Friday, September 2, 2011

Letter to (Twenty Nine Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are a month shy of being two and a half.  Of course, I am baffled by that.  Some days I will put a certain dress on you or fix your hair a certain way and I will think "My word, there is not anything 'baby' about this child anymore.  She is a little girl".  And then, for a few seconds, the tears come.  But they don't stay long, because as soon as I disappear around a corner, your little head peeks 'round, and you follow me "Hiiiiii, MOMMA!".

Your little voice lights up the world and nothing excites us more than teaching you new words and phrases and watching you come up with your own ways of communicating.  You say the funniest things and I have got to make myself be more diligent about recording them.  You love to ask us "Where is ______?" You always want to know where Papa, Baby Graves, and Minnie are at any given time. Another one of your favorite expressions is "It's a _______." You will bring us your toys, or anything else within your reach, and proudly declare the object's identity.

I'm beginning to see you make so many connections, and my teacher's heart is thrilled with this.  You have learned the concept of "two".  Not just how to identify the numeral, or how to count to two, but the concept of two.  You will see something and tell me "That TWO shoes, Momma".  Being a proud mother, I am so impressed by this ;)  You also picked up a stuffed caterpillar belonging to your brother, and told me "He eat leaves".  I'm sure you found that out in one of your many books!

You still love to read and be read to.  Lately, you've become interested in much longer books and the other day at church, Ms. Darlene read a fairly lengthy Beatrix Potter tale to you.  Papa liked it because the language is much more advanced than modern children's books and vowed to buy some for our house.

We still say the Lord's Prayer every night with you, but gradually we are lengthening our personal prayer time.  We've been praying for our missionary friends, the Rambos, who were stricken with malaria, but are fine now, PRAISE GOD and for your little friend Evy, that she will share in your joy of having a brother to love, SOON AND VERY SOON! Such concepts- the idea of trusting God with your children's health in a distant land for the purpose of serving God and his people or the idea of yearning for a son and a brother an ocean away are big ideas for a little girl.  But they are the ideas we must start to fill your little mind and heart with because they are ones of eternal significance!  Lord, give us strength!

Although you love people and are quite verbal, I am getting more and more comfortable with calling you an introvert, at least at this point in your life.  You NEED time alone and you thrive when you've had a chance to cuddle up in your bed with your books and stuffed animals.  That is okay!!! Papa and I are both pretty outgoing, but we both crave time for ourselves, so you come by this naturally!

Each month brings so many new accomplishments for you and so much pride for us.  The older you get, the more beauty I find in you.  Were you never to advance beyond what you are capable of understanding today, though, we would be immeasurably proud of you.  You fill up our home with such sweetness and having the privilege of looking after you, teaching you, and guiding your little soul is the most fulfilling and the most humbling thing I have yet to do.

Love, Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your dress this month is an 18 mo. and it's one of my favorites!

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