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Weekly Happenings Post #138 (October 31-November 6)-- Night Owls

Okay first of all, this is post two of three for today.  I promise I won't do this every week, but the post before this was really important and the post to follow is too and I just can't skip my WH post.  I won't mind if you do, though ;)

This week felt so busy!  Even Peyton who is GO!GO!GO! said he was tired.  I think one thing is that we did something literally EVERY night this past week.  We usually go to church on Sunday and Wednesday nights and go to my parents' house on Fridays and maybe do one other thing, but we never have something going on all seven nights.  I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty tiring.  But fun!

I went to bed late on Sunday and then Graves was up a lot.  He wasn't even that fussy, but he didn't want to go back to sleep or be left in his bed.  At first, I kept going in and putting in his paci and getting him to fall back asleep, but finally I just moved him to our bed.  I'm kind of at a crossroads with sleep training and I know for his sake, I need to just make a plan and be consistent.  It's tough, though!

Anyway, Peyton was sweet and let me sleep really late on Monday.  When I got up, I fed Graves and then we took some boxes to the attic and I organized some up there.  Peyton left for work and I took a bath myself and gave AP one and then I got AP's lunch and Graves's applesauce ready.  It was one of those days where I ate my lunch standing up by the kitchen sink.  Such a mom thing to do ;) I nursed Graves and put them both down for naps and and uploaded and organized pictures worked on a couple of posts.  I had a snack and listened to AP discipline MonkMonk in her bed-- "I need you to look at my face".  Ha!  She never did fall asleep and so I went and got her and started getting myself and her ready to go to my parents' house for Trick or Treating.  [Since Peyton was gone and I didn't want to take them by myself we opted to go there.] I took some pictures of her and then woke Graves up and dressed him and took more pictures.

We got to my parents' house and we went to their next door neighbors' houses and down the street to my cousin's house who also lives in their neighborhood.  Then we packed up the car and drove to a couple more places.  When we were growing up, we lived on a really busy street, so we always drove around to a bunch of my parents' friends houses to Trick or Treat and it was really reminiscent of that.  So fun!
 [More pictures to come.  Someday.]

First, we stopped by the retirement home where my grandmother lives.  It was actually the first time she's met Graves.  I know, that's terrible.  It's just every time we've planned to go out there, he's gotten sick or she hasn't been feeling good or something has come up.  Anyway, she was SO excited to see the kids.  After that, we headed to my parents' friends, Lynn and Charles', house. We were planning on making two more stops, but the kids were both melting down (Graves was hungry and AP saw a group of Trick or Treaters and wanted to go with them!), so we decided to call it a night.  We stopped by Krystal and got burgers and we ate and I fed Graves at my parents' house and then we came home and I put the kids to bed. I got on the computer and did some in my Beth Moore study and then Peyton got home and we had a nice chat and my headache I had had all night went away.  We went to bed pretty late.

We had Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and it was SO good to be back.  I count my blessings I love my little side job so much!  It was pretty uneventful, and that's a good thing with this job.

 Those chilly mornings sure do come early, though, so we let them have a few extra minutes in our bed!

When we got home, I fixed AP's lunch and fed Graves some baby food.  I got the laundry and dishes started and then put the kids down for naps.  Annie never did fall asleep, but she was in bed for over two hours, so I call that a win.  I kind of dozed on the couch and wasted time on the computer.  I think Halloween wore me out!  When Annie woke up, I folded some laundry and switched out a basket in the living room with a new one I got.
 Annie is still wearing this 12-18 mo. old shirt that my sweet friend (I feel kind of silly calling her a blog friend; she's more than that!) Amy sent her last year!

Peyton got home finally (he had to stay late at work and then there was awful traffic) and he played with the kids some and then we ran a couple of errands.  I needed to make a return to Hobby Lobby and then we ran by Old Navy to see if they had any costumes on sale for AP.  She loves dressing up and we thought it would be a fun thing for part of her Christmas.  I think it's the last year we'll take her Christmas shopping for her own presents.  Ha!
 Now that's what I call babywearing!

Don't they look grown?

When we got home, I fed both the kids supper and we put them to bed.  I got on the computer and changed my blog for November and then did some in my Beth Moore study and went to bed.

I got up before the kids on Wednesday and got ready for Bible study.  I got them ready and straightened up the house a little and made a to-do list and then we headed out. We had Bible study at a different place this time (it's usually at Morgan's house, but we needed to have it at the church office this time), so there was no swing or anything for Graves to sleep in.  He slept in my arms and then woke up and "talked" and grinned most of the time.  It was sweet holding him for so long....I should probably do it more often before he gets too big for his britches. When we got home, I fixed Ann Peyton lunch and nursed Graves and put them both down for naps.  I tried to take AP's monthly picture, but she was in no mood for that. At one point I heard her cough a little, but I didn't think much of it.  Then she started saying "I got the screw".  I went in her room and she told me "Papa eat the screw".  She had seen Peyton put a nail in his mouth when he was hanging pictures and took a picture and the nail it was hanging on off the wall and I guess did the same thing.  AHH! So scary.  It took her a long time to fall asleep and I was so happy when she did.  I know she was tired. I worked on Christian Believer, read blogs, and wrote a post during naptime. The kids woke up and Peyton got home and we hung out a little bit and then headed to church.  The lesson was really interesting.
 Annie in her cute Missoni shoes Cookie got her.  Awful cellphone picture.

We ran by the grocery store on the way home and then fed AP and Graves supper.  We took Annie's monthly picture and Peyton gave her a bath and we put the kids to bed.
 Could she be any more expressive?!?

Since we were having a photo shoot anyway, we had to let BG participate!

 Her hair has gotten so long; I love how it's a little flippy!

Papa approved (encouraged) bed jumping.  Oh dear!

It was so late, but I cooked an easy supper- baked chicken, cous cous, and butter beans.  We watched Parenthood and I cleaned up the kitchen and fished Annie's letter.

Graves slept through the night(!!!!!!) and when I went in to check on him on Thursday morning he was on his tummy.  I feel okay about it since even though he doesn't like to roll from his tummy to his back, I know he can.  I got ready and got the kids ready and pumped a bottle and then we headed to school.  Kellie (the other teacher in my room) was out, but Darlene filled in so that was fun.  We got home and I fed the children lunch and got some laundry going and then put them down for naps.  They both took long naps again (Hallelujiah!) and I just rested.  I ate lunch, got on the computer and wrote a post, and took a nap myself.  Peyton got home and we played with the kids and I folded some laundry and then I had a Susannah Wesley Circle meeting at church and he had a guys' meeting.  We got home and fed the kids and put them to bed.
 More terrible quality phone pics, but the subject kind of redeems them, does he not??

I got on the computer for a few minutes, but even with my nap, I was so tired.  Peyton and I chatted for a while and then went to bed.

I think Graves would have slept well again, but Annie woke up crying at 3:30 on Friday morning because she had a dirty diaper.  Peyton helped me get Graves back to sleep and I got in bed with Annie for a few minutes that turned into a few hours when I fell asleep. They both slept pretty late and we got up around 9:00 and started getting ready for the day.  I started some laundry and fed them breakfast after I got ready and I gave Graves a bath.  My mom came over and we all went and ran errands.  It helps so much to have another person since we don't have a double stroller! I got some socks at a sweet baby store, Helen's Young Ages, we picked up some things at the monogram place, Monogram Magic and then went to a knitting store because my mom is going to help me learn to knit.  I made a stocking for Peyton ages ago and it wasn't beautiful, but it was fun.  I'm excited about trying it again!  After that we ate lunch at one of my favorite spots from my childhood, Brents.
 Graves's first fry!!!

When we got home, I put the kids down for naps and got on the computer.  Graves never really did take much of a nap, but Peyton got home and he held him while he watched TV.  Annie took a long nap and I went through some piles and put dates for things in my calendar and got some thank you notes ready to mail.  She slept SO late that day; we finally woke her up at almost 6:00.  I usually never let her sleep that late, but I'm knew we'd probably be over at my parents for a long time and bedtime would be pushed back, too.  Anyway, I got her up and we loaded up and made a return at Old Navy and then stopped by Target for diapers, wipes and some other toiletries.  We also browsed their Halloween selection and I got one thing.
  Bubba (my parents deemed that and "Bud", his "big boy" nicknames.  How redneck are we??) all by himself this time in the cart!

We did end up staying late at my parents' house and my mom had bought me a few things for Christmas from TJ Maxx.  I tried them on and we ate supper and visited and then came home and dumped the kids in bed.  I was really tired and went to bed, too.

Graves slept pretty well and Ann Peyton didn't wake up until TEN on Saturday.  I put Graves in our bed and he slept until then too.  It was so nice!  I got up and started cleaning up the kitchen and got laundry going and I made a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, grits and toast.  I *hate* frying bacon, but it was so worth it! We had our little brunch and I scrubbed out the microwave and got the recycling together and scrubbed out our recycling can. I took a bath and fed Graves and put him down for a nap and Annie went to Lowe's with Peyton.  I rewatched the Christian Believer dvd and then started my post on it.  I straightened up the house and did some dishes and then Peyton and AP got back and we all got ready and went to dinner at some people from our Wednesday night group's house.  It was fun and we had a wonderful chicken pot pie.  We got home and put the kids to bed and then I spent a good while putting pictures on Flikr and Facebook.  Peyton and I chatted some and went to bed.  Graves woke up during the night and I had a really bad headache, so I asked Peyton to go take care of him.  Peyton is SO grumpy at night and he was sort of mean, but he did it.

When we woke up Sunday morning, he was very apologetic.  We had gained an hour due to Daylights Saving Time and I felt much better after getting some sleep.  We got ready and went to Sunday School and the late service.  We are actually going with several other members of our class to a parenting class during the Sunday School hour and this week was the start.  It lasts about a month and I think it's going to be really good!  After that we had church- since last week was All Saint's Day, we read off the names of people in the church who have passed away in the past year.  After church we went to lunch at Abners with our friends, the Deckards and then we went over to Peyton's parents' house for a visit.
 Peyton put Annie in a tree and then, of course, this had to happen....

 Won't be long before tree climbing in their Sunday best is of their own volition! 

We got home and put the kids down for naps for about an hour and then headed back to church for Bible study.  We're doing a Christmas series for several weeks and I really liked the first lesson.  We need to make a (relativly long) grocery store trip and we decided to just all go on the way home.  The kids were troopers; I know I was ready to get back home!  When we got home, we fed the children and put them to bed and then I put up groceries, loaded and unloaded dishes and scrubbed the counters.  I also pureed some pears I had cooked for Graves and got a big box of stuff that went in the one cabinet I hadn't finished putting stuff up in and went through it and organized it and put it up.   I got on the computer and I'm going to do some in my Beth Moore study and fold some laundry and go to bed.

I think we'll probably do less this week and I'm kind of looking forward to it, even if it does get kind of boring.  I'm sure we'll end up having some fun things to do!

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