Saturday, September 3, 2011

September Happenings

 I like this month's design, but for some reason the header looks sort of fuzzy when I upload it.  I'm really striving to not be OCD and I'm just having to let it go.  I do love the picture selection; it may be my favorite yet!

So, what's happening around these parts in September?

-Well, starting Tuesday, Baby Graves and Baby Annie will be going to Mother's Day Out every Tuesday and Thursday.  And Baby SD will be working, mostly because she loves the people, as paying half price for both kids kinda negates most of her salary :/ Also, this means on those days, we'll be leaving the house by around 7:15.  So getting up at or before six at the earliest. Really needs to be before.  HOLD ME.

- Baby Graves is making some other transitions this month.  Last night marked night three of Operation Get This Kid Out Of Our Room And Into His Crib In The Nursery He Shares With Sister. Hoping not to jinx it, but honestly it's went by without a hitch.  He's woken up one time each night and cried and I got him, nursed him, and put him back to bed  without waking up Annie.  Kid is a hard sleeper.  Additionally, I think we're going to start solids soon.  Given his aptitude with rice cereal, that one may be a much longer road.

- As far as Annie, my goal for this month is to focus on being more intentional with her activities.  I think it's time to start doing more fun crafts and games and such.

- Speaking of, I'm in no way thinking I need to rush off and order a formal curriculum, but I do feel like she could benefit from a little more structured learning.  At this point, we're really leaning toward homeshcooling, at least in the early years, and I don't think it's too early to start doing small educational things.

-I have to say that I think both the kids are at such a fun place right now.  A lot of the behavior issues that I saw when Annie turned two/we welcomed Baby Graves have just sort of worked themselves out (with a little parental guidance).  I think becoming more and more verbal has helped and she's making a lot more connections about behavior and consequences.  As far as Graves is concerned, I think giving up dairy has really made a big difference in his overall disposition, though some of that could just be his age- he can actually "play" with toys now, for example, and I think that's fun and entertaining for him. Either way, he's like a different child.  I really felt like I won the jackpot with Ann Peyton, and now with two fairly chill kids I kind of wonder if some "fussy" babies are just having dietary issues.  I say this because I never would have thought of the dairy thing myself, my sister in law said it never occurred to her, and my pediatrician really didn't think that was it.  I'm not saying moms are stupid, just that I think maybe it's a problem that doesn't get the attention it deserves!

- All that to say, it is HARD! At least for me.  I love me some milk and cheese and I feel like it's not easy to find things when we go out to eat.  I've taken some steps outside my comfort zone around the house, though- I had a green smoothie (with spinach and lots of fruit to mask the taste) for breakfast this week and I'm going to make these somewhat healthy banana peanut butter muffins this week.  I will say that dairy was instrumental in calming my stomach down.  I just wake up and feel kind of queasy and sometimes I get that way throughout the day, too.  I know I'm eating enough, I think milk just soothed my stomach or something.  I used to eat Saltines and Sprite on the way to school in the morning during high school, so it's really not a new thing. 

- I think I have been doing better about cooking.  I still only cook a few times a week, but it's better than what it was (eating out, sandwiches, or frozen casseroles that lasted three months from when I had Graves) and I'm trying to branch out and try things a little more complex than a casserole with four items, one of them being chicken.  My cleaning has really suffered the last few weeks but as far as activities, I've done a lot of organizing and a little crafting.  I have a few projects to share soon!

- My friend Rachel, who has a little side photography business, agreed to do a little photo shoot with the kids and also show me how to use my camera better.  I'm super excited about learning more about that!

- I think most importantly, I feel like I'm at such a good place with my faith right now.  I don't say that to be arrogant, it's been not where it should be for a long time and it feels good to be more energized.  I'm loving the study Peyton is leading on Wednesday nights and I think Peyton and I are going to both take steps to become more involved with missions at our church.  More on that later!

- I was leaving my parents' house tonight and I couldn't stop thinking about how blessed I am and how much I love my life.  That's really nice because even as recently as a few weeks ago, I was kind of in a hard place.  I even considered the need to maybe get back on medicine.  It wasn't that I was worried and had that kind of debilitating anxiety, I just felt so frazzled and like I was at a breaking point on a lot of days.  I even considered that I might have a very minor form of Postpartum Depression.  In retrospect, I think I was just really tired.  I've been trying to focus on eating right, but I need to add a few things to that- getting adequate sleep and some form of exercise.  I've said I don't plan to start running until it gets cool, but there's NO reason we shouldn't be taking short walks on most days!

- Last of all: I'm planning to do a little internet sebbatical next week.  I'm going to spend fifteen or twenty minutes checking and responding to email and I'm going to type up my Weekly Happenings each night, but that's it.  I've become a bit of a social media addict, and I just need to step back.  I know I spend too much time looking at Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest and add in nearly daily blogging, plus reading other people's blogs and emails and it's just too much of the day.  I'm going to see how it goes for a week and then jump back in, but hopefully not waste quite so much time!

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