Sunday, November 13, 2011

Letter to (Seven Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

I'm a day late on your birthday letter.  These kinds of things drive me nuts.  But we were on the road going to see Granny yesterday and I had a horrid headache, so it just didn't get done.  Anyway, here it is now!

As the days grow shorter, so the months seem to as well.  The first few months of your life certainly didn't drag, but they went by at a pace I was comfortable with.  These days, though, I look at you and am shocked by what I see.  I aspect to see a newborn and instead I see a baby over half way to his first birthday!

You are getting more and more fun and interesting.  You smile and laugh and you love to "talk".  There is so much babbling going on whenever you are awake!

You are growing so fast!  I had a lot of 6 mo. sleepers and you're about to be done with those.  Some of your Winter clothes really didn't get much wear it's been so warm and you are getting so tall. You wear lots of 6 mo. things and some 6-9 mo. and 9 mo. outfits.  You wear a size two diaper in disposables, but I'm thinking it's almost time to move up.

Minnie has started calling you "Bud" or "Bubba" a lot because she says you're becoming less and less "Baby Graves".  I will call you Baby Graves, however, until the day YOU object ;)

You've started to like baby food (finally!).  You've tried green beans, peas, apples, and pears. You love them all!  You also tried bananas, but those seemed to hurt your tummy.  Your favorite things are Baby MumMums, though, because you can feed those to yourself!  Your dairy intolerance seems to be getting better, because I've eaten some creamy soups and things like that and it hasn't seemed to bother you.  Praise the Lord! You seem like you're teething (LOTS of drool and you want to gnaw on every last thing you can put your little hands on), but there's no visible evidence yet.

You've started kind of pulling your hair when you nurse and I think it's such a precious little habit.  It's all the more sentimental because your sister used to do the exact same thing.

You are sleeping better these days, too!  You sleep some eight hour stretches at night now because I've finally let you sleep on your tummy.  You take a (usually short) morning nap and then a good solid afternoon one.  I'm glad we sort of established a little routine, although I know it's prone to change!

You've made acquired some new skills lately, too.  You can roll across a room now, but your biggest accomplishment this month has been learning to sit by yourself.  You LOVE it.  I think you've been dying to do it for at least a month; you were so tired of being flat.  You sit and play for longer and longer stretches and lately you and your sister have stared to "play" together more instead of just beside one another.  She loves to make you giggle and the other day I walked in y'alls room and it was the first time I've ever seen her truly working hard to entertain you for an extended period of time.  Your precious smile was well worth her efforts! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the relationship between the two of you grow and change.

You've started to enjoy your excersaucer more, but you really love the jumperoo at Mother's Day Out.  I'm thinking I need to get you one, but I'll probably try to find a doorway jumper since I don't think we need another big baby apparatus at our house.

You've taken a major liking to one of Ann Peyton's old lovies- Flopsy.  That bunny is your favorite thing and I can tell you're getting quite attached.  Annie took much longer to find and claim a favorite stuffed animal, but you are just so very tactile.  You love touching things and soft things make you so happy.  You remind me of your Mickey, who I shared a special bond with as a little girl, because of our deep seated love for soft (sometimes ratty) t-shirts. 

Speaking of soft things, your all time favorite toy  is The General.  You are an animal lover, Graves!  Ann Peyton really liked the kitties as a baby, too, but she had nothing on you.  You love him so you squeal when you see him and try to grab his fur.  He is so sweet to you (it's like he knows you're a little bitty thing) and just lets you do what you want.  Nevertheless, I've started demonstrating how to pat gently and you just shriek with joy as I rub your hand up and down his furry side.

Graves, I am loving this stage with you- figuring out the things you love and trying my best to create more experiences with those things for you.  I'm glad the things you love are things I love- soft blankets, sweet kitty cats, and more than anything, your darling sister. You are such a precious gift to us, Baby Graves.  We love you!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your outfit this month is (I think) a 6 mo.

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Megan said...

I love his big open-mouthed grin in the past 2 month's pictures! Graves is such a cute baby!