Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rockabye Baby

I realized that there was a little more I wanted to say in my post last week and since I know y'all are enthralled by my kids' sleep habits, I thought I'd do another full post.

The main thing I forgot to mention is something I really want to always remember.  For some reason, lately, Ann Peyton has gotten so "clingy".  I hesitated to use that word because it sounds so negative.  I started to say "affectionate", but really it's more than just lots of hugs and kisses.  She wants to be held, snuggled with, and especially rocked.  She's also gotten to where she asks about me alot more when I leave her with Peyton or our parents.  I think it's partially getting back adjusted to MDO.  Anyway, rocking is the big thing.  She couldn't have cared less about being rocked as a baby- we just dropped her in her bed and she fell asleep. But around a year, she started to like being rocked.  She goes through phases, but right now it seems to be more important than ever.  When she's hurt or hears something loud (loud noises terrify her) the first thing she says is "Momma rock you" or just "rocking chair". It's her comfort thing.  I'm not sure this is typical of a toddler her age, but it's so her.  She also always wants me to rock her at night.  If I'm gone, Peyton can do it and she can deal, but if I'm here, she wants me.  I think that's so sweet, especially since I have no qualms about saying Peyton is typically the preferred parent.

We've always had a "two rock" max.  I would rock her for a few minutes and tuck her in bed and then I'd come in and rock her once more if she requested it, but that was it.  Lately, I'm rethinking that.  I used to just think it was a stalling technique (like EAT! or PLAY!) and maybe at one point it was.  But these days I'm not convinced.  The other night I rocked her four separate times and then she said "I get in bed, Momma" and she went right to sleep instead of talking to her animals for another hour and a half (she had already been talking to them a good bit in between rockings).  Now, I'm not saying one way is better for her than the other- she loves talking to her stuffed animals and "reading" in the dark.  But one IS better for me.  A lady in my Bible Study was talking the other day about how rocking her babies is such a worshipful experience for her.  In truth, it's something I often rush through so lately I've been enjoying it more and thinking about one of my favorite tear jerker books, Love You Forever.  I might be digging myself a giant hole, but I really don't care.  This time is so short.  It's always been important to me that she learn to sleep independently. I'm still not one to co-sleep (although we do let her snuggle in bed with us occasionally when she has those terrible night terrors, but that's really pretty infrequent).  I don't feel like I need to rock her to sleep, either.  But for right now, at least, I'm over the arbitrary ONLY TWO ROCKS!!! rule. I'm not going to let it take over my night and if it becomes a tool she uses to stall a bunch, then we'll revisit it.  But right now, I just want to enjoy this sweet little phase she's going through.  I know the day will come when she doesn't ask about my whereabouts when I run an errand or want me to rock her multiple times before I put her in the bed.

I'm sure this post bored everyone to tears, but it I did it mostly for me and my own records.  One commenter last week pointed out that maybe AP just enjoys her food and her time in bed and that's why it all takes her so long.  I need that reminder to slow down and enjoy these things, too!


Elizabeth said...

Great post as always Denley! It's always interesting to hear about other kid's sleeping habits because they are so unique. I think 2 is a year of so many changes for kids. I'm not an expert obviously, but I know in Simeon's reactions to things the emotional development is occuring and he just can't handle all his emotions at times. Personally I believe in meeting your childs needs and they will learn to sleep in their own time. Of course you have to have enough sleep to survive too:) It's a balance as always. I'm glad you are able to enjoy Annie's need to be comforted. It's funny Simeon is much more snuggly with us than he's ever been. We are enjoying it b/c he was such of a go go go baby! And I can imagine you are enjoying the snuggles as the big girl years are on the horizon.

EC said...

I still rock me 27 month old little boy every single night. I nursed him in the rocking chair at bedtime until he was 15 months old, and he generally nursed himself to sleep at that feeding. When we stopped nursing, I kept rocking him at night. And for several months he still fell asleep while I was rocking him. Probably around 20ish months he quit falling asleep while rocking and I just lay him in his bed awake then leave the room. We rock for about 10 or 15 minutes and as long as he wants to "rock-rock" every night we will. And he only let's mommy rock-rock too (unless of course mommy's gone at bedtime). Daddy will ask if he can rock him, and his response is "no, mama rock-rock". After I put him down, he's starting needing several kisses and "hubs" and then he lays down and generally o don't here another peep.

Candy said...

Loved reading this post, Sarah Denley. Molly is just starting to continoulsy get up after we put her to bed. She really loves to be rocked lately too. She always has but especially now and she wants her daddy! But our main problem is the constant getting up. Most nights are a battle with her getting fussed at or a spat on the behind that you would think was a beating! Some Doctors I used to work with suggested locking them in their rooms but we just can't bring ourselves to do that. I know some have but I just can't....not yet anyway.

I think you are doing great. Cherish those precious moments of getting to rock that little baby girl. And BTW, I cannot bring myself to read "Love you Forever" since I have had my girls! C :