Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Letter to (Eight Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

This has been one of those months where you have changed SO much.  You seem like such a little man these days.  You are a ham and we can't get enough of you!

You are getting so big.  You weigh about sixteen pounds and I'm afraid that the things I assumed you'd wear after Christmas have already been broken out.  You wear some six mo. things, lots of 6-9 mo. outfits, and a few 9 mo. rompers.  I can't believe our next stop is 12 mo.  stuff.  Slow down, baby boy!

You haven't shown much interest in crawling, but you roll all around to get where you want to go and you love to be sitting up most of the day.  Your little hands never stop moving.  If you're awake you are either grasping at the air or practicing your newest skill- clapping.  You do your little grabby thing extra fast when you get excited.

You have been "talking" more.  You've started making lots of new sounds and I love your little baby talk.  Your voice is so sweet. 

You are really starting to form strong bonds with people as your little personality develops.  Papa has been saying more and more what a fun age you are right now.  You are actually at one of my very favorite baby ages- you're very interactive but haven't reached true mobility yet.

Your sister is so in love with you, too.  Y'all just crack each other up and seeing the two of y'all interact is one of my greatest joys.  She loves to tickle you and thinks you are her baby doll, basically.  She imitates the noises you make and gets sad when it's time to put you down for a nap.  And you are smitten with her, too.  You laugh and coo the moment she begins talking to you.

One of the neatest things to see is how much your grandfather, Mickey, adores you.  He calls you "Bud" and he's always talking about how you will be his little fishing buddy.  The other day he was holding you and Cookie asked him if he was said he never had a little boy and he said "Well, I've got one right here".  He told Minnie that you just "pull his heartstrings".  I'm telling you honestly, Graves, I have never seen that side of him so strongly.  It's really the sweetest thing.

Graves, we are so thankful for you- your toothless grin, your bubbly laughter, and your sweet disposition.  I love watching you grow up and being your momma is such a privilege! 

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your pants are a 6 mo. but I'm unsure about your sweatshirt.  It's one Momma, Cookie, and Annie all wore as babies.

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