Thursday, December 8, 2011

Picture Post: Baby Jesus and Christmas Jammies (11.28.11)

I took some pictures recently of AP and Graves in some of their Christmas jammies.  I have to say I think blue is a great color on both of them.  I've always loved it on AP because it just looks so pretty next to her dark skin and features.  I put her in a lot of pink, but I think she's a "blue girl" at heart.  And with Graves it looks just beautiful with his eyes.  I rarely put him in any other color. I do have to note- Graves is wearing 12 mo. pajamas and Annie's are 18 mo.  He's trying to catch up to her!

During this particular photo op, they were enjoying Vol. 4 of their Read Aloud Bible Stories set.  I had Vol. 1 growing up and it got passed down to Ann Peyton and Peyton so loved the illustrations that he ordered her the other three volumes.  To be honest, we are all kind of obsessed with them.  I love Children's storybook Bibles that are unique and different!

Wow! Both looking at the camera!

I think she looks like  a little angel herself here!

Those eyes. Be still my soul!

Annie loved reading about the first Christmas!
So serious!

What a lot of partum Mary doesn't seem stressed at all!

I love seeing her expressions as she turns pages.

Somebody else wanted a turn to read...
He's very advanced! [Actually, at this age I was SO diligent about reading to Annie.  In typical second child fashion, I just don't do it as much with Graves.  I've been trying to be more intentional lately.]

Sissy is good at making sure he's well taken care of, though! 

And I don't think he's too neglected...
"Joy to the wold, the Lord is born!"


Katie Smith said...

they are just so cute!

Jennifer said...

They are adorable! I love that last picture! :)