Monday, October 3, 2011

Letter to (Thirty Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You have been with us for two and a half years.  Two and a half glorious years!  These past two and a half years have be so happy and wonderful.  You are such a bright, sensitive, unique little girl.  We are so privileged to be your parents!

You are getting bigger, but you are still a tiny thing.  Most of your Fall clothes are 24 mo., but you have some 2T things that I think will fit and there are some 18 mo. dresses that you can still wear, as well.  You wear a size four (sometimes five) shoe and a size four diaper.  And your hair has gotten SO long and pretty lately.

We started back to school (Mother's Day Out) and although the schedule was a bit of an adjustment (we've had to institute an earlier bedtime so you can be ready to get up at 6:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays), you are loving it.  When we ask you about what you did, you mostly saw "goldfish" and "pizza", because you eat those things for snack and lunch respectively.  Despite your tiny stature, you are food motivated and have it on the brain a lot.  A girl after my own heart!  You did meet a little friend there- John.  You two like to walk around holding hands and when I ask you about him you say "We walked".  You also enjoy sliding and coloring at school.

You have also started leaving the nursery and going to your own class during the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings at church. You love it and you tell us all the fun things you do- puzzles, play dough, singing and dancing.  Last week the nursery workers asked you what you learned and you told them that y'all talked about a "mean king".  When they asked you who the mean king was, you said "GOD!". Wut Whoa.  They quickly re-explained the story and told you that the mean king was Pharaoh.  Glad we got that cleared up!

We've always prayed at night with you, and you are slowly getting the hang of it more.  You don't thank God for specific things much yet, but you do say "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!".  I need to start talking to you more throughout the day about things we are thankful for.  To that end, we have been trying to pray more before meals as well.

Probably my favorite thing about your age is listening to you speak and seeing the connections you make.  Papa often asks you about your day when he gets home from work and it is hysterical to hear what you remember about it.  You wrinkle your brow and think so hard, trying to conjure up the memory and form the words to articulate it.

Yesterday, you were telling me about "practice" and I realized you were talking about the siren that went off because it was the first of the month.  I had told you not to worry, it was "just practice" and that really stuck, apparently.

One really neat thing is to see you remember things over a real period of time.  Just today, Papa took off your turtleneck and you kept saying "button! button!".  I couldn't figure out what you meant because it didn't have a button.  It was, however, really tight and hard to pull off and your papa realized that you have heard me say more than once, about other blouses, "Sweetie, be careful, you need to unbutton it first".  You thought it was so tight because he forgot to unbutton it!  Such a smart girl.

Another day last week, you started telling Minnie about a puppy.  You told her "Puppy scared me" and "I swing". I couldn't figure it out at first, but once you started talking about the swing, I knew just what you were thinking about.  You were remembering your little friend, Aubrey's birthday party from about a week before.  I wanted to see what else you could remember, though, so I kept prompting you.  You told me "gum drop" and "umbrella" and then you finally said "Aubey's party" when we asked you where all this was.  After you told us it was "Aubey's" house, you said "Carrie!!!" (Aubrey's momma).  Minnie asked you "And who is the little boy?" You thought hard and I said, "You know, Aubrey's brother??".  You thought some more and then your face lit up and you exclaimed "I saw JUUUUUUDE!!!!".  [You like to add syllables to most of your words, but your momma has a bad Southern accent, so you come by it naturally!] The next day, Minnie was playing with you again and she showed you something that Mickey had given her.  You got so excited and said "A PRESENT!" and then started talking about the birthday party again.  Clearly, it made a big impression!

I have been working on getting Baby Graves to sleep in y'alls room more often and you are doing GREAT with it.  Even when he cries, you never wake up and if you are in bed reading during naptime and he gets fussy, you just roll with it.  You are also wonderful at playing the "whisper game" so you don't wake him up!  You're such a great big sister.

Annie, we adore you more than words can say.  You make us so terribly happy and my heart is full thinking about these last two and a half beautiful years.  I can't imagine life without you and I want to soak up every moment of these precious days.  I love you so!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S.Your outfit was made by someone (I bought it at a consignment store) so it doesn't have a size.  My best guess is 24 mo.

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