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Weekly Happenings Post #135 (October 10-16)-- Trip to the State Fair, the Half Year Mark with Baby Graves, and a Plethora of Hats for Annie Banani

Hows, that for a title, folks?

[It's not Blogger making this picture fuzzy; it's just blurry for some reason and I hate that!]

Last week was a good, fun week!  I felt like the week before was so long, but for some reason this past week flew by!  I'm not sure what the difference even was; they were actually probably really similar.

Graves was up a lot on Sunday night and Peyton and I were up late chatting and so he let me sleep in on Monday.  He helped me get the kids ready and we went to lunch at Primos with Carrie and her kids.  It had been way too long and during lunch we got the text that Ashley got the call and they were leaving for Korea on Saturday.  It was kind of neat it happened when we were together.  On the way out, the girls wanted to play in a flower bed.  They got dirty and I didn't care about that, but at one point AP ran off a little too far.  She wasn't that close to the street but she wasn't listening to me very well and an older lady kind of looked at me when I fussed at her (I don't blame her and she really didn't glare or anything but that always makes me uncomfortable).  Peyton and I have really strict rules about parking lots and I wondered if maybe I let my desire to finish my conversation take precedence over keeping her safe.  I hate that feeling.

We got home and hung out with Peyton for a bit and then he left for work.  I had gotten Annie some Elmo slippers and I wanted to make a big deal of giving them to her, but she found them first. I was working on organizing a bunch of stuff and I wanted her to take them off and she got upset.  I don't know why I make my life harder than it has to be.  I spent a good bit of time organizing clothes and then I switched out the books under her dressing table with some more "advanced" ones from her closet.  She's kind of bored with the old ones, so I put them up for Graves to read later. We skipped naps that day  for some reason so I fed her an early supper and fed Graves some cereal and unloaded and loaded dishes.  I put Graves to bed and Annie helped me clean up and then I put her to bed, too.  I got on the computer and put a bunch of pictures on Flickr and finished a post.

We had Mother's Day Out on Tuesday.
 Annie thuggin' in her ski cap. It was just not a battle I could fight at seven in the AM. 

It was a pretty good, uneventful morning and when we got home, I fixed Ann Peyton's lunch and fed Graves and then I got on the internet on Peyton's ipad while they played a little.  We listened to some CDs in Annie's room and played with Graves on the floor and then I put the kids down for naps.  I put them down a little later than usual and Annie fell asleep way faster than she typically does.  I ate lunch and finished last week's Weekly Happenings post and uploaded and organized more pictures on Flikr.  Graves woke up and Peyton got home and then AP woke up.  We hung out and relaxed a bit and then got ready to go to the state fair.  I was super excited for the fair food.  We had a good time and the kids lasted a lot longer than I thought they would.  We saw several friends- our hairdresser, my old college roomate/bff and some friends from church.  
[Toward the end, I figured out the appropriate camera settings for this- I can't remember the white balance but I ended up changing the ISO manually, which I typically don't fool with.  Know for next time, I guess.]
We got home after ten and put the kids right to bed.  I got on the computer for a little bit and Peyton watched a movie.

The kids slept SO late on Wednesday.  Graves snuggled in bed with me and Annie slept until 10:00!!! Once we were up, I took a shower and bathed the kids and put up laundry.  Peyton got home and we ate lunch and then got ready for Graves's well baby visit after Peyton left.  I couldn't find my keys and we were running late, but we made it.  We had a good appointment, but I was kind of baffled by Graves's stats.
Weight: 14.563 lbs (7th percentile)
Height: 26.5 in (5th percentile)
Head Circumference: 16.495 in (9th percentile)
I was shocked his weight was so low.  He really LOOKS chunky. And he wears things that are true to size, if not one size up!  And it's especially weird since he's right in the middle for height.  I don't know, strange.

We came home and Graves took a nap and Annie had about an hour of quiet time in bed.  I got on the computer and scrubbed down the high chair and the microwave.  AP got up and I folded laundry and sewed a button on and she ate supper and colored. Graves woke up and I fed him cereal and took his six month picture.  We played some more and then I put the kids to bed.  I got on the computer, but I was really tired, so I laid down until Peyton got home and then I finished Graves's letter and went to bed.

Thursday morning was Mother's Day Out.  Peyton left early to go swim, so I got everyone ready by myself.  I got myself ready and even packed their bags and my lunch and loaded up the car and then woke up the kids and got them ready.  We were a tiny bit late, but not too bad.  We had a good morning and stayed for lunch.  Annie loved the pizza and I think ate about five pieces.  Wish I could have enjoyed some :(

When we got home, I did a bunch around the house that I had been meaning to do- I changed AP's bedding because she had a leaky diaper, emptied trash cans, put batteries in Graves's aquarium soother, and vacuumed the house.  Annie took her nap (she had a terrible time going down and had to go to time out a couple of times) and then I called AT&;T and tried to get Graves's hand print for a project.  Both were fails- Peyton is going to have to call AT&;T back and I'm going to need another adult to help with the hand print.  I put him down and worked on another craft.  Peyton got home and we talked some and then got ready because I had a UMW circle meeting and he was going to dinner with the guys whose wives were at the circle meeting.  We got the kids up and got ready and left.  The meeting was really good- it was about "restorative justice" and we discussed the church being a center of reconciliation within itself, in the local community, and globally.  So interesting and important!  Peyton picked me and the kids up and we ran something by his parents' house and stopped by Walmart and Kroger.  We put the kids to bed and I wrote a post and went to bed.

Friday was one of those days I really didn't feel like I got much done at all.  The kids woke up late, but I didn't have anything to do until my dietitian appointment at 1:30.  I took a bath, got breakfast ready for myself and AP, fed and bathed Graves, took out the trash/reclying/compost and straightened up the house.  My mother in law came over to keep the kids and I went to the appointment.  I was really happy- I've already gained two pounds! I ran by Hobby Lobby on the way home and I visited with Denise a little bit.  Graves was sleeping, but he woke up and I fed him.  Peyton got home and we all went for a walk and played in the back yard.  He got AP's supper ready and I put Graves to sleep.  We put Annie to bed and she woke up Graves.  She had missed her nap and so was so tired and just fighting sleep.  We ended up letting Graves sleep in his swing in the den for awhile.  I got on the computer and Peyton watched TV.  We had sandwiches for dinner and went to bed.  Graves was up a ton and AP was up a couple of times, too, and it was just not the best night.

However, Saturday morning was fabulous.  I woke up before Peyton left for work and we chatted a little and then I took a bath.  I was drying my hair when AP walked into the room.  She used to be really good about just calling us and we're trying to keep it that way.  She was so cute, though.  She had had a leaky diaper, so I striped her bed and gave her a bath.  She wasn't much of a fan of the early bath and was so ill about it, so after that we just snuggled on the couch and she pointed to pictures in a catologue she had been looking at while Graves continued sleeping.  It was sweet and reminded me of the days when it was just us.  Graves basically just combined his morning nap with his nightime sleep, which was fine.  After Annie was done snuggling, I got to work on laundry.  I had been washing all week, but handed folded a thing, so we had basket upon basket that needed to be folded.  It took all morning and some of the afternoon, but of course, I had to stop to get breakfast for me and AP, nurse Graves, change diapers, fix lunch, check Twitter, got outside to play, ect.  
[BG doing some sit ups while I was folding.]

The kids both took good afternoon naps that overlapped and I finished my laundry. I watched some Lost and Peyton got home shorty after they woke up.  He played with them and I put up laundry in their room and organized Graves's pajamas and Annie's bloomers/hats/bows drawer.  Ann Peyton had supper and we put the kids to bed.  Peyton helped me clean up the kitchen and then we cooked together- we made chili for supper and chicken salad and guacamole for snacks for the week.  I also boiled some eggs for a snack and steamed some pears to make into baby food for Graves.  I got on the computer, cleaned up the kitchen, and worked on a craft a little.  Then I organized a bunch of the kids Summer clothes, boxed them up, and took them to the attic After that I went to bed.

I woke up late on Sunday, but we still made it to church on time! Peyton was late, too, and I got the kids ready mostly by myself.  I was so proud of that, ha!  Peyton had to go to work, so after church I went to Sunday School by myself.  Graves was kind of getting hungry when I got back to the nursery, so I fed him before we left.  The hat thing is becoming a real obsession.  Of course, she didn't wear it in to church, just to and from!

We got home and I was carrying Graves in his his carrier/carseat and I tripped in my high heels.  It was so embarrassing.  Luckily, it was in my own driveway and no one was hurt!  We all got our clothes changed and I fixed AP lunch and had some, too.  She had chili and I had chicken salad and hard boiled eggs.  We played for a little bit and then I put them down for naps.  They both went to sleep really easily.  Maybe because I let AP put her nap mat on the bed ;) During their naps, I plunged a clogged up toilet, made some laundry detergent, took out recyling, watched Lost, and got on the computer. I also went outside and cleaned the kids' wagon and some other outside toys.   A good mix of productivity and relaxation!  They both woke up around the same time and I got ready for church and then fed Graves baby food.  
 Already hiding under the bed!  Silly boy.

I unloaded and reloaded dishes and got the kids ready and fed Graves and we left for the evening service.  For some weird reason, there was no nursery and there was a small crowd and I was the only one there with little kids.  Our friend Mickey was there, though, and grabbed AP some crayons and sat beside us.  She was doing great until about five minutes in and Mickey was messing with her bag trying to help her get some crayons out and she just started crying hysterically.  I don't know what happned, but I took her out.  She kept saying "go to the nursery".  Poor thing.  Right then I got a text from Morgan asking us if we wanted to eat dinner with them.  I called Peyton to meet us and we headed over.  We had a great time and stayed pretty late.  When we got home, we dropped both kids in bed.  AP was having a hard time and I climbed in bed with her.  I was so tired and fell asleep in there.  Graves slept a long stretch and woke up around 3:30 to eat.

This week is going to be good, but full!  Today was the only day we really didn't have anything going on.  Luckily, pretty much everything on the agenda is fun stuff!

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