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Weekly Happenings Post #130 (September 5-11)-- Unplugged

This week was super busy.  I had a very productive week, due to not being on the computer so much.  I say it was very productive, but like I've said before, sometimes I wonder if what I feel like is "SUPER PRODUCTIVE" is really that different from unproductive.  I mean, these days if I accomplish much of anything outside of feeding kids and changing diapers, I feel accomplished.  I kind of think the same thing about "busy"- pretty much if we leave the house more than once, it's a "busy" day.  That's just how I feel during this season.  I'm getting MUCH faster at getting us ready and out the door, but it's still a production.

About my little computer break-- it really was nice in some ways.  I just didn't feel a constant tug and I didn't have the "pressure" of wanting to catch up on Twitter and read every Tweet for the past few hours.  I didn't feel like I needed to churn out a post or hash through my Reader.  All of that is fun and it's how I choose to spend most of my leisure time, but it can be a drain.  I may have to step away more!  I'm also going to try to set more strict limits about my computer time.  I'm sure I'll blog more about that later!  Anyway, onto this week's happenings!

We spent most of the day Monday at home.  It was Labor Day, but Peyton had to work.  I honestly didn't even think about it being a holiday most of the day.  Ha!  The kids got up around eight when Peyton left.  We had a pretty slow morning, but I did get things done a lot faster without my little timesucking machine.  I did have a little convicting moment mid morning when Annie asked "Where Momma's computer?".  Whoa.  Then she started looking for it and wanting to watch videos and saying "Where ANNIE'S computer?"  Ha!  I used to really not even look at the computer until naptime, but lately I had gotten in the habit of spending thirty minutes or an hour doing stuff on it on the mornings we didn't have anywhere to be.  I let Annie watch a little PBS and I gave Graves a bath because once again he had a leaky diaper.  I am going to have to start putting the super absorbent ones on him, just like Annie. I changed over the laundry, emptied and reloaded dishes, and made green smoothies for myself and Annie.  Graves took a little nap and while AP was eating breakfast, I made a quick, spontaneous trip to the attic to get down some shoes and take up a few things. Graves woke up and he and AP played while I took a quick shower and got ready.  I put up a bunch of laundry in our room and made the bed.  I fed Graves and folded laundry and got Annie's lunch ready and then put him back down.  Annie and I cleaned up her toys and then I read her a Bible story and we worked on identifying numbers. I do feel like without the lure of the computer, I was less stressed about their naps overlapping as much and I let myself just take my time with her more.

During naptime, I ate lunch and made a to-do list and schedule for the rest of the day. I read some for Christian Believer and then I worked on making a "quote notebook".  I have a bunch of notebooks with quotes in them, but I wanted them all in one place.  Graves woke up and AP never did go to sleep, so after they got up, I finished working on organizing our book cabinet in the study. I talked to my friend, Morgan, on the phone and then we got ready and picked up toys.  Peyton got home and we loaded up and headed to his parents' house.

We had a good visit and put the kids straight to bed when we got home.  I talked to my sister in law and got on the computer to check my email and type up the day's happenings. Then I remembered that I hadn't filled out the kid's registration for Mother's Day Out.  I got that done and all our stuff together and went to bed.

I woke up around 5:45 on Tuesday to get ready for MDO.  I got ready and then woke the children up and woke Peyton up to help me.  AP was NOT happy about getting up.  She kept telling me, "I was sleeping, Maaaaama".  We all finished getting ready and got out the door.  We had a good first day.  We're in seperate rooms, but the one other little boy in Graves's room wasn't there, so he and his teacher joined us!  I got to see AP when we all went to the gym.  She was a bit whiney because she hadn't eaten breakfast and was hungry.  We went back to the room after that and had snacks and I took Graves to the nursing room and fed him.  When we got ready to go, AP pitched a giant fit.  I had to put her in time out and it was pretty bad.

When we got home, Peyton's mom was at our house.  She had been planning on keeping the kids later in the afternoon so we could got to a movie, but she got there early to hang out with Peyton (he'd had the day off), so we just decided to go to an earlier movie.  We're cheapos, so we knew we wanted a matinee!  I got ready really fast and fed Graves and then we left.  We went by the gas station for snacks (again, cheap, cheap, cheap!) and got to the movie right as the previews were ending (i.e. twenty minutes after the start time).  We saw The Help and it probably deserves it's own post.  Needless to say, I cried quite a bit (but probably not as much as I expected to).  We called Peyton's mom to check in and she said Annie and The General were sleeping in her bed together.  I was surprised because usually she gets so mad and pushes him out if he tries that, but I know she was so tired!  We ran by Lowes to return some things and get some paint and then headed home.  Peyton's mom left and we went for a stroll after I fed Graves.  After that, Peyton looked through some recipes and I consolidated some piles and made a few phone calls.  We went to the grocery store and  then got the kids to bed and groceries put up.

We had leftovers for dinner and I went on a cleaning spree!  I scrubbed the window sills in the kitchen and the baseboards, door, and walls in the (kind of nasty) laundry room.  I swept and mopped the hardwoods and the kitchen, bathrooms, and sun room. I got on the computer for a couple of minutes and then went to bed before midnight.

I got up before the kids on Wednesday morning and got ready right after Peyton because I was going to a new Bible study at my friend Morgan's house. Her neighbor agreed to watch the kids for $5, so I was planning on dropping Annie off, but just keeping Graves with me.  Anyway, I got showered and ready, made our bed, took out the compost, and got the kids dressed and ready plus got breakfast for myself and AP and nursed Graves all in, wait for it.....AN HOUR AND TEN MINUTES.  That's my best to date.  I honestly thought I'd never see the day I could do the whole process in less than two hours! We got to Morgan's and I dropped AP off.  We're doing a Beth Moore study, Jesus the One and Only, and I'm super excited about it!  The watched the first video and talked a little.  I did have to feed Graves in the middle of it, but since it's just a small group of women, I just went to the back of the room and did it right there! I made sure it wasn't going to bother anyone and one older mom who I *really* look up to said "You're feeding your baby; there's NOTHING offensive about that".  I really am way more comfortable with nursing this time.  I picked up AP and we went home.

She played some and I organized a shelf in her armoire that was getting messy and cleaned out the diaper bag.  Graves was in an awful mood and I just could not get him to relax and calm down.  I think he was just tired and hungry.  I fed him twice within two hours and he finally went to sleep.  I had some pasta for lunch and Annie wanted a hot dog for lunch, but I made her eat some peas first.  She ended up having TWO hot dogs after that.  As she was climbing out of her high chair, she slipped, tumbled over, and almost did a flip. She caught herself somewhat but her head hit the floor HARD.  She cried and cried, but after some snuggles, she got better.  Of course, Graves was up and screaming, too.  I was kind of worried about putting her down for a nap since she hit her head so hard, even though it was a short fall, so I called the pediatrician.  The nurse said just to watch for signs of concussion- one pupil dilated, throwing up, and being off balance for her- she said "I know she's two, so she may not always have great balance anyway", ha!).  She said I could put her down, but to go in and tickle her feet every twenty minutes or so, just to make sure she was okay.

I got her down and she took a while to go to sleep.  I loaded dishes, swept under the highchair and tidied the house a bit.  I spent the rest of their naps reading in Christian Believer. Peyton got home and he read some, too.  I made a salad to take to the potluck supper we were having at church and then got ready and got the kids up and ready to go.  Annie's nap had been short and she pitched a big fit because she wanted to take her magazine that she was looking at in the nursery with her.  Peyton made her ask nicely and then got it.  Then she refused to eat and only wanted a cookie.  I just made a her a plate to take to the nursery and asked the workers please not to give her a cookie until she ate dinner.  We had a great discussion again and I left halfway through to fed Graves.  We ran by Walgreens on the way home and I talked to my friend, Logan, on the phone.  I took some pictures of Graves and then we got the kids ready for bed and put them down and then I briefly got on the computer, straightened up the house and got things together for the next morning.
Those eyes!  That hair!

 I almost missed this little diaper set. It was his cousin's and my super sweet sister in law let me borrow it.  I love it on him.  It's really Summery, but if we get some more hot days, I'm putting it on him!
 This is such a fun age!

We got up early again for MDO on Thursday.  Peyton helped me get the kids ready and they both had baths and I made sure AP had more time for breakfast this time!  We had a good day at MDO; I really am so glad to be back!  Peyton had a manager training thing in the morning and was working in the afternoon and I told the girls I work with that it makes the day go SO much faster when I'm there!

Peyton had a little break so we met him at home.  I did a few things around the house- emptying the trash and compost, plunging a toilet, and changing over laundry.  Peyton left and I got the kids to bed after AP finished lunch.  They both took super long naps (which was weird because Graves slept a good bit at MDO- maybe the baby food is keeping him more full!).  I worked on a little (well, kind of big) craft project and ate lunch.  I also drafted a resolution for a meeting at church that nigh and then I started my Christian Believer post.  Graves woke up and he played on his play mat while I finished.  I had to wake Annie up at 5:30 and the kids played while I made some homemade guacamole.  We got ready and headed to the church for the meeting.  The meeting was about purchasing a building near the church for us to use for youth or maybe something else. I actually ended up not having to read the resolution because someone else said something similar. We got home and I put the kids to bed and cooked supper (salsa chicken, Mexican rice, refried beans, brownies, and the guacamole from earlier).  It got done about the time Peyton got home.  He LOVED super, which made me so happy.  I thought it was a little too spicy.  I cleaned up the kitchen and watched TV with Peyton and went to bed.

Friday was a BUSY day.  I got up before the kids and got ready and then got them ready.  I was dropping Annie off at my mother in law's house and then riding with my sister in law to a consignment sale.  There was construction on the way, so we got a late start getting to the sale.  I found a bunch of good stuff, but I was really proud of myself because I really limited what I got for AP.  I may have overbought for Graves but he needs Winter clothes. Elizabeth was so sweet and after she finished looking, she held Graves for me.  I was holding him while we were in line and he started having a meltdown.  He finally fell asleep on my shoulder!

 Annie had a good time playing with Simeon and DeeDee and when we got home I fed Graves really fast and then we went straight to Newks to meet the Howie's.   She took a little catnap on the way there and I'm glad because everyone did really well at lunch.  I wasn't expecting her to nap again, but I knew she needed some quiet time in her room.  She fell right to sleep!  I started writing a letter to a sweet little boy and then Graves and I snuggled on the couch and took a nap, too.  He woke up and I decided to just go get in the bed with him.  Ha!  Peyton got home and right after that my mom came over.  Peyton hung some stuff in the nursery (yes, it's still a work in progress) and mowed the yard then we left to go to my parent's house for red beans and rice.  We went by McDonalds on the way because I was super hungry.   Peyton went for a bike ride and then one of his brothers came over.  I showed my parents how to Skype with Cookie and Annie, Graves, and my mom and I sat on their swing and talked for a long time.  It felt so good outside! We got home late and I ironed and tagged my stuff for another consignment sale and took the tags and hangers off the stuff I got at the one that morning. I typed my happenings and went to bed.

Peyton had to work on Saturday, but I woke up when he did and we chatted some and then I hopped in the tub before Annie woke up.  She woke up as I was getting out and Graves woke up a little after.  I finished getting ready and then we spent most of the morning sorting clothes in their room.  I got both of their closets changed over for Winter (I've bought ahead a lot) and just sort of organized some and then I dropped them off at my parents' house so I could take some clothes to consign for a sale next week.  I got back and we hung out for a little while and then came home for naps.  Both kids feel asleep in the car and I did a successful DOUBLE car to bed transfer.  Graves didn't sleep but about an hour, but AP slept a long stretch.  I think he's having a little growth spurt, because he was hungry all afternoon!  I spent most of Annie's nap working on a little craft project that I started earlier in the week.  She woke up and we played a little and then Peyton got home and we all went for a walk.  We played with the kids a little more and then put them to bed.  I went to bed pretty early myself.

We all got up and got ready for church Sunday morning.  Peyton helped me give both the kids baths and we headed to Sunday School and church.  It was a really nice service for the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. We went to our friends, Buzz and Karissa's house, for hotdogs after church and then came home for a couple of hours of naps.  I worked on a project and got on the computer a bit. We went back to church for a missions meeting and then evening worship.  We went by Dairy Queen with some friends and the kids fell asleep on the way home.
typical of Rankin county....somebody just left their trailer of livestock outside the Dairy Queen!

We wanted to drive around and Peyton thought it would be a good use of time to take the recycling.  That meant we had to switch cars, though.  We transferred the kids (they're pretty flexible, ha!) and took it and then got home and put them to bed. I got on the computer and did a few things, worked on a project, cleaned up the house some.

Like I said, this week was very refreshing.  This coming week is going to be sort of busy again, but Peyton has an extra day off, so that's nice.  I'm glad it's starting to feel like Fall and I'm hoping to go for some more walks this week!

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