARIOUS**

When I say this is a repost, well, everything below this point is a C&P from this time last year (so when it says "last year", that's really two years ago).  It's too good (in my humble opinion) not to share over and over again, though.  This is why I love Peyton.  This is why I love my life. This is just

So, I was looking back through my pictures and videos from this week last year (that's usually what I do if I don't have a specific Flashback I want to share) and it was an obvious choice of what to feature.

You'll notice that I made a bit of a crude observation during the video and then got upset and said I wouldn't be able to post it.  Well, I decided it was too good to let y'all miss it.  Plus, it's only fair that I share a little of the embarrassment with Papa Peyton! [FYI: that's NOT his real singing voice....let's say that that's not my real speaking voice either, mkay??]


Candy said...

So cute! What was your name for a butt? I listened twice and could not understand what you said : ) And Peyton for whatever reason made me think of someone singing on "Fiddler on the Roof" : ) Oh, and was this just last year?

Candy said...

oh, now I see the date. I thought Ann Peyton was too young for it to be just last year : )