Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

So, I love reading people's What I Wore Wednesday posts and I've been saying I was going to do one, but I just never did it.  For a few reasons:
1. It does take some planning and you have to remember to, you know, take the pictures
2. It makes me a little nervous- like what if people don't like my style or whatever? Ha!

Anyway, I FINALLY decided to just do it and I took a picture EVERY day for a week.  Here's what I wore starting with last Tuesday:

Tuesday was "brown day" at MDO, so I just threw on a brown tee with jeans.  I added a fun headband to kind of liven it up.  Here's a weird quirk about me: one thing I love most about Winter is wearing trouser socks under my jeans and under my boots when I wear dresses.  I'm kinda obsessed.

jeans: Lucky brand
tee: Mossimo via Targe
shoes: old school Clarks
socks: Gap
headband: c/o of one of sister's closet cleanouts 

I wanted to share the kids in their brown, too.  Clearly they were not in the mood.  
romper: Remember Nguyen (she doesn't own anything more brown; we stay "babyish" as long as possible in these parts)
tee: gymboree via eBay (I love these little cotton "blouses" because they are cuter than just a onsie, but they snap between her legs so they don't bunch)
bow: eBay

romper: brand unknown (consignment buy)
onsie: Gerber
shoes: Old Navy (passed down from Sister)

I had my two Bible studies that day.  Since I wasn't going to be on the floor with kids, I took the oppurtunity to wear a dress.

dress: Free People (also a hand me down from Cookie)
boots: Tony Lama via eBay for an AWESOME deal because my foot is really small and nobody else bid on a 5 narrow-- I adore them

Playing with grimey toddlers, so it was back to jeans and a hoodie.  We took our family Christmas picture (or attempted to) and so I got redressed that afternoon.

jeans: Lucky
tee: Mossimo (Target)
hoodie: Mossimo (Target)
shoes: highschool Walabees again
jeans: Seven for All Mankind A Pockets via eBay
turtleneck: Old Navy
top: Blueheaven via TJ Maxx
shoes: black flats with rosettes from Gap (again for like $4 because I wear an unusual size)

We went to a craft fair, and I wanted to be cute, but comfortable.

jeans: Lucky
tee: another Mossimo
sweater: again Mossimo (I live for Tar-jay, apparently)
shoes: Xhilaration (oh my stars, more Target!)

I had a lingerie shower to go to that night, so I wanted to wear something a little different and fun!

dress: Free People (via TJ Maxx)
tee: Old Navy
boots: (of course) Mossimo

This is not my favorite church outfit, but it's easy and it works.  And if you need to breastfeed in the nursery supply closet (which has actually been made nicely accommodating to nursing mothers with a rocker and such), you go for things that are easy and that work.

turtleneck: Old Navy
skirt: black tweed with velvet trim Y*AT
boots: brand unknown (department store purchase from my college days)

We spent the day at home and I have the outfit to prove it.  Quintessential SAHM attire with yoga pants and all.

t-shirt: Target
pants: Old Navy
shoes: New Balance
sweet accessory in the lower left: probably initially acquired on a wonderful trip to Georgia in 2010

We had lunch with some wonderful friends.  I love dresses and it was still warm enough for something like this.

dress: Scrapbook (I LOVE that brand)
top: Old Navy 
boots: again with the Tony Lamas

Well, that was fun!  I hope y'all think these are fun to read.  I'm certain it won't be a weekly thing, but I do think it'd be fun from time to time. Maybe next time I'll clean the gunky spot of my mirror first!  Please let me know if you ever do one and I'll make sure not to miss it!


Kodi said...

I love this! Please do it again. You dress very similar to me with the boots and layering. I realllly love the last dress & the Tony Lamas! :)

Amy said...

you are so cute! i love your style! you look great!! :)

Katie Smith said...

your style is great, Denley! love it!

Healthy Branscoms said...

What a beautiful family and blog! :) I became a follower. Erin