Thursday, December 29, 2011

Joy to the World [Christmas 2011: Part 1]

Like I mentioned, we had kind of a weird Christmas (which was basically my fault and the fault of circumstances- the kids and everyone else did great!).  Anyway, also like I said, there were a lot of bright happy moments and the reason we celebrate Christmas is unchanging even in the ones that aren't bright and happy. I don't want to just skip over those fun, happy times and I'd be remiss to not share every one that I captured with you ;)
[Also, if you read my blog in a feed reader, excuse the trigger finger on the previous post.]

These first pictures are actually from "Christmas Eve Eve".  We went over to my parents' house for our usual Friday night beans and Annie ended up being able to participate in one of my favorite traditions, making the "Santy" cake.

The kids also enjoyed some story time with Minnie!

On Christmas Eve, we were back for more fun at the Perry house!

Annie and Cookie-- they've missed each other terribly since Cookie moved to Nash.

Mickey holding his "Bud".  Mick is the baby whisperer, for real. He does this by basically zoning himself out into such a relaxed state that he looks like he's asleep himself- "you have to relax your entire body."  While I'm sharing Mickey quotes, this assessment of Baby Graves's behavior is especially adorable- ""He studies an object intensely for a few minutes and then he attacks it veraciously". Um, yes, being a boy momma is a different beast entirely.

He made the transfer to the Pack N Play surprisingly easily and slept surprisingly well all night! And yes, he has a blanket and various other lovies and stuffed animals.  I would have flipped the heck out over the suffocation risk round one, but somehow I just felt like once he started picking his head up really well and rolling around it was okay.  I think Annie got a blanket at around eighteen months.  My anxiety is SO much better.

How stinkin' cute are these two?  Peyton and I were talking later about this sleeping sitch and I kept saying they were co-sleeping.  Peyton said it didn't count as co-sleeping because it wasn't part of a bigger parenting philosophy. It was a "one night co-sleep"...kind of like a one night stand.  Okay, dude, let's not talk about one night stands and our daughter in the same sentence EVER AGAIN, okay?
Yes, I know you've seen it three times, but here is our annual family pic in the Christmas jammies. They are all from Target or Target via eBay and I consider my life goal accomplished as we've possibly persuaded another family to do whole family matching Christmas morning pjs.  Also, these are a first for both children- they've never one had real pajamies like this, just sleepers and tight stretchy cotton sets.  They look SO grown!

We woke up and did presents for about an hour before we had to get ready for church and it was a bit too rushed for my tastes.  I think next year we'll do Christmas differently, even though it won't be on a Sunday, anyway.  We had asked my parents to TRY to be minimal in their gift giving as to preserve the true meaning of the holiday and they actually did better than I anticipated.

First, here's what we got the kids.  We actually did better than I had thought we would, too, but I think we're going to scale back even more next year.
Here's the big thing we got them- a gingerbread house to play in.  I got it off Zulily a while back and it's been the source of much happiness and joy.

We got Annie the stuff on the floor- two costumes that we bought on clearance for less than five dollars after Halloween, some adorable vintage inspired flashcards I saw on my friend Ashley's blog, and since the devotion I ordered didn't come in and I was determined to adhere to a Something You Want, Something You Need, Something to Wear, Something to Read gift giving stipulation as much as possible, I regifted a Bible I gave her last year and put in the attic because it wasn't entirely age appropriate. [I figured she "needed" the flashcards and wanted the playhouse.]   And that was it.  I was proud of us.

I had a harder time following the stipulations for Graves's Christmas and instead of Something to Wear he got Something to Shake. I also didn't get him anything to read- when the devo come in, I'm sure we'll all read it together. We got him a sippy cup (need), two lovies that aren't hand-me-downs from Annie (want), a rattle and some Christmas sheets for his big boy bed one day.

My mom found some neat things for Annie and Graves.  Here's Ann Peyton's stash:
She got a babydoll that goes in the tub (that we ended up taking back because she got a cuter one from someone else- do you think I've been vocal enough about her hatred/fear of the tub??), a picnic basket tea set, some cds, sidewalk chalk, several books, bedroom slippers, a Max and Ruby dvd, an owl sippy, and some Mr. Potato Heads. 

And here is Graves's:

Graves got some precious masculine things- his very own set of blocks, several books, a "dressy" train bib for church and other more formal affairs, some slippers (which AP promptly usurped), a teddy bear sandwich cutter, and a space ship sippy.

And here's everyone enjoying their presents on Christmas morning.  The playhouse was a big hit with Annie.

She refuses a bow and yet spends half the day holding her hair out of her face like this.

She was excited to have a visitor come a calling...

Another visitor...this place is just too much fun!

 Baby Graves (Big Boy Graves?? ahhh, my heart!) was enjoying some quality time with his aunt.

 Annie loved her ice cream costume and her tea set!

And books are always a hit.

 [This is a new face she does all the time- when she's mad, frustrated, or (as pictured here) contemplative.]

Graves enjoyed his rattle and his bear sandwich cutter.

And I'm hoping he'll have some success with the sippies since he really doesn't consider bottles an option.

Here's Peyton with some sheets I got for our bed.  I also got him a journal and a t-shirt from this site and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  My parents got him this cool hydration system for bikers.

I didn't even take any pictures of my gifts this year- my mom got me some jewelry and clothes (per my request for no more house stuff, there's just not room!) and Peyton got me a memory card for the camera because we've been arguing about it for months- he says just erase the things, but it makes me too nervous even with them backed up three places and he tried to find me some new slippers (occupational hazard, ya know?) but ran out of time.

So that was the first part of our Christmas.  Even though it was sort of frantic and crazy, it was spent with those we love and that's what is important.  I'm so blessed!

Joy to the world! the Lord is come;
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare him room,
And heaven and nature sing,
And heaven and nature sing,
And heaven, and heaven, and nature sing!


Carrie said...

The blanket thing cracks me up because Jude still doesn't sleep with one or (or anything else). I guess that's my "thing".... we all have something. Ha! Y'all are so cute in your jammies!

Ashley said...

Love reading about everyone's Christmases...I feel more connected to y'all! Loves.