Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Cheer and Tiny Prints

I am a big, BIG fan of Tiny Prints.  I've talked about my love for this bussiness before, but I wanted to share again.  I was given the oppurtunity to write a post in exchange for fifty free Christmas cards and I jumped on it because I'm such a fan.  Honestly, though, I had been planning to buy my Christmas cards from Tiny Prints this year, anyway.

We've used Tiny Prints three times before and all three times I have been incredilbly satisfied.

I used them first for Ann Peyton's birth announcement.  I wanted something cute, simple and sweet and I think they did well by me on all three counts.
[Note: the quality of these images reflects the quality of my $100 scanner, not the quality of the actual card.]

Then in 2009, I had a friend who enjoys amateur photography take our picture and I looked at different sites for cards, but my search led me right back to Tiny Prints.  I ended up finding the perfect card- I loved how the holly on the card matches the berries in the actual picture.  And I've thought  little lovebirds were so cute for years! Finally, it was perfect because the lime green in the card matched the chartreuse color of Ann Peyton's dress.  Again, it fit the bill perfectly.

We had a professional photographer do our Christmas pictures in 2010 and she did the cards, too, but after Graves was born, I didn't even look elsewhere for his announcement.  Again, I had in mind an idea of what I wanted and Tiny Prints did better than I could imagine.  I posted about it here, but I narrowed down what I wanted to several cards with a vintage theme, toile, or whimsical animal print.  And then I found a card that basically incorporated all three!  I was over the moon and of my three experiences, I'd say this was my favorite because it was so personal.  His announcement just screams "SD" to me.

I am so excited about using Tiny Prints again for our Christmas cards this year...and I think I have something fun and different picked out. The cards have a very sharp, sophisticated, professional feel and the price really isn't bad for the quality of the product you're getting.  My favorite thing about Tiny Prints, though (if it's not obvious), it the variety and diversity in their selection.  I tend to like pastels for birth announcements and red and green on Christmas cards.  I'm traditional like that.  But I also like to add in a little flair- usually in the form of some vintage or some whimsy.  Either way, if you like classic bold red and green? It's there.  If you like funky and bright? It's there. If you like elegant and polished? It's there. If you like clever and quirky? It's there.  There's something for everyone.

So, quick go take a look around here and enjoy finding some Christmas cheer to spread!

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