Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #136 (October 17-23)-- Meet Me in Saint Louis

Last week was a fun week and it ended with an exciting weekend!  I haven't said anything because it was a big secret, but Carrie and I decided about a week ago when Ashley got her travel call that we wanted to be at the airport to welcome her and Liam home!  The more we discussed it the more we thought it would be fun to take our two husbands and four (well, five!) kids along for the ride!  I'm glad we did- it was great seeing Ash, the kids had a blast at the zoo on Saturday, and I think Peyton and David had some quality bonding time, too!

We had a good day mostly at home on Monday.  Peyton got up with the kids and I took a bath, hung up some of Peyton's clothes, started laundry and cleaned out a really messy bathroom drawer.  I fixed a big breakfast after Peyton left for work and then did dishes. 
  I LOVE pajamas with little back flaps!

I fed Graves some baby food and my mom came over for a visit.  She had been out of town and was dead to see the babies.  After she left, I gave the kids baths.  While AP was in the tub, I go ton Twitter and folded and put up laundry.

I put the kids down for naps and I uploaded some pictures and played around with editing some.
 Before and after.  I think I may like the original better.  I need to get more practice and also maybe to ditch the free software and make an investment!

I worked on a couple of posts, ate lunch, and watched Lost.  Graves woke up and we snuggled and then Annie woke up.  We had been practicing wearing panties all day, so we resumed that.
   I lowered my TV standards a bit and let her watch more than she's used to in hopes of accomplishing some potty training goals.  She's actually watching Baby Beethoven.  I'm hoping the reason she finds something meant for a baby Graves's age entertaining is her lack of exposure ;)

We went outside and then I got AP's supper ready and fed Graves more food.  Peyton got home and we ran a few errands- Lowes for some paint and tools and the grocery store.  We put the kids to bed and I got on the computer and made brownies since it was Boss's Appreciation Day and I wanted to take some to Darlene.

Tuesday we had Mother's Day Out. 
 BG loves MDO!

The morning went by fast and when we got home, I got AP's lunch ready and made more brownies and did dishes.  I fed Graves his cereal and put them down for naps.  They slept great and I got one the computer and did some in my Beth Moore bible study.  When the kids woke up, we got ready and left for our Ultreya meeting.

I almost went in the church with my Snow White classes on!

The meeting was good and Peyton met us there.  We came home, got everyone in bed and I played on the computer, straitened the house, and went to bed.

Wednesday morning we got up and got ready and went to Bible study at Morgan's house.  We've missed it for several weeks due to sickness and Morgan being on trips and having sick kids, so it was great to be back!  I always leave feeling so encouraged!  We got home and I fed Annie and Graves lunch and we played a little and then I put them down for naps.  I read some in Christian Believer and took a nap myself.  Peyton got home and we headed to church for dinner and our group he leads.  It was really interesting this week. We picked up Peyton's car and dropped it off to have the tire checked the next day and came home.  I straightened the house, did dishes, and got on the computer.

Peyton worked a double on Thursday.  Fortunately, we spent the morning at MDO and it was my day to stay through lunch again.  I ran by Morgan's to drop off some money I owed her and then by the car pace to see if I could go ahead and get the key for Peyton's car and pick up the actual vehicle later with my dad.  The spot right by the door where I could see the kids from was taken, though, and I didn't want to unload everyone, so I just turned around.  Annie fell asleep on the way home and actually transferred well!  I got Graves to sleep and then straightened the house, got on the computer, and took a really short snooze myself.  My mom and dad both came over and my dad helped me pick up Peyton's car and get the last three super heavy boxes from the attic.  I picked up Chick Fil A on the way back from the car place.  My mom kept the kids while I ran to Target for a few things- turtlenecks and tights for AP, some huge ziplock bags, and some entertainment for the trip courtesy of the dollar bin.  I also ran by TJ Maxx and got a few cheap books and to Babies R Us to get a double stroller and another mirror for the backseat since we have two rear facing kiddos still. I got home and talked with my mom a little and then she left and I basically fed the kids and put them to bed after we played a little.  I got on the computer and finished a post and then Peyton got home and we packed for our trip.

We got up early on Friday morning- around six.  Peyton thought he had an eye doctor appointment, but it turned out that it was for the next Friday, so we just finished getting ready and had breakfast and got on the road.  The trip was about eight hours and we stopped NINE times.  I know, ridiculous, and it wasn't even that much for the kids.  We stopped and got gas, picked up breakfast at Primos, and went by Target one last time for some bottles, baby food, and a new sippy cup since I forgot to pack one. We made it a few hours with no interruptions- Graves and Ann Peyton both fell asleep much earlier than I had expected- and then we decided to stop for food.  We went by a McDonalds, but it looked sketchy, so we stopped at a gas station and I fed Graves, and then found another McDonalds to get some chicken nuggets for Annie.  I really didn't want anything from there, so we got back on the road.  We stopped a bit later at a KFC and they said they were out of chicken nuggets.  We got gas at another place and then Peyton got a burger at a Steak 'N Shake and I got some chicken nuggets at Chik Fil A.  It was absurd how terribly unorganized we were with our stops and it made for a long trip.  The kids did SO good though and only got fussy the last little bit.

Once we got there, we unloaded the car and met up with the Howies.  Carrie and I got ready and headed to the airport and the guys watched the kids.  That was an experience, too!  It took us a while to even figure out how to get into the airport in the first place; we couldn't figure out where to get off the interstate and then we parked in a parking lot and then we realized we were in the completely wrong place. We left there and parked in a parking garage and went inside and realized we were in the wrong terminal.  We tried to catch (read: ran to catch) a shuttle to the other terminal, but it left us.  We were already late at this point, but we hustled back to the car.  We paid to leave and the lady that took our money just laughed at us! We finally got to the other parking garage and the airport security wanted to inspect our car! Thankfully, it was really brief.  We had talked to Ashley's brother, so once we got in the airport, we knew just where to go.  We hurried and got there pretty fast.  Ashley and Liam was already off the plane and we hid while they had time with her family.  We finally popped out and there were lots of tears.  We talked to Ashley a little bit and hugged her neck, and then tried to get out of her hair so she could get home to rest!
  Isn't Liam a DOLL? I stole this off of Carrie's blog.  Everything was so fast-paced, we didn't have just a ton of time for pictures.  Imagine that!

We ran by Steak 'N Shake and I got myself and Annie some mini corndogs.  We visited with the Howies a little in their room and then Peyton went to get himself some food while I got the kids to bed.  We went to bed pretty early and (SO STRANGE!) Graves slept through the night.  There was some major pumping going on at five in the AM.  I guess the swing was really comfortable.  Too bad he's a little old to make that a habit!

We woke up the next morning (Saturday) and got ready to take the kids to the zoo.  We took it easy and got a slow start, so we got to the zoo mid morning.  We walked around and saw lots of animals.
  [More trip pictures to come!]

My favorite was the baby elephant, but the prairie dogs and especially the monkeys were a HUGE hit with Ann Peyton. We had lunch there and I got a hot dog.  Fast food is hard when pizza and cheeseburgers are out of the question, ha!  Aubrey had some funny things to say about hotdogs, actually!  We saw some more animals and then everyone started fading really fast.  The kids were SO tired, so we headed back to the hotel.  We worked so hard to keep AP up for the ride back, but then she didn't even end up napping in the room.  She takes so long to fall asleep and we just didn't have a ton of time.  We had one king bed and we all just snuggled in it.  Peyton fell asleep and at one point I dozed off.  I woke up when Annie started climbing on me and was about to climb on Baby Graves, though!  We got up and got ready again and headed out to see the Arch.  It was really neat and the kids had fun playing and running around in the big park around it.  

We left and were going to go have supper, but there was a detour and we had a terrible time finding it.  We stopped for a bathroom break for Aubrey (I guess there are some perks to still having Annie in diapers because I was stressed worrying if Aubrey would make it and she's not even my baby, ha!). We finally made it to a neat restaurant, Qdoba, and ate and talked a little and then we headed back to the hotel.  The babies went to bed pretty soon after that and I got us mostly packed while Peyton watched TV and then I went to sleep.

We got an early start on Sunday morning.  Originally, we had planned to stay and just go to the church the Howie's were going to (commence hugging and singing Kumbaha with your Calvinist/Wesleyan brother).  In the end, though, the Sunday night bible study that I go to was having a potluck and a meeting to decide our next book.  We had taken October off and attended Sunday night worship instead, but we decided to get back in the swing of things for November.  Anyway, we got up and were on the road before nine.  We only stopped three times for lunch, gas, and to feed Graves and we made really good time!  We pulled into our driveway just in time for me to hop in the car and go to the meeting.  Peyton kept the kids at home and I had a nice time (and they forgave me for coming to the potluck empty handed!).  I got home and fed Graves and rocked Annie and put them to bed. I got on the computer and started unpacking a little and then Peyton and I had a nice long chat and went to bed.

This week should be fun but much less eventful!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I was just thinking how smart you were not to get a double stroller the other day while wishing that I had not wasted my money on one. So, what made you decide to get one - maybe I just need to use mine so I will not feel guilty about spending so much money on a stroller that I have used less than 5 times in 4 months. BTW, I love your weekly post with your favorite things that you read online. It's one of my very favorite parts of your blog. Ya'll were so sweet to go see Ashley - that is a being a true friend!!!!

Courtney said...

That was so nice of you guys to go visit Ashley. I am sure she was super excited.