Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #132 (September 19-25)-- Biggest House Project to Date

[Better late than never, right? Same for the kids naps today. Anyway, here it is FINALLY.]

 What is that look on Annie's face???

 This week has been kind of crazy. Graves was recovering from an ear infection and then Annie got the stomach bug. I had my own issues- I had worse sinus trouble than I've had since I was pregnant and was just a runny, stuffy, congested mess. Thankfully, I didn't have any of those terrible headaches, but the constant dripping and sneezing wasn't super fun. I think a lot of it also had to do with the project we were working on most of the week (oh! did I forget to mention the HUGE painting project we did this week??) Also, my stomach started hurting on Friday and hurt all weekend. I was convinced it was from drainage, but Peyton's was bothering him, too, and he said he thought it was the cheese pizza we ate that was a bit too....cheesy. I just kept praying it wasn't AP's bug, biting us in the butts.

So the project-- we (mostly Peyton) emptied every last one of our kitchen cabinets, took the doors off, sanded them, primed them, and painted them. Several people warned us what a big project it was going to be, and it was pretty time consuming, but it looks great, I think, and I'm glad we did it!

I feel like I have hardly any pictures this week. Actually, I did probably take MORE than usual, but I wanted to put them in their own posts. My friend Rachel came over to give me some photography tips and I also took a bunch of the project. I'll post those soon! I was planning on doing a What I Wore Wednesday post next week, but I kept forgetting to take pictures and also, I spent a lot of the week in painting clothes!  Speaking of pictures, Cookie sent me this precious little Instagram collage thing last week:

I really didn't spend that much time on the computer this week either and that was good. I SERIOUSLY limited my blog reading and Twitter time and I didn't even write that much- most of my posts were drafts that were seventy five percent or more complete and just needed editing and polishing.

Graves slept SO well on Sunday night, and on Monday morning when he woke up, I fed him and put him in the bed with us. RIGHT after that Annie woke up. Peyton went in to get her and she threw up right when he picked her up. He always gets SO sick if he gets the stomach flu, so I cleaned up the mess and gave AP a bath and he ran out of the house like his pants were on fire!

Thankfully, Graves went back to sleep in his swing and slept pretty late. I turned on cartoons for AP and put her in our bed and got a quick bath. 

I got her some Saltines and Gatorade and while she was eating, I filed a big pile of stuff in the filling cabinet that had been building up on the desk. Graves woke up and I gave him his medicine. I wanted to get a button sewn on one of his outfits, so I let AP look through some spools of thread in my sewing box. I asked her all the colors and the only one she consistently got was pink. Ha! The three of us watched some TV and then my mom came over. Annie had perked up some, but my mom offered to take Graves for a little bit. I had been really trying to keep them apart all morning and washed my hands in between touching them. She got Graves dressed in a Sunday outfit to go show him off to her friends! Annie had a bad diaper, but she was acting a lot more normal, so I told her after I did a few things we'd go for a stroll (she had wanted to play outside, but it had been raining). I got down some Fall/Winter shoes that I had bought ahead and organized some of the kids' shoes. I scrubbed the door to the laundry room because it looked sort of grimey and then I put up some of the kids' clothes that my mom had washed and brought over.

We went for a little half an hour walk and then Annie had a light lunch and I put her down for her nap. She feel asleep really fast and my mom brought Graves back. He fell asleep, too, and I ate lunch and played on Twitter and finished my Weekly Happenings post from last week. I also watched the last bit of Parenthood. Peyton got home and the kids woke up and I ran to the cleaners. Peyton needed a tool from my dad, so we all packed up and went to my parents' house. They were having fish for dinner and we ended up eating with them. When we got home, we put the babies to bed and I got on the computer. I did a little bit of taking stuff out of the cabinets, but I didn't get far. I meant to do that and my Bible Study homework, but I was tired and kind of in a funk, so I just went to bed around 11:30.

For some reason, I was still so tired on Tuesday. Peyton took the week off to work on the kitchen, so I left AP with him since she hadn't been symptom free for twenty four hours.
 He took these.  I guess he wore her out.  And I guess he thought she was ready for regular food.  Ha!

Peyton helped me get Graves bathed and ready and we went to Mother's Day Out. It was a good day! Afterward, I had to pick up my clothes that I consigned. I usually don't drive from Brandon to Jackson, and I went the wrong way on the interstate and ended up near Peyton's store in Byram. Ha! I finally made it, but unfortunately, I didn't sell much. After that, Graves and I went by Helen's Young Ages to buy him some dressy socks. I brought him home and fed him and then I ran to Target for a gift card, batteries and hairspray. I stopped by Wear It's At (a little consignment store) because I had seen a cute outfit in the window a few days earlier and then I picked up Subway for lunch. I was exhausted when I got home and Graves was fussy, so we both took a nap. We had an Ultreya meeting that night and I felt WORSE when I woke up, but I managed to get ready and we got the kids ready and left. The meeting was good and I'm glad I went. We had a special worship time and then just had dessert instead of our typical "covered dish" dinner. On the way home we stopped by Walgreens to pick up some boxes so we could finish packing up the cabinets (Peyton had done most of it that morning). We got home and I put Graves to bed and Peyton ran to Lowe's. We fed Annie dinner and put her to bed and I neatened up the house a bit and went to bed early.

Wednesday was a fun, busy, Bible study filled day again. We got up and Peyton helped me get the kids ready and then we headed to Morgan's house for Bible study. We had a great time and it's just so nice to be around a bunch of other women who "get" me. I was way behind on my "homework", but I'm so glad I went anyway! Morgan invited us to stay for lunch again this week and it worked out perfectly because Peyton another pharmacist friend over for lunch (they were planning to go somewhere, but since Peyton was in the middle of working on the kitchen, he asked the guy to just pick up something). We got home and put the kids down for naps and then I read Christian Believer for that night. I got on the computer for a few minutes, too, and then we got AP and Graves up and got ready for church. We ended up having to turn around because Peyton forgot the dvd for his study and so we had to kind of rush through dinner. It was BBQ and it was SO good! We had a great discussion in our group and ran by the grocery store on the way home. Once we got home and got the children to bed, Peyton worked on the kitchen and I did the dishes and did some crafting for awhile. I went to bed too late for a school day!

All three of us went to school on Thursday and Peyton stayed home and worked in the kitchen. We stayed for pizza and to help with lunch, and though it was a good day, it was a long one. The younger toddlers seem much younger than the ones we had in that group last year. They all really want to be hugged and held a lot, so it gets crazy at points! Anyway, after we got home, I put the kids down for naps and I took one myself. Peyton took one, too! I got up and vacuumed the floors, cabinets and counters in the kitchen to get some of the dust up. Then I got ready and headed out around six because some girls from church have a Bunco group and they needed a sub and asked me! Peyton was sweet and told me I should go. I had a wonderful time. It was my first time to play and I really enjoyed it. The food and conversation was the best part, though!
 [One of my WIWW outfit pictures.  I typically don't wear my t-shirt tucked in and I typically put up my madras around Labor Day, along with my seersucker, but it was a "tailgaiting" them and this was the best college attire I could find last minute.]

I got home and Peyton said Baby Graves had been a little fussy. I fed him and then we went outside and we both worked on the cabinets- the edges needed to be hand sanded because the electric sander wouldn't get them good. Peyton and I talked and he was really sweet and told me that he shouldn't act like taking care of two very young children all day is a walk in the park, like he did last week. It made me really happy for him to say that. We came back in and cleaned all the dust up in the kitchen. We scrubbed the outside and inside of the cabinets with hot, soapy water. I got on the computer and Peyton played a video game. Our computer was running really slow, but I wanted to get some stuff done, and I stayed up WAY too late. I took a quick bath because I was gross from all that cleaning and then I woke up Peyton and made him help me put fresh sheets on the bed and we went to sleep. Graves was up several times during the night, and I was just so tired.

On Friday, Peyton woke up with Annie and took her to his parents' house so his mom could keep her while we worked on the kitchen. I stayed in bed a little longer and when he got home, I went outside and scrubbed all the doors to the cabinets. I rushed and got ready and got Graves ready because we were meeting Carrie and her children for lunch at Mellow Mushroom. We had a fun lunch and it was nice to only have one child for a bit! When I got home, Peyton's mom had brought AP back. I got them both down for naps and Peyton and I worked in the kitchen, priming the cabinets. We got about an hour in and then Graves woke up. We decided a change of scenery would be good and since we of course didn't want to put him in an enclosed room with the paint fumes, the three of us went outside and primed the cabinet doors. Annie took a solid three hour nap and then we had to wake her up, so we were able to get a lot done on the doors. We packed everyone up and took the kids to my parents' house and then came home for another hour of inside priming. We went back to my parents and had our classic Red Beans and Rice and then came home. We got the kids to bed and worked on the kitchen some more, but I was super tired and finally just called it a night at 10:00. I took a bath, but without paint thinner, I still had lots of paint on me!

It was another rough night. I don't know if it's still his ears or what, but Peyton and I were EACH up with Graves about four times. I'm taking him to the doctor again if that continues! Also, every time I woke up I felt dizzy and nauseous. I was so worried I was getting the stomach bug, but I think it was just awful drainage. We had meant to get up before the kids and work on the kitchen on Saturday, but after that, it just wasn't happening. We ended up sleeping late- around 8ish, ha! Peyton got started painting and I went to the attic to get some warmer painting clothes, some jeans, and the exersaucer for Graves. I changed Ann Peyton's quilt to a comforter for Fall, set up the saucer, and took a shower. I gave Annie a bath and folded a load of clothes and then Claire, a cute girl from church, came over to watch the kids. We decided that without having a "mother's helper" for a few hours the project just was not going to get done. Peyton had finished priming and we got to work painting. We painted the whole inside and most of the cabinet doors.

The kids had a blast with Claire and when she left, I put them both down for naps. I was starting to feel really congested again and the fumes gave me a headache, so I took a nap myself. I guess that kind of defeated the purpose of the babysitter. When the kids woke up, we went to my parents' house for supper and Peyton kept working. Poor guy, he did so much of the work! We had a good, short visit and when we got home, Peyton and I put the kids to bed. Peyton let Annie have a "special treat" and gave her a new catalog to look at. He even let her keep her lamp on. Ha! I got on the computer, uploaded pictures, did some dishes (I just loaded the dirty ones in with some clean ones and rewashed everything since our cabinets were still out of commission), and went to bed.

We got up and went to church on Sunday morning. It wasn't the worst night with Graves, but it wasn't great, either. Anyway, we got the kids ready and left in time to stop and pick up doughnuts for Sunday School. We had a lot of "business" to discuss about the Fall Festival and choosing Sunday School officers and committees for the rest of the year and then we studied some in Isaiah. Our associate pastor, Daniel, preached and it was a great sermon.
Precious little knee socks.  Be still my heart. 

[Another WIWW picture.  I wish I could get rid of my chicken legs instead of getting rid of Baby Grave's chicken hair (have I mentioned it's started to lay flat?? SOBBB!!!).  Also, excuse the atrocious mess.]

We came home and fed Annie lunch and tried to put the kids down for naps. Graves slept for MAYBE thirty minutes and AP never did sleep. I tried to straighten up the house some, but I didn't get much done. My friend Rachel, came over around four to help me learn how to use my camera better. She was so much help! Like I said, I'm going to do a whole post!

 [One of my favorites!]

Right after she left, we got ready and headed back to church. It was another good sermon, but afterward, AP was just really fitful. She ran in the sanctuary and then followed out the door while we were both turned around. Shame on us for not watching us better, but it really scared me! And then when we left, she pulled away from me in the parking lot. Peyton, the anti-spanking parent, who was several yards away, said, "You need to spank her". And so I did. Of course, there were lots and lots of uncontrollable sobs, but she recovered and we had a nice talk about not doing dangerous things. We stopped and ate at a Mexican place on the way home. The kids both feel asleep in the car and both woke up mid transfer. We got them back to bed and I got on the computer and Peyton watched TV. Graves woke up a million times. I nursed him, snuggled him, dressed him warmer, and everything else I could think to do. FINALLY, he really went to sleep.

Hopefully, this week will be pretty low key. We have a few things on the agenda and I'm hoping I can motivate myself to get my house back in order (like, by the end of the week).


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Can't wait to see the cabinets. We did ours too and it really lightened the kitchen up a lot!Henry needs some socks too. Thanks for the tip on the supplement so that I can eat dairy. Have you been using it? Does Peyton approve of it as a pharmacist? I asked Henry's pediatrician who is also an internist and she had never heard of it! Henry seems to be doing much better with dairy - I scraped the cheese off my pizze and he was fine and even had some cake.

Candy said...

Love that last pic of Graves! And I would die to have legs like yours! Not "chickeny" at all. Mine are more like Graves chubby little legs! Beyond cute on him! Me....ummm...not so much. And I did not think your pic of you in the dress showed an atrocious mess. My house looks much worse most of the time. I love to see "realness" and know I am not alone in the housekeeping area! And boy I wish we could redo our cabinets! What a job! Ours are only 5 years old but with both of the girls they already need some repairs C :

Rachel said...

love the sweet pic of Graves! he is the happiest baby!