Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekly Happenings Post #137 (October 24-30)-- Hand, Foot, and Miserable Disease

Random note: Peyton *always* calls our buffet a "breakfront".  It's funny because we do have a breakfront, but I don't refer to it as such most of the time; I just call it the "china cabinet".  Anyway, somewhere along the line he got confused.  I correct him every. single. time.  Well, recently someone asked me if we used a tripod for the family pictures.  "Oh, no", I said, "we just put it on the breakfront" (meaning, of course, the buffet).  Ha!  At first, I just felt stupid, but later that day I thought about it and it made me really glad that Peyton doesn't have any truly awful habits because those things rub off so easily!

Last week was kind of rough.  Graves was sick the better part of the week and poor thing just felt miserable.  He had Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease and it was just no fun.  He never actually got the terrible sores, but he did have a pretty awful rash and really the first couple of days before he was symptomatic were the worst.  He cried, literally, every time we would move him, the doctor said it was because his muscles hurt.  Poor little baby!

We didn't do much on Monday- I mostly just wanted to start getting things back in order from our trip.  Peyton wasn't working that morning, so I slept in a bit and then I started unpacking and sorting laundry, getting suitcases and coats put up, and trying to straighten some.  Peyton started some dishes and we had lunch and then he had to leave for work.  I was going to feed Graves and put both kids down, but (of course) right as I was nursing him, the tv repair guy that was supposed to come sometime in the MORNING got there.  Our TV had been lagging ever since we switched to U-verse and I was just glad to get it fixed.  I didn't really want to attempt naps while he was here, so we just played in the kids' room.  I did manage to get a couple of loads of laundry folded and I had a "spa party" with Annie- I painted her toenails and cleaned out her ears (I know that's a fun spa treatment, ha!).  He finally left and Graves took a super short nap in his swing and AP stayed in bed for maybe half an hour.  I managed to get some pictures uploaded and went through and deleted the bad ones. Then Ann Peyton told me she was "so hungry".  She did have an early lunch and it was past four, so I just got her up.  She had a snack and we all got ready and headed to my parents' house. We had supper with them and I had a nice visit (with a small disagreement!) with my mom and then we came home and I put them to bed.  I straightened up a little and finished my Weekly Happenings and Weekly Smorgasbord posts  from last week and went to bed.

Graves was up off an on ALL night long, but he really didn't even want to eat, so Peyton, very sweetly, got up with him a lot.  We were still both pretty exhausted by morning on Tuesday and AP woke up earlier than she typically does.  Graves was so fussy and just almost inconsolable so I decided we better take a sick day from Mother's Day Out. I actually called Darlene at five fifteen in the morning(!!!), not realizing the time, to tell her we wouldn't be there. I'm thankful for such a sweet boss who i also a dear friend and who also had two little ones within two years and understood that at this point the concept of day and night was a very loose one!  Peyton held him most of the morning and I took a bath, fixed AP and myself some oatmeal, and tried to do some things around the house.  Peyton had to go to a meeting, so we just hung out and by the time he got home, I had made a doctor's appointment.  I did some dishes and got ready and then Peyton left and his mom came over to keep Annie so I wouldn't have to risk getting HER sick at the doctor's.  We had to see another doctor because Dr. Denney didn't have an opening.  She was really sweet and I was surprised it wasn't his ears.  After taking some blood, she said he had a virus and asked me if he was in daycare.  Then, DUH!, it hit me- several kids from MDO have been out with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.  I just didn't think about it because he's not in the room with any of those kids and he had absolutely no symptoms except fussiness.  The doctor said that's what it's like at the start and he probably felt like he had the flu- sore muscles and maybe even a headache.  For some reason, it makes me so sad to think of a baby with a headache.  And all the crying he did all day I'm sure just made it worse :(
 poor little guy

Anyway, we picked up Motrin on the way home and I took him outside so Annie could play some.  We came in and I started to unload dishes and made some Suddenly Salad and heated up a frozen casserole. I talked to Logan on the phone and tried to feed Graves some baby food.  I changed the batteries and put him in his swing for a bit and I was able to vacuum the sofa and give Annie a bath after her supper and then I got them both to bed.  I laid down on the couch and fell asleep until Peyton got home.  Graves had another rotten night.  He was up every thirty minutes and we ended up putting him in our bed and then Peyton took him to the couch and snuggled with him so I could rest.

Peyton was off on Wednesday and we got a slow start.  I got up and got AP ready and they went and took a urine sample to the doctor's office to try to figure out what was wrong with Baby Graves.  I took a bath and fed Graves and when they got home I emptied the dishwasher and folded some laundry.  Then we all headed to my dietitian appointment because Peyton had some questions.  After that, we came home and attempted a nap with Ann Peyton.  Peyton snuggled with Graves and I went outside and read some of my Christian Believer. I came in and Annie was up and Peyton was dozing on the sofa with Graves.
  sweetest boys!

My mom came over to keep both kids so we could go to Bible Study and I was glad I went.  It helped to get out of the house!  We got home and put the kids to bed and I wrote a post and read blogs and caught up on Twitter.
 [It didn't look too bad yet.]

Peyton was off again on Thursday, so we had a relaxed morning and then headed out to do some errands.  We went by Deville for a book and a memory card (which we didn't get because Peyton realized he had an extra one at home) and then by the Mediterranean Cafe for some hummus.  We drove through Sonic and then went to Kroger.  When we got home, we fed AP lunch and put her down and she actually took a nap.  Peyton and Graves napped, too, and I cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded and loaded dishes, and put up all the groceries.  Then I started working on my closet changeover and Ellis called from Brazil!  He's been gone for months and it was so good to get to talk to him and he may end up staying with us for a couple of weeks around Christmas when he gets back!  AP woke up and my mom came by.  She brought us BBQ for supper since she had picked up some for her and my dad.  She helped me pick out some "tired" looking things from my closet to get rid of  and also helped us hang some pictures.  After she left, Peyton helped me with a little craft project with the kids and worked on fixing the kitchen sink because it was leaking and then we fed AP dinner and put the kids to bed.  Graves actually did a good stretch in his bed and I got on the computer and then we watched TV together and went to sleep.  Of course, Graves did end up in our bed at some point.

Peyton had an eye appointment on Friday and AP woke up earlier than she has been, so I put her in bed with me and Graves.  I feel asleep and at one point, I dreamed she went in the bathroom and got a razor.  Paranoid, much? I woke up and fed Graves and at that point she did roll off the bed, so we decided to move to the living room.  We had breakfast and Peyton got home. I rested a bit (and had more weird dreams) and then we had a quick chat while Graves played in his swing and Annie had a snack.  He helped me hang one other thing and found some memory cards from our old camera and then gave AP a bath.
She *hates* getting water in her eyes when we wash her hair, so Peyton came up with this trick!

I tried to transfer some of the pictures to the computer, but I just got frustrated.  I took a shower and made a few phone calls to line up someone to do children's church for me, to RSVP to a shower, and to talk to our flooring guy that's doing the kitchen and then I sent an email about Sunday School curriculum.  I gave Graves a bath and fed AP lunch and ate mine.
 Look at those sick eyes.  And his skin looked terrible.  He has really sensative skin anyway, so it was bad.  I have this awful feeling he's gonna be this Paul Phiffer type kid in school with a milk allergy and eczema.  All he needs is a pair of horn rim glasses!

My mom came over to drop something (more food!) off and we visited for a little bit and then I put them down for naps.  They both slept well and I got on the computer and just wasted time.  I had to wake them up to get ready to go to my parents' house for Beans and Rice.  My mom was going to Easely Amused with a friend, so we got there early to hang out with her.  We had a fun time eating and spending some quality time with Mickey and got home early.  I put the kids to bed and got on the computer and worked on my November header.  I cooked fish for us to eat (my second supper, ha!) and Peyton got home and we talked some and went to bed.

Annie was up pretty early (for her) on Saturday and Peyton had to work, so I put both kids in bed and we watched movies.  I hopped up and got a bath and then we all had breakfast in our room and I worked on my closet for over an hour.  We played some and I got AP's lunch ready and then she went down for an early nap.  She took one of her great naps (it's been awhile!) and I ate my lunch, talked to Morgan on the phone for an hour, did my Beth Moore study, and took a nap myself!  They woke up and played in the nursery while I rearranged some things.  I cleaned out some stuffed animals to send to my parents' house and made the bin in the living room a "dress up" bin because AP has been emptying her drawers and wanting to try on five hundred different things.  I hung up clothes and Peyton got home.  We had a low key evening at home and Annie went to bed late since she had such a long nap.  I think she really enjoyed the time with Peyton .  She started calling him "Daddy" and he wouldn't respond.  He told her "Um, my name is PAPA." Hilare. 
 She was so hyper.  Like dancing around her room hyper. Long naps and late night with Papa Peyton will do that to a ya.

 Working on the settings.  Automatic.

 Something that wasn't automatic.

I got on the computer and read blogs and finished up my header and then I swept and mopped in the kitchen.  We had leftovers for supper and I went to bed really late.  I fed Graves at 2:00 and then every time he woke up after that (I think it was three times) I just patted him and gave him his paci.  Peyton had fallen asleep on the couch and around 5:00, I handed him off.  I ended up not feeding him again until about nine on Sunday morning, which is really good for him, especially lately!

We skipped church on Sunday because I was worried Graves was still contagious and we had a very lazy Sunday morning.  Peyton had to work, but Annie slept really late and then we just got up and had breakfast and I folded some laundry.  I didn't even rush to get a bath!  When Graves feel asleep (yay for a morning nap!) I hopped in the tub and then Annie played in our room while I worked on the closet.  Graves woke up and I fed him and then I got mine and AP's lunch ready.  I put her down for a nap and snuggled with Graves some and then he fell back asleep!  I was shocked, but he took a pretty good nap, too.  I had a snack, got on the computer and folded some more laundry.  I did some of Beth Moore study.  I had to wake Annie up and she was pretty ill about it, so I let her watch a little more Elmo while I tackled my closet some more.  Graves woke up and I got them dressed in their Halloween costumes and Peyton got home and we finished getting ready and then headed to his parents' house so they could see the kids all dressed up.

 [more pictures soon to come!]

We stayed over there pretty late and when we got home, I put the kids to bed and cooked some sirloin steak and potatoes for supper. I worked on my Beth Moore study some more and went to bed.

I am hoping that we'll be able to get back to our normal routine this week! Graves is feeling much better, and I'm so thankful.  We don't have a lot planned, besides the Trick or Treating we did tonight and our normal activities, but I'll be glad to return to normalcy!


Elizabeth said...

Love their costumes! I'm sorry y'all had to go through that illness, poor sweet boy. I hope this week is better.

Carrie said...

Aww, poor Graves! His skin looks terrible! I didn't know that's what the rash looks like... I was thinking it was blisters for some reason. That looks miserable!

I need to try the dress up bin idea. Aubrey goes through probably 5-8 outfits a day, and my laundry is out of control! Recently she's discovered my clothes, and that's just opened up a whole new world of possibilities for her. Haha!