Monday, October 3, 2011

Weely Happenings Post #133 (September 26- October 2)-- The Return of a Sister

[Yes, Peyton and I are randomly wearing the same pharmacy convention tee.  Awkward.]

Last week was crazy in so many ways.  It started out with a bit of an emotional roller coaster on Monday and it ended with a wonderful weekend spending a lot of time with family, since my sister was home for the first time since she moved to Nashville.  The stuff in the middle? Um, interesting? Baby Graves has had a really hard week.  I thought maybe his ears were still hurting him, but I think it's more gas.  I was really hoping those pills that help digest dairy would work and originally I thought for sure they did, but last week is made me reconsider. 

I don't know why, because this was basically the first two to three months of his life, but something just wore me down last week.  Maybe it was the emotional start.  I also think it could be my insanely irregular schedule.  Since school started, I had done better about getting to bed by or around midnight.  This past week my bed time varied from eight forty five to two am.  Not a healthy habit.  Anyway, when I say I was worn down, I really let a lot (too much probably) stuff go.  I felt like that frazzled, fly by the seat of my pants television mom who is both literally and figuratively ripping her hair out.  I was in total survival mode with Graves- I did a lot of attachment parenting things like wearing him more in the sling and also (gasp!) letting him sleep with us.  But I also put him in the Pack N Play, closed the door, and let him SCREAM for ten minutes a few times.  Mainly so I wouldn't hurt him or have a mental breakdown.  None of this was based on a new parenting philosophy Peyton and I decided to embrace, we just had to do what worked.  And I may or may not have even caved and let a little Annie Banani watch Elmo at three o'clock one morning.  Not my finest moment as a parent, but you can't win 'em all.  Here's to a more consistent, coherent routine and to embracing a more structured parenting paradigm this week!

I had a my yearly OB appointment on Monday morning. I have to admit I was a little sad being there and not being pregnant. I tried to focus on the sleep hating baby at home and that helped my baby fever some ;) I had my appointment at eight and there was still a good little wait. When I finally got in to see Dr. McMinn, basically the whole appointment was the weight discussion. Honestly, she was talking to me about that the whole time she did the pap smear and I didn't even notice her doing it. I guess that's good, right? I left feeling pretty down and when I got home, Baby Graves was in a terrible mood. I fed him and he got a little better. Peyton left for work and I made some phone calls- I called the guy at Mission First, where a group from our church is volunteering in a few weeks and then called our church secretary to get a little blurb put in the newsletter about it. I fed Annie lunch and she had a leaky diaper and smelled like tee tee so I gave her a bath. I fed Graves and they were both still pretty cranky- Graves had been fussing almost that whole time and Annie was having meltdown after meltdown. So I decided to go see Minnie! I loaded everyone up and we headed over to my parents' house. I think they just needed a scenery change! I helped my mom go through a bunch of stuff (old high school and college notebooks, shoes, clothes, and stuffed animals) that were still in my old room. Pack rat much? We came home and of course, AP fell asleep in the car. I transferred her, but she woke up. I told her she needed to play quietly in bed and she did!

Monday was actually the first day ever that I've put Graves in there with her during naptime. They do okay at night, but I figured naps would be MUCH harder since it's not as dark. Also, at night, I wait until AP is asleep and then move Graves in there. That seemed impractical for naps, so I had just planned to let him nap in the Pack N Play indefinitely. Well, he HATES the thing. Especially after being spoiled by the swing since I put him in it so much when his ears were keeping him awake. I don't want him to be so dependent on the swing, so I decided to just TRY nap time together. Annie never did go to sleep, but she played the "whisper game" for TWO hours with MonkMonk. I had to go in and get her a new book and quiet her down a couple of times, but I was SO proud of her!

Once they got up, we just did little things around the house until Peyton got home. I folded a bunch of laundry and put some up in the nursery and changed a few toys' batteries. Annie had supper and I started getting her ready for bed and then Peyton got home and we finished getting her down. I fed Graves and we talked and then I fell asleep on the couch at EIGHT FORTY FIVE. I woke up and went to our room around midnight and when I fed Graves at three, I had a bowl of cereal. Ha!

We had Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and it was pouring down rain. Would've been a nice pjMDO, too). I tried the rice sock, gas drops, the swing, even Tylenol because he's been drooling a lot lately. Nothing helped. Finally once I got AP in the bed and ate two sandwiches, I just cuddled him on the couch and eventually, he gave it up. Poor thing! That was when I decided, as much as I hate to say it, maybe those pills I've been trying that help to digest dairy before it gets in breastmilk really aren't a miracle cure for this problem after all. I really thought they were helping, but I'm not sure.  I finished last week's Weekly Happenings post, painted a few canvases for a project, and then took about a twenty minute snooze myself.  My mom came over and we talked some and then I got to work organizing and putting things back up in the cabinets.  I wanted to reorganized and I was also "inventorying" (writing things down and taking pictures) for insurance purposes, so it took awhile.  The kids woke up and my mom played with them.  She left after a couple of hours and I got AP's supper ready and did some more in the kitchen.  Graves got super fussy, but I put him in the sling and he did okay.  A really loud truck drove by and Annie got scared.  She told me "get in the bed" and then she wanted to "get in Momma's bed".  I snuggled the two of them in our bed and read her some books and she cheered up. Peyton got home and he helped me get them to bed and then I cooked B4D (breakfast for dinner) and worked some more in the kitchen.  I got on the computer and did my Bible Study and then Peyton and I chatted a little bit.  Right about then, Graves woke up and I fed him and we went to sleep pretty late.

Annie ended up sleeping until NINE on Wednesday!  I was shocked.  I got up around 8:30 and started laundry and was about to hop in the tub when she woke up.  I fixed her some cereal and got my bath.  We spent most of the morning folding and putting up laundry.  I also bathed both kids and did a little grooming- clipping nails and cleaning out ears.  We watched a dvr'd episode of The View and I fed Graves some applesauce and fixed AP lunch.  Graves didn't take a morning nap and he was so irritable.  He was really in a state all morning.  I took out the trash and recycling and put AP down for her nap.  She never did go to sleep and took off her (dirty) diaper in the bed.  UGH.  I managed to sign up for a Flickr account and start uploading some pictures, but that was about it.  After I rocked, nursed, and snuggled Graves he finally fell asleep.  For about thirty minutes.  He woke up screaming and was inconsolable.

I had a massive headache and was so frustrated when Peyton got home and he told me maybe I should just skip church.  Of course, he said he'd feel bad taking Graves to the nursery so fussy when he was leading the study and couldn't pop in and out.  There was NO WAY I wanted to spend another minute by myself at home, so I just got my act together and got ready super fast and we headed to church.  Our study was good, but I was worn out!  We stopped by Sonic on the way home and did the recycling.  We fed AP supper and got the babies to bed and then I straightened up the house and got on the computer.  I went to bed pretty early (before 11:00).

Thursday was a fun day!  We had MDO and there were a lot of kids out sick.  That worked out good because we were two teachers short, due to sickness, too!  It was kind of hectic at points, be we managed.  We stayed for pizza and when we got home, I let Annie play with Peyton for a bit before he left for work and I made a doctor's and hair appointment and made some other phone calls.  I got both kids to take naps in their room together(!!!) and I wrote a kind of hard post.  It did make me feel better.  I read some blogs and spent most of naptime on the computer.  Graves woke up and I fed him and then we woke Annie up to get ready to go to my parents' house because Cookie was home for the weekend!  My dad picked up sushi and we had a fun time visiting and seeing Cookie.  We got home late and Ann Peyton was still FULL of energy.  I wanted to straighten some in the nursery, so I let her stay up until Peyton got home.  She ended up going to sleep around 11:00.  I got on the computer and cleaned up around the house some and I deleted some pictures of my camera.  Graves ended up spending most of the night on the couch with Peyton and he slept better than he has in months, but AP woke up around three in the morning.  Her diaper was sopping wet, so I changed it and she must have had a little rash because she started crying and telling me it hurt.  I got her up, rocked her and put her back to bed, but she would not go to sleep.  I ended up bringing her in our room.  I was in a total fog and she kept asking to watch Elmo, and finally I just gave in.  UGH, I hate being that pushover mom.  Anyway, she watched one video and she would not lay still.  I told her I was turning it off and she either had to lay still or go back to her bed.  She fell asleep really fast and slept until around nine.  

I got up a little before her on Friday morning and Graves was back in his bed (I had fed him once during the night) and was "talking" happily.  He usually wakes up mad, so that was delightful.  I fed him and pumped some and then got a quick shower before Peyton left for work.  Annie and I had breakfast and Cookie came over and helped me get the kids bathed and ready because we were running some errands that morning.  We went by Target so I could get some storage boxes and an adapter for AP's CD player (which they didn't have).  I also bought  a couple of cute totes and some stationary on clearance, plus some pink boots for AP. We drove through Chick Fil A and then popped by Batte to visit and eat lunch with my mom.  I had to feed Graves in the car, and one of  my mom's friends came out to see him.  I stopped feeding him and of course, he was mad as a hornet.  Taking the kids to Batte always makes me a little nervous, ha!  At one point, my mom mildly corrected Annie and she got upset and threw a book.  I told her that was unacceptable, but it's so sad how much it hurts her to be criticized for something in public, especially a new place.

After that, we went to the pediatrician's office.  Dr. Denney wasn't there again, but I'd been meaning to do the follow up that the doctor we saw for Graves's ears suggested.  Dr. Denney never made a big deal of follow ups, but I called and they said as little as he was it would be good to come in and they could squeeze me in that day.  Since I knew I'd have Cookie to help with AP, I made the appointment with our "second string" pediatrician, Dr. Adcock, who is a high school friend of Peyton's.  Graves's ears were fine, but I did get a little anxious because AP decided she wanted to play at the train table with some sick kids.  At first I didn't even really worry about it, but then one mom started describing her little boy's symptoms- Fifth disease, throwing up earlier in the week, and now a bad cough.  Ugh.  Fortunately, the nurse came and got us before I had to make a decision or cause a scene.  We went by the bank on the way home and I put the kids down for naps right when we got home.  They both took a nap in the nursery again together!  I got on the computer and did a few things around the house and then Graves woke up.  I knew he was still tired, but he wouldn't go back to sleep.  I attempted true CIO for the first time ever.  My suspicions were confirmed- I have one really great sleep and one pretty poor sleeper.  Annie slept through him crying for twenty minutes.  Woah.  I finally just woke her  up so we could go to my parents' house.  I took some pictures of the kids when we got there and Peyton met us when he got off work.
 We stayed late and the babies went to bed right when we got home.  I worked on my new blog design for October and then Peyton and I chatted a little and went to bed.

Ann Peyton slept SO late on Saturday- until almost ten- and Graves and I just snuggled in bed.  Peyton had to work, but we had a good, productive day.  I got a bath and dried my hair before AP woke up and once she was up, I fixed a big breakfast- eggs, grits and toast.  I attempted some rice cereal with Graves and then I got to work loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen.  I also worked on trying to get the paint up that we had carelessly let get on the counters. Paint thinner hadn't worked and my mom suggested nail polish remover.  That, steel wool, about an hour, and some elbow grease finally did the job.  Graves actually took a nice little nap while I was doing that.  He woke up and a guy came to install Uverse.  [We switched our TV provider, and we had it canceled about two weeks ago- so we had a little period where only had what was already on the dvr and each other to entertain us.]

I took the kids to the nursery and they played while I organized some of their new clothes I had washed.  I fed Graves and he went down for a nap and AP and I had lunch and then I put her down.  She slept so late that she never fell asleep, but she stayed in bed and played quietly for over an hour.  I unloaded dishes and reloaded them and put the food back in the cabinets.  I only have a little more to do!  My mom and Cookie got here to pick up the kids because we had a Cursillo event.  After they left, I put AP's bedspread that I had washed back on her bed.  Our friends, the Deckards, picked me up because I was having dinner and riding with them since Peyton was working.  We had a nice dinner and I met Peyton at the thing.  It was really fun and we picked up the kids from my parents' house and came home.  We put them straight to bed and I wrote a post and read some blogs.  I did my Beth Moore Bible study and went to bed.

Sunday was a good, busy day.  We got up and went to Sunday School and church and then swung by our house to get some play clothes.  Peyton was playing ultimate frisbee and we had one of his brother's birthday parties about an hour later, so the kids and I went by my parents' house.  We had fun and then headed to Peyton's parents' house.  
 Her dress was one me and MY MOM wore.  How neat is that?

We stayed pretty much all afternoon and had a great time.  It was late and the kids were cranky, so we decided to skip evening worship.  They both fell asleep in the car, so we drove around for half an hour and let them sleep. We got home and Annie played a little.
[Where's Annie???]

We fed them supper and took our weekly family picture and AP's monthly picture and then got them to bed.   

Peyton watched football and I straightened the house, did a BUNCH of catching up in my Beth Moore study, and did Ann Peyton's monthly blog post.

This week, sadly, has started out with more sickness.  Both the kids have yucky coughs and have been pretty miserable.  We've already seen the doctor, so hopefully we can get this cleared up fast!

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