Thursday, November 3, 2011

Picture Post: Saint Louis Attractions (10.22.11)

I'm so behind (I know I keep saying that!) on getting a bunch of pictures on the blog (and on Facebook, Flikr, and the hard drive, for that matter). Anyway, I'm determined not to get more behind, so I wanted to share some pictures from our recent trip to Saint Louis with the Howies.  [Random aside: whenever I link to Carrie's blog I type it into my search bar and it still says "David and Carrie's Countdown".  I love that it seems like the Howies are constantly in "countdown" mode and that their blog address is still babyhowie.blogspot.  I just can't imagine a day in our friendship where we could go much over a year without Carrie having a baby in her belly! In related news, Graves slept through the night last night, so I'm ready for another one. Just kidding.  So kidding.]

I've really been trying to get out of my comfort zone (read: automatic) with the camera, but it's HARD.  Anyway, some of these pictures leave something to be desired.  Thankfully, the subjects do not!

We had two main attractions we wanted to hit as well as a few backups to check out if time permitted.  It ended up that I felt like we were doing really good to get these two in.  First up was the zoo.
We arrived at the zoo and promptly acted all touristy by taking pictures at the zoo's entrance!

We spotted a little aquarium area and Ann Peyton really liked the fish.

Baby Graves was very chill the whole time and really enjoyed riding around.  He's LOVES strolling! 

Here are the girls watching the elephants with their daddies (or rather Aubrey with her daddy and Annie with her Papa- he's been having to reinforce the Papa thing lately as she's begun to realize it's not um, the most common things for kids her age to call their paternal parent).

I didn't take too many animal pictures. Carrie got some beautiful ones.  She takes a lot more pictures than me.  We had a memory card issue so I only had about fifty to work with.  [Peyton and I had a little tiff at the zoo because while I'm not one to save every picture on every card, once I've deleted all but my very favorites, I want to keep them on there as a precaution. Peyton thinks we have them backed up enough in other places.  Well, see above.  Once I get them all backed up online AND on the external maybe then I can clear the memory card.  Or maybe not.  ::Shutter::]

I do love me some elephants, though.

Melt.  I can hardly stand baby animals, they are so adorable.

More fun with Papa!

Although she's talked a lot about the elephants and rhinos, these were by far her favorite.  Probably because they reminded her of her baby, MonkMonk!

She was pretty mesmerized!

The fascination didn't stop with the real monkeys, either!

It was such a perfect Fall day!

Thankfully, it was warm enough that when Graves had a blow out, we were able to make do sans onsie.

We had a wonderful zoo visit, but when the eye rubbing started, we knew it was time for a break before our next attraction!

After naps (that actually didn't happen), we headed out to see the Gateway Arch.  We were all excited about seeing this great piece of architecture that the resident engineer added to the "must do" list on the trip's itinerary.
I'm obsessed with this picture of me and Annie.  I'm not sure why exactly.  It's just one of those I know I'll always treasure.

The children all really enjoyed playing in the little park surrounding the Arch.

Such a sweet [blurry] moment with an Ernie hat.  For the record: the Ernie hat is actually Peyton's, AP is just borrowing.

Making faces about Momma kisses already?!?

It was a really cool site.  Just kind of amazing the size and scope of the thing.

We picked the perfect time of evening to go!

He looks skeptical, but he had a blast blast there, too.

I'm so glad I got to go on this trip with my three most favorite people.

And a few runner-ups!  Seriously, these folks were a delight to travel with and made the trip so much fun. Where's our next excursion, Howie fam?


Kodi said...

I'm so glad y'all had fun & I'm trying not to let my feelings be hurt that you came to Missouri and DIDN'T TELL ME.

Carrie said...

1.) Just call me the baby machine.

2.) It cracks me up that you say Ann Peyton's favorite animals were the monkeys, because David informed Aubrey that we didn't see any monkeys. Apparently all of the primates we saw were technically apes since none of them had tails. Aubrey told us for DAYS afterwards that she was so sad that she didn't get to see the monkeys. Better not break the news to AP. Hahaha.

3.) We had SO much fun with y'all too and would love to travel with you again! :)