Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Happenings

I really like this month's pictures. The pictures of AP and Graves in their pumpkin attire are seriously some of my favorites to date!

I'm excited about what all is going on this month:

- I mentioned a few transitions last month and I thought I'd update about those first-
1. Graves does sleep a lot in the nursery and that has been easy peasy mac and cheesy (well, he still doesn't sleep great, but the transition itself has been easy).
2. Solids, as I anticipated, have not, however, been well received.
3. Getting on a good school routine has gone better (minus this week- it was crazy) than I predicted.
4.  I haven't done great about being intentional with Annie's activities.  Something to strive for!

- Another recap: I'm planning to blog about it in more detail, but my little internet sabbatical at the beginning of the month was a big success and I may try to take little breaks like that intermittently.
- In other news, Peyton has a new schedule at work starting this month.  His store got an extra pharmacist, so in addition to the 8:00 to 4:00 and 2:00 to 10:00 shifts, there is a middle 11:00 to 7:00 shift.  It used to be he'd work mornings one week, evenings the next, but now it's all mixed up and I can't even remember what day he's working what.  It's kind of hard to get used to and he really doesn't like the middle shift because it kind of eats up your morning and your night, but it's okay.  One benefit is that I'm not going to worry about being so careful saying when he works late because there is hardly any way anyone reading this could predict his schedule. [I know, I'm paranoid.]

- One thing I'm excited about this month is hopefully being super proactive about gaining some weight back.  I'm excited to try y'alls suggestions and also see what the dietitian says!

- I have done/am in the process of doing several crafty projects and I can't wait to post them.  Most of these have been things with glue, fabric, canvas and scrapbook paper.  Once those are finished, I want to make a cute Fall wreath and work on my sewing some more.  I feel like I've also done good this month with organizing things.  This month I need to focus on catching up with our family finances, cooking more, and READING.  I'm in two Bible Studies and just the reading for those alone is a commitment.  Then, once I spend an hour reading blogs, I'm kind of burned out.  But, I really do want to make it a priority.

- One thing I'm excited about is our kitchen.  We finished painting the cabinets (pictures coming soon) and we found someone to replace our floors for a VERY reasonable price.  I think it will be late October/early November before he gets to us, but I'm so excited!

- Several people from our church are doing a cool mission project that Peyton and I set up next weekend.  I'm really excited about serving our community!

- One other thing on the agenda that I've GOT to pick a date for is Graves's baptism.  We did this with Annie, too- procrastinated until she was six months old- and she had terrible stranger anxiety by the time it rolled around and FREAKED out when our pastor held her.  Anyway, it has been super difficult trying to work it out with Peyton's new schedule, his parents' and my parents' schedule and hopefully Cookie's as well. 

- Of course, I am so excited about Halloween this year.  Annie and Graves are going to be a an elephant and a clown, respectively.  I'm considering making myself and Peyton a tight rope walker and ring master.  Not sure it will happen, but it'd be fun!  

- The last thing I have on the agenda for this month is something I'm kind of dreading.  I JUST changed over my closet for Summer (because I procrastinated so bad) and now it's about time to do it again!  I've already gotten my jeans out of the attic and I think I'll just be taking it slow, one box at a time.  At least I've almost got the kids' closets completely done!

I think that's it for October.  Happy Fall, y'all!

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