Sunday, November 27, 2011

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    Posted: 26 Nov 2011 08:55 PM PST
    I can so relate. Last year our struggle was "The Great Santa Debate". As soon as that was resolved, though, we really felt the need to be even more radical. It's just SO easy to get lost in all the "stuff" and that's not what I want for our family.
    Posted: 26 Nov 2011 08:51 PM PST
    " People seem to think that somehow an adoptable child is inherently good... But if they knew the next door neighbor kid had been involved in a gang...or had been sexually abused and learned to become an abuser herself...would they bring that child over for a slumber party, let alone to be a permanent part of the family...?" Okay, I want to preface this article by saying that I know several Christian families who are in the process of adopting/have adopted. Each of these families is adopting because they have felt it to be God's call on their lives, not because of fertility issues. As I've said several times before, it's something Peyton and I are very interested in and the friend who shared this post with me is also someone who has felt called toward adopting a child. As her husband said "If this makes you question that call, you probably weren't called in the first place". That said, I think it is good to see things from another (painfully realistic) viewpoint.
    Posted: 26 Nov 2011 08:43 PM PST
    I have to admit, I've gotten some bewildered looks on this one. And before we actually instituted it, I got several "It simply won't work"s, as well. I'm sure at some point I'll do my own post, but it feels good to look at people and tell them that, um, we made it work. It's something I have to work on not being too prideful about, but it does please me that we (and they) were able to adapt to this environment. And it also pleases me to know we can live comfortably in our "starter home" without having to sacrifice our study/home office/library.
    Posted: 26 Nov 2011 08:38 PM PST
    "I spent a night this past weekend at a retreat with sixteen other women from church. Some headed to bed by 11:00, while others sat up hours later. Some burrowed under thick quilts and others wanted just a light sheet. Many drifted immediately off to sleep, while a few spent time reading to settle down. There were ear plugs and eye masks and I downloaded a white noise app to my iPod at 3:00 AM. Anyone attempting to implement one across-the-board sleep environment for the whole group would have made a good percentage of us completely miserable. We simply have different needs when it comes to sleep." Really good insight. I also like the part where only 16% of babies were sleeping ten or more hour stretches without waking at six months old. Makes me feel less lonely ;)
    Posted: 26 Nov 2011 08:35 PM PST
    I know I link to Ann Lowrey's blog all the time, but this post is both hysterical and insightful.
    Posted: 26 Nov 2011 08:32 PM PST
    I'm not such a fan of these type shoes for baby girls but for a boy.....LOVE. Gotta keep it classic, though...we got some at Target with baseballs and some at ON with turtles.

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