Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weekly Smorgasbord

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Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:30 PM PST
"Right now, I can't adopt or be a foster parent. But you can." Convicting much?
Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:29 PM PST
I think this is so common- churches wanting to grow without making real changes
Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:27 PM PST
"Don't you think there are 'get holy fast' schemes just like there are 'get rich fast' schemes? Don't be taken by the gas station taquitos when you're on your way to a gourmet feast." This post was really, really interesting to me.
Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:25 PM PST
"Because you already know your stories. You've heard them a dozen times. But the coworker who is so sarcastic he's practically surly, you know that guy? He's going to cry at lunch when you ask him about how he's doing, because it turns out he's walking away from the wreckage of a second divorce, and he's exhausted carrying his story alone. It's really heavy. And he'd gladly share it with you if you weren't so focused on thinking it's all about you."
Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:24 PM PST
"During a recent daydreaming session I worried that people don't stare out windows anymore. How do we imagine bigger things if we aren't looking at the sky? We look down at a screen and just take other people's dreams and goals and try to pass them off as our own. Have we become too lazy to even dream our own dreams? I still daydream, today at the snow, and sometimes I wait for the uncomfortable to get me to finally bend but I do, I bow, and stretch, and comb this life out." Again, great writing from Steph.
Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:23 PM PST
"I practically hitch-kicked in our foyer on the day the unexpected package-o-potions arrived, and I thanked the Lord for sweet friends who spur us on to exfoliation and wrinkle prevention when it comes our skin care goals."
Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:22 PM PST
"Stop choosing the middle of the roadThere are way too many lame messages out there. Way too much crap for you to play it safe.We need you to be dangerous.Pick a side. Stand for something.Some will love you for it, and others will try to stone you.But.Please.Say.Something.You can be remarkable, or you can be mediocre. There is nothing else.You can tickle ears, or upset the status quo. You can infuriate, or earn passive dismissals.One will make you average; the other will make you a hero. But you have to choose." Yup.
Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:19 PM PST
I love lists like this. I still have lots of New Year's list posts in my Reader to plow through. Of these books, I'm interested in the first one, the Common Prayer book, and the second two parenting books. Too bad my bookshelf is way too full as is.
Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:17 PM PST
This is an interesting post that I filed away in case I needed it at a later date. Here's hoping he outgrows it, though.
Posted: 31 Dec 2011 08:16 PM PST
"I don't expect to enjoy mothering all of the time. I suppose the big thing with this is that I try to be gentle with myself if I'm not SUPER HAPPY HAVING FUN YAY MOTHERHOOD all of the time. That is unrealistic." "When they make a mistake, it's normal; when they need to be trained or taught, that's my job. If they knew it all, I wouldn't be needed." "I will fail in some way at mothering. And it's amazing how much the knowledge of that helps me...I have the realistic expectation that we all mess up our kids in some way and it's okay. They won't emerge from childhood without both of us well aware that I didn't do everything perfectly." LOVE this post. I think I need to tape it to my mirror.
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