Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Craft Camp: Bean Bag Numbers

Awhile back I decided to attempt a little sewing project.  I found this tutorial and really wanted to make some cute numbers for Ann Peyton.  They actually are stuffed with rice as opposed to beans. I had fun making them and Annie really enjoys them.  She's getting pretty good at naming her numbers, identifying them, and counting! I do regret that I didn't take more pictures of the creative "process".  Oh well, next time!

I'm a little obsessed with the colors!

I found this little basket that mom used for her Easter basket last Spring and it made the perfect little basket for her numbers:

I am weirdly obsessed with everything having a "home".  I always hang the basket on her grocery cart when we clean up.

I really do like my sewing machine once I get in the swing of it.  I've just got to make myself do it.  I'm thinking I might make AP some shapes the same way I did these and then I want to take another sewing class.  I realized that I still haven't shared what I made at the last class I took, but I really wanted to get a picture of it on(!!!) Ann Peyton before I posted and since it just now fits, I haven't been able to do it until now.  I think my next project is going to be making shapes and the class I want to take is how to do a basic applique.  Being crafty really is fun when I can get in the zone!


The Taffs said...

What kind of machine do you have? Also, what kind of class did you take? Was it a one-time thing, or spread out over several weeks? I have a sewing machine that I got a few years ago, and have attempted things like basic curtains, and such. I'd love to take a class though and actually be taught something rather than trial and error madness! : )

The Taffs said...

PS-Love those numbers!!! I may have to do those myself!