Saturday, September 3, 2011

Southern Toddlers with the Way They Talk

As promised, here's Ann Peyton's accent vlog.  Getting Peyton to do it may be a little tougher.  She actually doesn't sound anywhere near as Southern as she does typically.  I mean it's to the point that my mom tells me her accent is rediculous. And my mom's accent is rediculous.

Also, I had to call my brother in law who is a freakin' PROGRAMMER to walk me through uploading this three minute beast to YouTube.  I did it on Peyton's Mac, just like last time. I can be a ditz, but this was not an obvious process.  Apparently, you can't just save and upload, you have to export and compress the file and all this stuff.  Somehow last time, I did all that by accident?!?!  I kind of wish I had just used a "old fashioned" video camera. I call BS on Steve Jobs and his user friendly phraseology.  Oh, wait, he's out of the picture now.  Well, I call BS on somebody.  I HATE APPLE.

Rant over.  Apologizing to my  sweet iPhone who has in no way wronged me.


Charlotte said...

sweetest little thing! I am glad you posted it!

Courtney said...

That is so sweet!

The Niemeyer Nest said... that is so adorable. I need to don this with Evie. So sweet!

Ariel said...

She is so sweet! Thank you for sharing, that was adorable!