Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekly Happenings #134 (October 3-9)-- Croupy Coughs

I cannot tell y'all how upset I am about this family picture.  We took it yesterday, meaning that it's not from the actual week of this post and being so OCD it feels all wrong and makes me want to rip my hair out.  It's a minor issue, though, and I'm trying to keep perspective [she says as she talks herself down from not the first family picture influenced nervous breakdown.]

Last week seemed SO long.  Not in a bad way.  I just feel like last Monday was ages ago.  Anyway, it was a good, busy week!  The week started out with bad coughs for both kids, but by the end we were all better.  We had a couple of really busy days where we were hardly at home at all.  I like being active, but those days wear me out!

[Before I begin, a picture from Cookie I forgot to post last week.]

Graves had a TERRIBLE night on Sunday and AP was up coughing, too, so I made them a doctor's appointment first thing Monday morning.  Peyton's grandmother was in town and we were all supposed to go to breakfast, but obviously the kids were way too sick.  I took a bath and dried my hair and Peyton and I chatted a little after I finally got Graves to rest in the Pack N Play.  He kept waking up and fussing and Peyton went ahead on to his parents' house.  I started some laundry and did a few things before AP woke up.  She was so pitiful when she did get up.  She'd cough and then cry because her throat hurt.  I felt so sorry for her!  I made a few phone calls- to the guy at Mission First and to the dude who set up our cable and left his hat and flashlight and we read some Little Golden Books.  Graves took a nap and then  Peyton got home and I had a little chill time playing on eBay.  I'm glad I did because I didn't get another break until pretty late ;) I unloaded and loaded dishes and Peyton left for work.  
I fed Annie lunch and Graves took a little nap.

I was going to put AP down, but it was almost time to head to the doctor's office.  I folded some laundry while she played and then I got everyone ready and we left.  We saw Dr. Denney and he prescribed some cough syrup for AP, but since Graves is so young, really all we could do was give him Zyrtec.  I dropped off the prescription and since the kids had both fallen asleep, I drove through McDonalds.  I got on Twitter on my phone and ate my dinner and then we picked up the medicine and came home. I was feeling ambitious, so I started working on a little craft that required the kids' help.  I think it actually lifted their spirits.  We played a while and I put Graves to bed earlier.  Annie didn't want supper, so I got her ready for bed and then she helped me straighten the den.  I asked her one more time and she decided she did want to eat.  She ate and then I put her to bed.  She was in her bed about twenty minutes and then heard a loud truck and got scared.  It took half an hour at least to calm her down from that and Graves woke up once.  I was so exhausted!  She finally went to sleep and I finished my Weekly Happenings post and read blogs.  I fixed spaghetti and Peyton got home and ate and I nursed Graves. I fell asleep before I meant to.  Graves slept about five hours which is the longest stretch we've seen in a sweet forever.

We spent the whole day at home on Tuesday (because I didn't want to take the kids to Mother's Day Out if they were still sick) but sadly I didn't have much to show for it.  I was tired from the rough night Sunday and just dragging all day.  AP was much less whiney, but Graves was irritable.  Peyton had a meeting that morning and I put AP in bed with me and Graves and let her watch Elmo.  I'm getting pretty comfortable because I know you're not supposed to let a baby sleep with a toddler, but since it was morning and I wasn't sleeping hard and she wasn't asleep at all, I figured it would be okay. She really didn't bother him at all.  I got a bath when Graves took his morning nap and then he woke up and I got ready.  Annie and I ate breakfast and I bathed both kids.  AP got the bar of soap and got it in her eyes, so that was traumatic.  Peyton got home from his meeting, but had to rush back out to work.  I fooled around and figured out the new cable and got some things recording and then AP colored in her high chair and had lunch.  I put her down for a nap and tried to get Graves to take one, too, but he wouldn't have it.  Annie got up and used the frog potty and she actually went(!!!).  I gave her two M&Ms and she got all messy, so I cleaned her up and started some laundry.  She FINALLY fell asleep and I tried to repaint some canvases I had messed up.  They looked terrible, so I chunked them and then I rewatched last week's Christian Believer video because it was so good and I missed some things.  It's about twenty minutes, but it took me a minute to get it working and Graves was so fussy, it took a good hour.  I woke AP up around 5:30 and I folded a bunch of laundry while Annie played and Graves fussed. 
It was finally kind of chilly (for one day) so I put him in some Winter duds.  Yum.

My mom came over on her way home from work and stayed for about an hour.  It was nice to have some adult conversation and she helped me with Graves while I got AP's supper ready.  She left and I put both kids to bed.  Graves fell asleep, but Annie took several (painful) hours to get to sleep. She kept wanting to get up and at one point she bit my finger.  I was so mad, I put her in time out and then just had to go take deep breaths to keep from really loosing my cool.  She woke up Graves, but I got him back to sleep and finally she was all cried out and fell asleep.  I had wanted to accomplish some things, but I just got on the computer until Peyton got home.  He got home and had some Reese's Pieces for me.  I was so tired and went on to bed.

Wednesday was Peyton's day off and we had a pretty relaxing morning snuggling with kids, starting a movie, and taking our time eating breakfast and getting ready.  Then we got our tails in gear!  We left before noon to run errands- we went to Target for diapers and then to the tile place to order our new flooring(!!!).  We stopped for lunch at Primos (I had an AMAZING crab cake salad) and picked up some receipts from the pediatrician's office.  We went by Radio Shack to look for an adapter and then we stopped back by home to pick up a few things.  We headed to Brandon and stopped at the courthouse so I could change my voter registration (I've been voting at my old polling place from before we got married- three years ago- which is voter fraud, ha!) and then headed to church.  We sat in the car and finished doing the readings for our study and then we went in and I fed Graves and we had Bible study.  We had a great discussion, but at one point Graves got fussy, so Peyton just went and got him from the nursery and he sat with us.

When I said this study is intense, I don't play.

We got home and put the kids to bed and I wrote a post and then went to bed myself.

Thursday was MDO and I overslept.  Fortunately, Peyton helped me get the kids ready...okay, he got the kids ready himself and we actually made it on time.  We had a good day, but I was pretty tired when we got home.  The errands the day before wore me out and I decided I'd have an "off" afternoon.  Both kids took good naps and I read blogs and just pittered around.  I did work on a craft project a little and unloaded and reloaded dishes.  Peyton had a meeting and we had an Ultreya event, so headed to his meeting and the kids and I went to the church.  We had a nice time and got home late.  Peyton was planning on coming to church, but his meeting went over so he went and did our grocery shopping instead!  When we got home, AP ate supper and we put the kids to bed! I got on the compute and folded and organized some stuff to go to the attic.  Peyton watched TV and we went to bed.

Friday was super busy and I had my tail in the road all day long it felt like.  I got up and got a quick shower and then left the kids with Peyton for the morning so I could go get my hair cut and colored.  It was a nice break and afterward I stopped by the consignment store.  I got a couple of outfits for Graves and lots of shoes for later.  I got home and hurried and got myself and the babies ready and fed Graves and then we met my mom and her friends for lunch. I had my appointment with the dietitian and it took a lot longer than I had realized.  I met Morgan at Target because she had our Boston butt roast that we had bought for a fundraiser and then headed to my parents' house.  I pulled the roast there and we had our beans and rice pretty early and headed home.

Annie was playing with these frogs and my mom asked her if it was a momma frog and a baby frog.  She said no; it was a momma frog and a papa frog.  Notice the momma is about a third of the size of the papa.  It's all in their frame of reference, ya know?

AP had a really rough night falling asleep and I was pretty tired.  I did write a post and then went to bed.

We had a mission project at a place called Mission First downtown on Saturday.  I had coordinated it and originally planned to go, but I decided I wanted to help keep the nursery just to make sure Graves didn't stress anyone else out.  We had a good morning and my friend, Ashleigh, from Sunday School and I did the nursery.  We had eight kids total and it was pretty exhausting, but fun.  When the group got back to the church, we had a little potluck lunch.  Peyton and I rode around and talked on the way home and I took a nap when the kids did.  Peyton watched football and then cleaned up the kitchen for me.  I got up and we went for a walk.  I ate dinner and we fixed AP some supper and got her to bed.  I straightened, started laundry, dusted in the den and swept and mopped the kitchen and bathrooms and then got on the computer.

I woke up late (again!) on Sunday, but we hustled and I got ready in forty five(!!!) minutes.  It did help that both the kids had been bathed the day before so we skipped that and that AP's dress was the only thing that needed ironing. Also, I put on my makeup and ate breakfast (I was so good and didn't skip or eat something junky) in the car.  And I fed Graves at church since he had eaten at six anyway.  Way to make it work, SD!

Anyway, Peyton was assisting children's church so I went by myself to the early service and then we met for Sunday School.  We kind of finalized a new organizational structure where we have "officers" in charge of curriculum and social activities and such.  After church, we went by my parents' house to drop off a tool Peyton borrowed.  Annie wouldn't eat much lunch and I made the mistake of telling her she had to eat one more bite.  She's  a good eater, so typically I don't force things.  Well, she wouldn't do it and we had a stand off for twenty minutes.  I told her not to get up and she did so I sent her to time out.  I wasn't going to send her for not eating, but I was secretly hoping she'd get up and have to go and would just eat the bite when she got back.  Um, no. My mom put herself in time out after that for feeding Annie cookies before lunch and told her to eat a bite so she could get out.  My mom is always being lighthearted and trying creative things like that.  That didn't work either, though.  We headed to Peyton's parents' house and I told her she couldn't get out until she ate the bite (that we brought with us).  She wouldn't, so we ended up staying in the car the whole time while Peyton and Baby Graves visited.  She was tired and when we got home, I figured I was done and she just needed to go to bed.  I was proud of myself for standing my ground as long as I did.  In the future I'm not going to insist on "one more bite"; she's too stubborn to be fighting these battles on things like that anyway.  But she's not going to get away with not doing what we ask of her.

The kids both went down for naps relatively easily (last week was hard, napwise!).
 Annie in bed with a bunch of trash.  I'm glad she's learned to differentiate between books and magazines!

I straightened up the house and finished dusting.  I went though some piles in the living room and the study and filed some things and then I cleaned out the diaper bag and my purse.  I got laundry going and cleaned up the kitchen from where Peyton had been making some vegetable stew.  He had cooked a roast in the crockpot the night before and made the stew Sunday afternoon.  I got on the computer while he played some video games. Peyton went out to cut the yard and Graves woke up so I fed him some cereal and then got ready and swept the house while Peyton was taking his shower.  Annie got up and our friends, Amanda and Zach and their little girl, Emily came over for dinner.  We had such a good visit.  We put the kids to sleep shortly after they left and I cleaned up the house.  I went to bed pretty early.

We've already got a good bit on the agenda for this week and I'm excited!


Amy said...

LOVE the pics in this post! the one of AP in bed with the magazine is too funny! bless her! and sweet Graves...he looks like he may not fit in his winter duds come winter time! boy's got some meat on his bones! :)

Christi said...

I love the pictures of them looking out the door. I have some similar and they just melt my heart. I'm glad that you're all feeling better. Share a picture of the new do. :)