Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekly Happenings #142 (November 28-December 4)-- In Praise of Good Grandparents

Last week was cah-razy. You may have noticed I was a little absent.  I felt a little absent from my MIND.  I don't know what it was- I did get on a weird schedule and stayed up way, way too late a couple of nights and then went to bed super early some others and I think that just messed me up.  I don't know what else, but I was sort of a wreck last week.  Like real emotional and stuff.  I could cry at the drop of a hat and I was really beginning to think that that old visitor that I HAVEN'T missed for the past fifteen or so months was on her way back.  That wasn't it, though, so it must have just been tiredness. Also, not a lot of pictures this week :(

We had a pretty normal week, but for some reason it felt busy even though it really wasn't.  I spent the first half feeling sort of sick and then the weekend was packed with fun wedding activities for my sweet college friend, Amanda, who got married on Saturday.  All our parents were really gracious and helped me by watching the kids a ton.  I love having both our parents here, but I never want to take advantage of that and ask them to babysit too much, so it's hard for me to not feel bad about piling it on.

 I slept a little late on Monday since Peyton was home.  He had a meeting mid morning so I got up and took a bath while AP watched Elmo and Graves tried to take a nap in his crib.  He couldn't fall asleep so I let him play while I dried my hair.  AP was wearing panties and she had an accident our bed, so I striped it and I had an early lunch.  I worked on putting another coat of paint on the cabinet and fed Graves his lunch and then Peyton got home. I nursed Graves and he fell asleep so I took a ton of stuff to the attic and spent about an hour up there organizing my stuff, kid clothes and presents for later. [Sidenote: TWO people in the past week have commented on how much time I spend in our attic just from what they've noticed reading these posts.  We do have too much stuff, but we also have terrible storage, so I try to make the most of it.]  Peyton went to work and I put AP down for a nap and she FINALLY took one!

  I got on the computer and then watched Lost and folded clothes.  Graves woke up and I played with him and then Annie woke up.  I took some pictures of them in their Christmas pjs and fed them dinner and then I put Graves to bed early.
  He had been pretty cranky after his nap.  He fussed really bad for about eight minutes and then konked out.  It's funny because a month ago I would not have been able to do that and I still don't think I could do a two hour CIO session, but I'm glad we're at the point where I can let him cry some.  Annie and I played and then I put her down. She took forever to go to sleep, but at one point she did go number two on the "big mode" so I was really happy.  I had had a pretty bad headache and it just kept getting worse and worse.  I watched more last and ate a corndog for dinner.  I still felt terrible so once AP fell asleep, I took a bath and just soaked.  I went to bed before Peyton got home.

Graves was up a bunch during the night and I felt terrible and Peyton had an awful cold and slept really bad, too.  It was a rough night.  We had MDO on Tuesday and I managed to get us all dressed up for "blue day" and out the door on time.  Well, I left the driveway and immediately knew something was wrong.  The Buick is old, but it shouldn't sound the way it was!  I knew immediately what it was- I had sort of driven a little off the road the other night and I had a bad flat.  I called Darlene to say we wouldn't be coming since Peyton had gone to the gym and then had an eye appointment.  Then I called him.  He reminded me that I could use the 4 Runner (my old car from high school which we basically keep to haul stuff around in).  I've never actually switched the car seats before, but Peyton's explained it lots of times.  I put AP in the car and put Graves back in the warm house in his seat and switched them.  He ended up not even being that late! We had a good day, but I was SO tired.  When we got home, I talked to Peyton and tried to take care of lining up babysitters for some stuff we had going on that weekend, made Graves an appointment to get the rest of his flu shot (they do it in two doses) and called the guy who is redoing our kitchen floor. We fed the kids lunch and got them down for naps and Peyton left for work.  I had lunch and got on the computer and then took a nice nap myself.  I was so thankful both kids took good ones!

Graves woke up first and he and I got ready because I had a sewing class that night.  I fed him and then woke AP up and got her dressed.  I dropped them off at my parents' house and got to the class a little early to buy some materials.  This was my third class and it was more like the first than the second- the second was relaxing and I felt confident.  In the first, I learned a lot, but it was rushed and overwhelming.  Anyway, I got back to my parents and nursed Graves (my mom had given him all the baby food I sent, plus another jar of applesauce, some rice cereal with half a banana and a little bit of avocado- whoa!).  Ann Peyton finally decided she wanted to eat something, too, so she and I ate some leftover beans and rice and then we headed home.  We got home late- late enough to see Peyton at 10:30.  He helped me secure the carseats better because I was paranoid and I felt like they had gotten a little loose since I put them in (not like the other day when they were flopping all over the car, though!).  We got the kids to bed and I cleaned up the house and did dishes and stuff for about an hour.  I got on the computer long enough to upload and organize some pictures and do some of the tiny edits I always do (fixing red-eye in the family picture and stuff) I was so tired and I wanted to fool around it some more, but at this point I just decided I'm not doing anything until I buy some software.  I went to bed after that, I was so tired and still had a bit of a headache.

Ann Peyton woke up around six on Wednesday and I felt so dizzy and weird.  I rocked her, got her some milk and snuggled with her in bed.  Graves woke up and I fed him and got him back to sleep and snuggled with AP some more.  She went back to sleep, too, and I texted Morgan to tell her we wouldn't be at Bible study.  As much as I wanted to go, I think we all needed some rest.  Several people, including Morgan, had to cancel, so we ended up just not having it anyway.  Graves woke up around nine and I felt SO much better.  I read some in Christian Believer and then took a bath and got AP up.  I dried my hair and put her in the bath.  She played and I fed Graves and got on the computer.  I finished up her bath (after she announced that she teeteed) and washer her hair in the sink.

We all had some "brunch" and I changed AP's bedding because her diaper had leaked.  Graves took a VERY short (like fifteen minute) nap and I loaded the diswasher and changed over laundry.  I went through a kitchen drawer and cleaned everything out and threw away half a dozen pens and highlighters that no longer wrote.  Graves woke up and he and Annie played and I emailed a couple of people and looked for something on eBay.  I also had a conversation with some random girl via text and then a phone call because she had texted me earlier in the week, saying "This is Ashley, I changed my number" and I thought it was my good friend Ashley.  Apparently, she had thought I was a good friend of hers, too. I asked her about Elements and she thought I was talking about hair extensions.  Hahaha!

Both the kids took an afternoon nap and I got on the computer for a bit and then Peyton got home and we all went to Bible study.  It was good and since other groups aren't meeting on Wednesday nights and there's no Wednesday night dinner, Darlene made soup.  She actually made two- one without dairy (wasn't that so sweet??).  We got home and put the kids to bed and I stayed up late working on my (WAY overdue) Weekly Happenings post and working on my blog design for December.  I didn't go to bed until really late.

I woke up super early on Thursday because I had taken the day off from MDO so I could go to a kids' clothes sample sale and also so I could get some stuff done since I was going to be in a wedding that weekend.  I went to the sale and was back and the kids and Peyton were still asleep (Graves was in the bed with him, ha!).  He was going to go work out with his brother, but it ended up not working out, so we all got ready (I went to the sale without a shower; I NEVER do that!) and then headed out to do a bunch of errands.  We went to pick up my bridesmaid's dress that had been altered and dropped by Batte to see my mom and then we had lunch at Broadstreet. We picked up some shoes at Helen's Young Ages that my mom had ordered for Graves and then we went by a flooring place to pick out the grout for our new floors.  We picked up a gift card for someone at Cups and Peyton got some ice cream at Bops (and I got a gross slushie) and then we went to Lowe's for some paint and to look for some storage bins for the recycling because we're supposed to sort it now. We also got some flowers for around the mailbox.

There was a girl working there that just could not get over how cute Ann Peyton's Christmas outfit was and asked me where I got it and everything.  After we left, Peyton asked me if maybe we should offer it to her for her little girl.  I felt so bad because it's one of my favorites, but I had just read a tweet by Beth Moore about her giving her daughter's favorite necklace to a lady who complimented it.  The outfit was probably my favorite of all of hers this year and I just really felt attached to it.  At the same time, I wanted to be selfless.  Peyton and I talked about it off and on all night and I felt so shallow for even making it such a big deal.  He also told me that the girl had on a necklace with pagan symbols, which of course made me feel even worse.  We walked to Babies R Us, just for fun since it's in the same shopping center.  It was kind of a long walk without strollers.  The onsies I wanted were really overpriced so we just came home.

Peyton planted the flowers around the mailbox and the kids were so cranky from not having naps, so I bundled them up and we went outside with him.  My mom came over and we visited and she helped me pick out what to wear to the rehearsal dinner the next day and Peyton left to go work out.  My mom stayed to help me with dinner and bedtime.  We fed them and got Graves to bed and then she left.  I straightened a lot and Annie played and then helped me pick up toys.  Peyton got home and did bedtime with her.  He fixed us B4D (breakfast for dinner) and watched a movie and I went to bed early. He emptied out the sunroom to get it ready for the floor guy.

We were supposed to meet the Howies for lunch on Friday, but since Elliot, the floor guys was coming, we had to cancel.  The kids both woke up early and Peyton left for work and I went ahead and got a bath, so I wouldn't be naked in the tub when the guy got there.  The kids played really well all morning.  AP always plays well independently, but she did even better that morning.  I finished the final coat on that cabinet I've been working on and did a bunch of dishes.  I also straightened up the den and a bunch of the stuff Peyton had brought in from the sunroom.  I cleaned Graves's highchair and did the recycling and ate breakfast. Graves took a nap and Ann Peyton played some more and then Elliot came over and unloaded all the bricks.  I talked to him and took AP's picture with PigPig and then Graves woke up.  

 [This is the exact face she makes when she teetees on the potty.  I had to go back and add that to the letter!]

Peyton had come up with a plan about the girl at Lowe's because I told him we didn't even know if her little girl could wear Annie's outfit.  If she was too old, it would be pointless and if she was younger I could just pass it along after Christmas.  Peyton had suggested I go up there and just ask how old her little girl was and tell her I was going back to the sale and would look for one for her (I got the outfit at the same sample sale I went to the day before, just a year earlier).  Well, I loaded the kids up and we went to Lowe's.  Bethany (I found out her name after talking to multiple other employees) wasn't working, but I did leave her a note next to where she clocks in.  I figured I had given it my best and if the Lord wanted her to have the outfit it would be done and I felt a peace about it finally. I looked for some Color Catchers, but they didn't have any and we ran into the mom of an old high school boyfriend of mine.  And Ann Peyton had SO much fun "driving" the big car in front of our cart so it wasn't a total waste!  We got home and I put her and Graves back down for naps.  I played on Twitter and then got ready to go to the rehearsal for the wedding I was in.

Peyton got home and I left pretty quickly.  The rehearsal went well and Peyton was going to meet me for dinner after he dropped the kids at my mom's house.  He called on the way and said he had fallen asleep. "Um, where were the children?". Oh, they had slept until 6:00, too.  It ended up working out because there was a cocktail hour before the dinner and so he wasn't really that late and they were at my parents' so late it was good they had long naps.  We did end up leaving early because Graves was melting down, but I got a chance to give a short little toast.  Peyton went on home and I picked up the kids.  That was actually one of the longest stretches Graves has gone without nursing.  Sadly, including nights.  At least I know he's capable of it!  It was 11:00 by the time I got them both in bed.  Peyton went to the grocery store and I ordered our Christmas cards, changed my blog design, and churned out a post.  We chatted and went to bed late, late, late.

We had a bridesmaids' brunch at 8:00 on Saturday morning so I got up and got ready.  Thankfully, you were to wear pajamas and no make-up, so I just got a shower, put on clean pjs and did some minimal make-up.  The breakfast was really good and it was fun hanging out with all the girls.  Peyton had to work, so my sweet mother in law came over to watch the kids.  I got gas on the way home and when I got home, they were both up and playing.  I gave Graves a bath and got stuff together for the wedding.  I had to leave the house at 10:45 and my mom came over to get Graves.  I nursed him and since she was going to come to the wedding, the plan was for her to bring Graves an hour early so he could eat again (I did give her lots more solids to hold him over). I got to the wedding venue (The South) and we all got dressed and took pictures and sat around and talked and ate snacks.  My mom got there, but bless her heart, downtown Jackson was a mess due to roadwork and a Christmas parade and she's about as good with driving/directions as I am (that is, TERRIBLE) and it took her a good forty five minutes to get there.  Thankfully, she had allowed plenty of time.  I fed him and shortly after, the wedding started.  It was a really sweet ceremony and I just love seeing each of my friends embark on the transforming journey of matrimony.  It's the best!

After the wedding, my mom and BG stayed for awhile and then I fed him one more time and they left.  I ended up leaving right before the bride and groom because my parents had a Christmas party to go to.  I called Peyton's mom to tell her I'd be on the way to get AP after I picked up Graves and she said Peyton was going to get her, but did I want to come over for supper since it had been such a long day and she didn't want me to have to cook anything. So sweet!  After I picked up Graves I headed over there and we ate and then came home.  Poor Ann Peyton had the hardest time going to sleep and she kept waking up Graves.  Finally, Peyton just put her in our bed and she feel asleep really fast.  We were both super tired and just being lazy parents at that point. I vegged out on the computer and started some laundry and then went to bed.

It was a long night between AP being in our bed and Graves deciding to wake up every couple of hours like a newborn.  I know y'all know that I make no claims he sleeps through the night, but this was unlike him.  I'm not sure if it was teeth or something I ate or what, but it was rough.

I woke up Sunday morning before either of the kids and my allergies were awful again.  I could hardly breathe.  I took some medicine and decided to let the kids be my alarm clock.  Typically, I wouldn't do that on a Sunday but I was exhausted and more importantly, I knew they were exhausted.  They ended up waking up in time for us to make it to the late service and Peyton washed Annie's hair in the sink before he left for work.  I popped her her in the tub, got my bath and got myself and them ready and we left.  Church was nice-- I love singing Advent/Christmas songs!  We got home and AP wasn't hungry, so I fed Graves and put them both down for naps.  Annie took a long time to go to sleep and right when she did Graves woke up.  They did both stay in the room together during his nap, though!  I got on the computer and ate lunch and when Graves woke up I snuggled with him and watched Lost and folded clothes.  Elliot, the floor guy, came over to check the bricks to see if the grout had dried and I talked to him a little and scrubbed some of the spots where I had gotten the blue paint I used for the inside of the cabinets on the white part.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist ;) Annie woke up and we played some and then I put Graves to bed a little early and Peyton got home. 

I cooked some chili and Peyton made a Key Lime pie and then Graves woke up.  He wouldn't go back to sleep, so we let him stay up for about an hour.  Peyton left to go hang out with his brothers and I finished making my chili and put the kids to bed.  To be honest, I was a little irritated with him because he ASKED me when I'd like for him to go and I said I'd prefer he wait until the kids were in bed and then he just went ahead because it worked out better.  It wouldn't have mattered, though, anyway because it was 10:30 before both of them were asleep.  They both kept waking each other up and AP went to the potty about a million times.  UGH.  Peyton got home and helped me with them and we went to bed at a reasonable time.

I'm glad there is significantly less on the agenda this week!  It's been kind of low key and I think that's going to continue for awhile, thankfully!

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Amy said...

i've missed reading about all the happenings of your family! :) truth be told, i've been so busy i've had to either blog or read, but not both. i've felt like i've been lacking in my blogging and once i get far enough behind, it feels impossible for me to catch up (silly, i know...but still).
and, I LOVE the way graves is looking at ann peyton in the picture in your header (w/the white smocks on) SO PRECIOUS!!!