Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letter to (Thirty Two Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Annie,

Momma is about to start feeling a little silly with these letters still being titled by how many months old you are.  But Momma is also very compulsive, and I think I'm going to have to wait until you turn three to change it up and do them and your pictures in years and months.

Anyway, you are so much fun this month.  The main thing I'm loving is how your communication skills just keep expanding so quickly!  It's so much fun because now you hold full conversations with us and come up with so many original thoughts.  You love talking to Minnie on the phone and you ask to call her most nights right before you go to bed.

You say things like "What song is this, Momma?".  I tell you and you ask me if I like it and I say yes.  Then you tell me your favorite song!  You enjoy music SO much and Papa has found some really neat kids' cds by a band called They Might Be Giants.  The music isn't corny and it doesn't sound like kid music.  It's very bearable and it teaches important concepts, like colors, numbers, oh and the Periodic Table of the Elements.  Some of it's a little above your level but it's super cute when you respond "pentagon" when asked your favorite shape.

You and Baby Graves have started to take a much stronger liking to each other this month.  To be frank, y'all are pretty much obsessed with each other.  You love it when Papa holds him and chases you around and pretends like he is talking-- "I'm going to catch you, Sissy!".  Papa tells you all the time you are his princess and recently he told you Graves was a prince.  He pointed to him a little while later and said "Who is that?" Your response? "PRINCE BABY GRAVES!!!".  I fairly confident you think "Baby Graves" has a double name just like you do.

You two love to just sit on the floor and play together.  You like to talk to him and make him laugh and you get just giddy over the toothless grins you've learned how to evoke.  You've also started to treat him like your baby doll and you like to unzip his sleepers and take them off.  You told me one day it was because he was hot, but the next time I asked you said you wanted to tickle his tummy. And then you did just that and y'all both fell into fits of laughter!

You are such a sweet, precious girl and I cannot tell you the joy I take in spending my days with you!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your dress is a 24 mo. Oh, and that face you're doing? Is the exact face you make when you tee tee on the potty!

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