Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #131 (September 12-18)-- School Starting + Temps Dropping = BG's First Ear Infection

 Our whole family looks like a hot mess.  AP wanted to wear her bathing suit and of course, we humored her.  BG looks compleatly nekid and poor Peyton and I look like we've been through the ringer for some reason!

Poor Baby Graves got his first ear infection this week.  Other than that it was a pretty typical week and I'm glad he seems to be on the mend.  However, today Ann Peyton is sick.  This is just a hard time of year I think!

Peyton got up with the kids on Monday morning and I sleep a little late because Graves had been up more than usual.  A little face peeked up at me, though, and said "Wake up! Momma!" after a bit and so I went in the living room with them.  Peyton had put on Tangled for Ann Peyton and she was somewhat interested.  She will sit in her bed and read for hours, but she is not a kid who will sit still for a two hour movie.  I think it's partly that she hasn't really been exposed to it, and partly that it's just not her nature.  We had a relaxing morning and then I got Graves dressed and we took his five month pictures. 

Peyton left early for work and I fed Graves and put him down for a nap.  I made AP's lunch and then put her down.  She took a long time to go to sleep and then Graves woke up, but I fed him and he went back to sleep.  Both kids had a long stretch in their beds.  I cleaned up the kitchen, which was a bit of disaster with a big sink full of rinsed dishes that needed to be loaded in the dishwasher because I was too lazy to unload it the night before.  I got the dishes unloaded and reloaded and then made some baby food for Graves.  Peyton got us a new, much nicer, food processor since I did it for Ann Peyton and it was a lot easier and faster!  I made some Kool Aid and took out the recyling and compost.  I got on Twitter and worked on Graves's five month letter and then I had to wake both kids up.

Our washing machine broke (again) and so I decided to take some clothes over to my parents' house to wash.  It broke with a big load of cloth diapers in it; and I especially wanted to get them clean and dry.  I did not want to be out over a hundred dollars over some mildewed dipes! We had a good time over there and I made a quick grocery run for some lettuce and tortilla chips.  I wanted to get a rotisserie chicken for supper, but they were out!  Fortunately, my mom sent me home with a lot of food (stuffed eggs, peach cobbler, roasted peanuts, and leftover beans and rice, plus some pasta and broccoli!).  I got the kids in bed and finished up Graves's post.  Peyton got home and we went to bed.

Graves had a fabulous night,  which of course, meant AP was up wailing.  Peyton put her in bed with us and she slept harder than she ever has in our bed.  We had to get up early for Mother's Day Out on Tuesday.  We all got ready and out the door a little late.  We had a good day.  They seem to go by so fast!  When we got home, AP ate a little lunch and I fed Graves and got them both down.  I ate lunch and messed around on the computer and just relaxed and then I did some in my Beth Moore Bible Study.  When they woke up, we went and ran some errands.

 Peyton bought this weird, rando paci one time when he was at the store by himself with a screaming Graves.  He obviously doesn't take it, so Annie decided it was MonkMonk's.  Apparently then she decided it was hers.  Hilarious!

We went by the cleaners and Peyton voted on a something having to do with our school system.  I couldn't because I STILL haven't changed my registration.  We went by Target to get wipes and a birthday present and then I wanted to go by Hobby Lobby.  I got some wooden letters for a project, a thing to hang Ann Peyton's purses on (ha!) in her closet, some canvases for another project, and some scrapbook paper for a THIRD project.  I still had a few things I needed to go back for, but it was good to get some stuff.  I was running behind and I still had to feed Graves before leaving for a fun consignment preview sale.  We hustled home and I fed him and left immediately.  My mom met me there and we had a great time!  I need to bring her every time, I think; she's so helpful!  I saw several people I knew and it was super fun, but I tried to use restraint.  Having Minnie there helped!  Peyton had taken the kids over to his parents' house and visited and then went for a bike ride while he had some babysitters ;)  I got home and of course, we had nothing to eat so I picked up some dinner from Cheddars, since we still had a gift card. Peyton gave AP a bath and I put up some laundry.  Right at bedtime she told us she wanted to eat (we had been offering her food all day to no avail).  Well, Peyton had a great solution to that problem!
Popeye the sailor girl enjoying some late night spinach!

I did some more in my Bible Study and got on the computer.

Oh, and Cookie had hit up the Target in Nashville bright and early on Tuesday to score some Missoni.  She got Annie a couple of things, too!

Wednesday was full, but good!  We had our ladies Bible Study Wednesday morning at Morgan's house and I was surprised we were even close to being on time.  Graves had had a particularly difficult night (he was really congested, but it was clear- I thought it might have been teeth.  AHH!) and I was just not on the ball.  Also, Peyton still had his bike in my SUV and that makes me nervous.  I am not a great driver, anyway, and I don't need an object bouncing around and hindering my view.  The thing weighs as much as I do, but I got it out! Anyway, I dropped Ann Peyton off at the Morgan's neighbor's, who keeps the kids, on the way in.  We had a great study and the kids and I ended up staying and eating lunch with Morgan.  Haydn came home for lunch, so we got to see him and a friend he brought home from work, too.   We got home and I put the kids down for a nap and checked in on Twitter a little and then got busy reading for Christian Believer that night.  I was WAY behind!  Graves woke up and was SO cranky, but I managed to do some reading.  He was still feeling bad and I decided we just wouldn't go.  He cried and fussed for a solid two hours and then Peyton found the nasal bulb and suctioned him.  We had given him some Tylenol and I decided he might be hungry, so I fed him.  Not sure what worked, but he got all smiley.  Peyton suggested we just bring him and we could see how he did.  I had to do a mad rush to get ready.  I got dressed and fixed myself supper since we weren't eating at the church that night ( dairy?).  I ate in the car and we dropped the kids off.  The study was good and I only had to go take care of Graves once.  The minute he saw me, he perked up and they shoo-ed me out and said he was fine.  We went by the grocery store to get a rotisserie chicken and when we got home, we fed Annie and got her to bed.  Graves fell asleep on the way home and we just dropped him in bed.  Peyton cut up the chicken and I cleaned up the kitchen and straightened the house.  I got on the computer for a little bit and then went to bed.

We had MDO on Thursday and it was kind of crazy.  I didn't mention that Darlene was out of town this week, so we were a teacher short.  She's a floater and does some office work this year, so it wasn't a huge deal, but for some reason everyone was sort of cranky on Thursday. I ended up staying a little bit late and helping out.

I can't forget to mention Ann Peyton's little boyfriend.  He was taking her around the room, showing her things and saying "Ann Peyton, this is the kitchen...." So precious!

I dropped the kids off with Peyton and went back to Hobby Lobby.  I got SOME of the frames I needed and a few craft things.  I got home and the washing machine guy had come and said it would be NEXT TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY before he could fix it.  Graves was up, but Peyton had fed Annie a (messy) lunch and given her a bath and gotten her to bed. 
 Who is that huge kid?

These were AP's little tennis shoes.  With one of each, the things that they can both wear are EXTRA special to me!

He left for work and I fed Graves and snuggled him and got him back to sleep.  I ate lunch and got on the computer and he woke back up.  I started folding some laundry and then Annie woke up, too.

I took her outside to water some plants and then I got a package ready to mail. 

 [My friend Ashley is adopting a PRECIOUS little boy and he should be stateside SOON.  Here's are Liam's goods from a couple of recent consignment sales.]

We folded more laundry and played on the floor with Graves (and with packaging tape) and AP ate supper.  I put Graves to bed a little early because he was so tired and rubbing his eyes all pitiful.  Annie and I had some us time for an hour and a half- I put up a bunch of clothes in the nursery while she told me about her number puzzle ("That a three, Momma!" (correct!); "That a six, Momma!" (correct!!!); "That THIRTEEN, Momma!" (um, no)). We also read one of her long books (The Tale of Tom Kitten) and a Bible story and I put her to bed.  She had a bit of trouble falling asleep and I went in and rocked her several times.  I actually really enjoyed it every single time.  I got on the computer for a few minutes and then fed Graves.  I was so tired that we actually both fell asleep at nine something while he was nursing.  I woke up and put him in his bed and went back to sleep.  So much for the good intentions of the one night I was going to fix supper!  Ha.  Peyton got home and woke me up and we talked a few minutes and then I went right back to sleep.

It's a good thing I did because it was a MISERABLE night.  Now, I've been clear that I make no claims about Graves sleeping through the night.  But he does okay.  Thursday night? Not the case.  He was up every hour of the night until about four.  At which point he screamed on and off (mostly on) until around seven.  At which point I called the doctor.  At which point he started acting completely normal.  Geez. 

Peyton was working the afternoon on Friday and so we decided to go ahead and go to the doctor and then run some errands and take turns just running into places quickly.  We got the kids ready and I got a shower and then we loaded up.  Since Graves didn't have fever and was acting okay, we went by Primos for breakfast.  We were kind of rushed, but it was so good!  Peyton dropped me and Graves off at the doctor's office and he and Annie drove through the bank and then took a walk around the lake by the pediatrician's office. Dr. Denney had the day off, so we saw a sweet lady instead. Of course, Graves fell asleep in the waiting room and stayed asleep through being weighted and having me change his dirty diaper.  I almost got his clothes changed without waking him up. [Oh! and sidenote: he weighs two ounces more than AP did at nine months old.]  The doctor we saw was so friendly and when she said Graves's first ear looked "beautiful" I was a little discouraged.  I was sure it was an ear infection (Annie had a good many her first Winter) and I just wanted to know what was hurting him.  She checked his second ear, and sure enough, his first ear infection! We got his prescription and since he seemed to be doing better (being upright helps), we ran a ton of errands.  We went to the post office to mail a package, dropped of his prescription at Walgreens, went by Rainbow (a health food store) to get me something to take that helps digest dairy quickly, and then went to Walmart to get some of those things you put in the heels of your shoes.  We got gas and went back to Walgreens to pick up the medicine.  I ran in and got a flu short and then we went to the tax office for Peyton to drop off something and then to Cokesbury and Goodwill.  Whew!  When we got home, AP told us she didn't want to get out of her car seat!  Crazy girl.

Peyton had to hurry and get ready for work.  I nursed Graves and sine it was so pretty we went outside for about twenty minutes.  I fixed Annie's lunch and did a few things while she was eating- I cleaned out between the windows and the screens on them in the kitchen, dusted in the nursery, and straightened up some piles around the house.  I straightened the nursery and vacuumed out a desk drawer where some hole punches had spilled.  Once I got AP down, I fed Graves and got on the computer for a few minutes.  I unloaded dishes and then I let AP get up.  She never did go to sleep.  I swept and mopped the kitchen, bathroom, and sunroom floors and then swept in the den.  I was on a cleaning kick and I could have gone on for hours.  Ha!  Graves woke up, though, and so we headed to my parents' house.  We had Beans and Rice and I got some laundry done.  We stayed late because my mom's dryer takes forever.  The kids were getting tired and I ended up bring damp clothes home to put in our dryer (we needed underwear!).  I got the babies to bed (they both fell asleep in the car), unpacked everything and started reatheating Peyton's beans.  I got on the computer and then went to bed.
Annie had a visitor Friday night!
Graves actually slept better than he has in months on Friday night.  Poor baby was SO tired!  Also, I think it helped that I let him sleep in his swing so the fluid wouldn't drain and hurt his ears.  I guess that was the problem Thursday night?  Anyway, he slept eight hours, got up to nurse, and then slept another five!  Annie woke up early on Saturday, but Peyton put her in the bed with us, and she didn't even wake up when he got up and got ready and left for work.  The kids both slept until around nine!  I pumped a bottle and then hopped in the tub.  I had about an hour and a half from when I got out of bed, and I managed to pump, shower and get ready, give both the kids baths, give Graves his medicine (it's a bigger process than it sounds) and wrap a birthday present.  Once we were ready, we headed to Aubrey's birthday party!  I was pretty nervous, since we had such a rough go of it last time, and I knew it would be all the same people.  I know that's stupid and they probably don't even remember, but I'm just insecure about things like that. I hate that Peyton was working because I know he would have really enjoyed going with us and he wouldn't have himself worked up and his stomach in knots over it ;)  Anyway, we had a great time at the party!  Carrie's grandmother held Graves basically the whole time and he was so content.  Annie did pretty well, too.  There were a few hard moments, but I think at her age, birthday parties are just kind of hard when they're not your own ;) I was so relieved to have a better taste in my mouth and I wished I hadn't stressed myself out over it so much!
Last time to wear these sweet antique shoes, I think!

We got home and I told AP she had thirty minutes to play and we started our "countdown" to nap time.  I fed Graves and made the bed, gathered laundry, filled the dishwasher and unpacked the diaper bag and then put her down. Graves seemed like he took FOREVER to go to sleep and I held him and tried to get him down and then had lunch.  I watched a little special recap episode thing of The Good Wife and started folding all the laundry I had brought over to my parents' (and some embarrassingly, from before our machine broke).  Graves finally went to sleep, but AP never did.  I got her up after almost two hours and she helped me with laundry and then I fed her a snack and of course, she fell asleep in her high chair.  I got her out and she stumbled over to Big Ole' Frog and fell back asleep on him.  I would have just pushed bedtime way back, but we were having friends over, so I let her snooze for about thirty minutes.   
She was pretty ill about it when I woke her up.  She kept telling me "Momma hold you!".  Graves was still asleep so I did hold her while I fixed my makeup and took several baskets of laundry to our room.
 I even offered to let her use my blush brush.  She was not a happy camper!

  Peyton got home and, typically, she perked up immediately.  She told him all about the party [Cupcake! Umbrella! Rain! Kitty! Tent! (Aubrey had gotten a Hello Kitty umbrella and generously, let Ann Peyton play with/in them), Gumdrop!, Swing!, Dog! (Annie played on Aubrey's swingset and got a little scared of Knightly, the Howie's sweet, friendly, but BIG dog].  It's so neat to hear what she remembers about things, I guess because it gives us a little insight into what is important and meaningful to her right now.  I cleaned the guest bathroom really quickly (I'm so thankful I had time to use my rust remover in the tub and and do my tooth brush toilet bowl routine, but why do I wait for company to do all that?).  Peyton took a quick shower and then our friends, the Harkins, came over.  We ordered pizza (and I gave my new herb thing or whatever that lets me eat cheese a far so good!) and sweet Hank and AP were so precious.  They held hands and played together so sweetly.

After they left, we got the kids ready for bed.  I had ordered a new CD player because Annie's broke and it came in.  I got it off eBay so I cleaned it.  Then we realized that it didn't have an adapter (the listing did say that), so we searched our house for one or for the appropriated sized batteries.  Finally, we ended up just taking them out of another toy. We finally got both babies down and Peyton helped me clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher.  I did a quick straighten in the living room and then got on the computer.  Peyton told me about how his day at the pharmacy had been stressful and I told him mine had been, too.  NOW, I acknowledged that his day probably was more stressful than mine, but mine was difficult nonetheless.  Annie is really dependent on her nap (I know I say that all the time) and frankly, she's not real fun to be around when she misses it.  I know I've got it good in that she's mostly an easy child and Graves has come around to be one, too, but still.  Peyton was all "Yeah, Sarah Denley, birthday parties are tough".  Well, here's the thing, buddy- for me, THEY ARE.  Putting my kids on display, in front of people that don't know me or what kind of mother I am,  in what seems to be a hard situation for them, isn't easy.  Like I said, it was much better than I expected, but I really worked myself up about it.  I got close to tears and told him "You know what, I KNOW your job is intense, but if I had the sure conviction I wouldn't kill anyone by giving them the wrong drugs, I'd have traded places in a heartbeat with you this morning.  I could run around a pharmacy for three hours just fine and you do great in social situations with the children.  So yeah, I wish we could have just switched places.".  He did sympathize with me somewhat, but I know he thought I was being melodramatic- which, of course, I was.  He said my life would make a good sitcom, ha!

This seems to be our only (or one of the very few) constant struggles we have.  I know he thinks my job is important, but I don't think he thinks it's very difficult.  And, alot of times, it's not, but some days it IS  hard.  It's draining because Graves likes to be held or at least talked to a lot of the time that he's awake.  And Annie's starting to want to be in a constant dialogue when she is awake.  All that is wonderful, I know, but being "on" constantly is me anyway.  I feel kind of like my brain is mush at the end of some days.  I know that's every mom, but I guess it's just hard that I know Peyton thinks this is so easy sometimes.  I think it compounds things that I never taught school, so I don't have much to compare it to.  I mean, I know it's harder than student teaching, I know it's harder than running suicides for cheerleading, I know it's harder than Graves's actual birth, and I know it's harder than any of the 400 level classes I had to take to get a minor in History.  But realistically, I haven't done many truly hard things in my life.  So, I have no street cred.  Peyton's a great guy and I hate putting this out there because it makes him seem insensitive, but I hope I compliment him enough on here, that you can see that overall, he's an amazing person and I try never to take that for granted.

Anyway, we watched the Parenthood premiere and went to bed.

Graves woke up a few times, but it wasn't terrible and we went to early church on Sunday morning.  Peyton left for work and I went to Sunday school.  We had a shower for our friends, the Deckards, who just got custody of their eighteen month old nephew. We got home and I let Annie play a little and fed Graves and then fixed her lunch and put her down for a nap. Well, once again she never did go to sleep.  I let her get up once to go eat some more.  That is so not like me, but she didn't eat much at all for lunch and I knew she wouldn't go to sleep hungry.  I also let her get up to sit on the potty, because even though I KNOW that's a stalling tactic, she hates the potty so much, we decided it's worth letting her out of bed for.  Anyway, after about an hour and a half of that, I threw in the towel.  I did managed to write a post and work on a couple of other drafts and also read some in Christian Believer during that time.  I ate lunch and then Graves woke up, too.  I hung up clothes in our room, dusted and cleaned the bathroom.  I also Windexed all our mirrors.  I fed Graves and we got ready for eventing worship.  They both feel asleep in the car.  Ugh. The service was really good.  Our associate pastor, Daniel, preached a truly excellent sermon.  It was all about being transparent and being a reflection of Christ's light.  He told this beautiful story about a taxi driver who got a call to pick up a woman and take her to a hospice center.  He turned off his meter and drove her around for hours, letting her see the places of personal significance one last time.  Daniel talked about how we should open our eyes to how we can love and serve others.  Like I said, excellent word.

We got home and Peyton was waiting for us.  I fed Graves and he took AP outside to water plants.  Of course, she got sopping wet.  She asked to wear her bathing suit (a little late on that one) and Peyton said she could.  We got back in the car and ran by Walgreeens and the grocery store.  We put the kids to bed and I finished scrubbing the tub.  I had let the cleaner sit on it all day and I got IN the tub and scrubbed with all my might and I FINALLY (after two years) got the ring completely out! I got on the computer and Peyton watched TV and then I cleaned up the house and we chatted and went to bed.

Whew!  For some reason, that felt like a really long week.  Sometimes they seem so long (not even in a bad way) and sometimes they just fly by.  It's weird because I'm not sure that even has to do much with what we're doing or not doing.  Anyway, this week is going to be busy.  Poor Annie has a little stomach bug and Peyton already took off the rest of the week because we're going to be working on our kitchen!! Basically all we are doing is painting and then later in the Fall we're having someone redo the floors.  Everyone who we have told that we're painting the cabinets ourselves has acted like it was a huge undertaking.  I'm a little nervous, ha!  Peyton's probably going to be doing most of it, anyway.  I'm sure the grandparents will watch the children some, but we haven't lined up constant childcare, so I don't know how helpful I'll be most of the week!


JenJen said...

I hope your children are feeling great soon! It's so hard to see our little ones sick.
As far as the hard job issue, my husband (in the medical field too, so their jobs are somewhat comparable) and I have the same issue sometimes too. I'm very much like you--I stress in social situations because I want my children to be on their best behavior, which I suppose is somewhat unrealistic, but I still stress. Anyway, for the hard job, my husband leaves his job every evening. My "job" is 24/7. He can decompress, but a SAHM doesn't really have that option. I LOVE being with my children, and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but sometimes I need that downtime too. And, by nature, I'm a worrier, so I worry about my children all.the.time, which I'm sure doesn't help. I'm not suggesting that Peyton nor my husband never worry about their children, just that I think the 24/7 aspect plays a part in my occasional "hard day."

Christi said...

hUGS TO BABY Graves and his momma. what did you get to help you digest dairy quickly. I think that I have some dairy insensitivity so do you think that could help?

Carrie said...

Gosh, I hate that our birthday parties are such awful experiences for you :(

Amy said...

i so agree with "jenjen" plus, i think that our "job" as mother's is hard for us, because obviously we are so emotionally invested in our "clients" we can't just leave our work at the office at the end of the day.
ps - inquiring minds want to know - are you going to be posting about all of the projects that you're working on?!?!

Sarah Denley said...

Amy, yes, I'll definitely post them when I finish, but I can be a procrastinator, so it may be Christmas before you see those posts. Ha! By the way, one of them is Libbi's bow holder! I do have a few projects I've already done that just needed to be posted.

Carrie, you know we all had a great time at the party- I just worked myself into a big ball of stress anticipating it. I knew if Annie acted the way she did at Jude's party again and that was one of your family's few interactions with her I'd be heartbroken. That has nothing to do with y'all and everything to do with me and my own insecurities. You remember how it took me a good while after Graves was born not to be worried every time we went to lunch and that was in front of strangers that I'd never see again! I'm embarrassed to say that I've turned down invitations to some kid parties that Peyton coudln't go to just because it stressed me out. I would NEVER want to do that for one of your children's parties- y'all are too important to me/us! I struggle with trying not to let people's impressions of my children or even their actual behavior dictate my feelings of self worth. It's clearly a personal flaw and something I'm trying to work on.

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I totally get where both you and Peyton are coming from. I feel like I can speak to both sides in that I am home with my child 4 days a week and work outside the home 30 hours per week (3 days). They are both hard jobs but you almost just can't compare the two- they are just so DIFFERENT. Being at home is so stressful in that, like you said, you always have to be "on." But you have to on in the real world too. Dealing with patients/customers who aren't your children is just a different ball game. And having the night-time stress of knowing you have to get up early and go to work the next day, even if you have been up during the night with your child or don't feel well, is really hard, and frequently gives me that knot in my stomach. It's just a different kind of pressure than being able to stay home with your kid(s).

But along the same lines , some days, especially in the last few weeks dealing with my morning sickness and fussy toddler, I don't know how I'm going to get through the day at home in one piece. So no matter what your job is, it's just hard. You almost have to agree to disagree on that one. That doesn't mean he shouldn't be sympathetic to your struggles and vice-versa, but neither can truly understand the other without experiencing it themselves.

Ashley said...

Thank you so much for the precious outfits! I can't WAIT to put them on Liam - he will look adorable!!! Love you!