Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weekly Happenings #143 (December 5-11)-- Entering the Construction Zone

Last week was kind of crazy.  With the floors being redone, Christmas coming up, and the week's normal activities it felt really busy.  Annie has been fighting me about naps and bedtimes and that just makes the days long.  And on top of that, we've had to keep the kids out of the living room because all the stuff from our kitchen and sunroom is piled in it.  It's no fun limiting them to our room and the nursery, so I tried to get us out a lot!  This current week is our last week of MDO for the year and while I have some fun things this week, I'll honestly be really glad for next week when we can just breath!

Monday started out good, but it got a little rough by the afternoon. Graves woke up around eight and I was so happy because he only woke up once between that that morning and ten the night before (and he woke up because AP was fussing).  I got up and fed him and took a bath and dried my hair and then we got AP up.  We played a little and then I put him down for a nap and cleaned up our disaster kitchen.  Peyton had put the food up from dinner the night before but that was the extent.  I just hate waking up to dirty dishes!  Anyway, I took care of them and took out the trash and then I realized it was time to get ready for lunch.  I had to wake Graves up and we ended up running late.  Luckily, the Howies were, too!

We went to Primos and it was really good.  Ann Peyton decided she wanted to sit in the booth with Ms. Carrie and Aubrey not the one with Momma and Baby Graves.  Ha!  They were sweat and made room for her!  She also surprised me by asking to "go to the bathroom" (it was also surprising that she used such nice etiquette in her wording) even though she was in a diaper.  She did teetee, but we had to make about three trips over the course of an hour.  Girlfriend got her momma's small bladder genes ;) We got home and played some and then attempted naps.  Graves was out like a light once I fed him, but AP was another story.  Not only did she not want to sleep, but she kept needing to go to the potty. It wouldn't bother me at all, but , at this point, I have to help her every time with wiping (sorry if that's TMI) and washing her hands. Anyway, I was trying to upload some pictures to Flikr and that was frustrating me and I also realized that I've spent hours on it and uploaded hundreds of pictures and it's probably 5% of our stuff, if that.  Whew.  Anyway, I was so frustrated and then she woke up Graves.  I was just so irritated.  Usually if they skip naps or whatever, I can deal with it.  I was just being selfish and wanting some "me time".

It really upset me how mad I got about it.  I'm used to dealing with strong sad feelings from time to time, but I've never really had a hard time with strong angry ones.  Until now.  My blood was just boiling and it was over nothing.  I seriously wanted to throw Peyton's iPad out a window and when I envisioned telling him about it, I was saying "at least it wasn't one of your kids".  Um, woah.  I turned on a movie for AP and just tried to relax.  Peyton got home and I told him about my day and how upset I was.  In typical Peyton fashion, he suggested I go exercise.  Maybe if that was something I was in the habit of doing, I would go for it, but I did not feel like starting a new routine.  Ha!  He also mentioned seasonal depression from not getting enough sunshine.  Also, typical Peyton.  Anyway, I went and worked on the pictures some more and then when he went to the gym we all loaded up to go to my parents' house.  My mom had already invited me before she knew I was having a bad day because she was making chicken pot pie for herself and my dad and she knows I love it, so she made me a full pie to eat and take home!  We had a good visit and I felt MUCH better when I got home.  I asked Peyton to go get AP from the car when I got home and he said he didn't have shoes on and I was kind of ugly about it.  He got upset (understandably) and I felt so awful again!  He put the kids to bed and I just kind of moped.  We made up and I got on the computer for a bit and then went to bed.  Not the best day, but it could have certainly been worse.

On Tuesday we had Mother's Day Out and Peyton helped me get the kids ready.  We got there a little late and then I spilled AP's cereal all over the floor and the pants she was wearing were too big.  It ended up being a good day, but a busy one!  We were taking pictures of all the kids individually and in a group and working on some holiday crafts.  We're not as intense as some of the other MDO's in town and are not ones to do a craft every week.  Ha!  Ann Peyton did have a bit of a rough day and I'm not sure what the problem was.  She opened the door in the gym (I would not have thought she was capable) and ran out it after I told her to stop pushing it.  I think running away like that is a safety issue, so she got a spanking.  As we were packing up, she just threw a fit because she wanted to go in the lunch room.  I was put her in time out and then just tried to distract her and told her to follow her little friend.  Once we were outside the church, the little boy (who is older than her and whose mom allowed it) took off running.  Well, she took off, too.  I spanked her again for letting go of my hand and when I did her little body shook a little bit.  It upset me so much because I've never seen such a physical reaction, but I know I didn't do it hard or in anger, so I guess she was just shocked.  Anyway, when we got to the car she told me "I was following Chapel, Momma".  I felt bad because I had told her to, but when I discussed it with Peyton he said that I did the right thing.  I think Mr. Anti-Spanking isn't as hardcore when it comes to a real live toddler.  Theories are great, but....

We got home and I ate a quick bowl of soup and then my dad came over and we loaded the kids in Peyton's car and Daddy and I rode in my 4Runner to get our Christmas trees!  I meant to get pictures, but the kids only got out of the car for a few minutes because it was really cold and raining.  UGH.  We got home and got our tree in and then Peyton left with my dad to take their tree to their house (they get a ten foot, two hundred pounder).  I put the kids down for naps, but they neither one could go to sleep.  I let Graves fuss a little bit and tried to rock him and nurse him again.  He was so tired, but he couldn't fall asleep and AP kept up her same bathroom routine from the day before.  I decided I was just going to have to make a potty rule and limit all this.  Peyton was on his way home and an alarm went off on my phone to remind me that Graves had a doctor's appointment IN TEN MINUTES.  He had taken the carseats out of my car, so he had to take him (I can't drive standard- it's on my to-do's).  Annie just played and I spent about an hour straightening around the house- changing over laundry, distributing things to different rooms, going through a few piles and filing some things.  Peyton and Graves got home and we all hung out and played and talked. We put the kids to bed and had hot dogs for dinner.  I got on the computer and then went to bed.

Wednesday was, honestly, exhausting!  We were supposed to go to Bible study and I got up and got a bath and then chatted with Peyton a little.  Graves woke up while we were chatting and Peyton helped me give him a bath and get AP ready.  We were set to go and I spilled something in the kitchen and realized that the car seats were still not back in my car.  We were running a little late and I decided we should just stay home because we had a lot going on.  Peyton was off and he was already working on scraping up the laminate flooring in our kitchen.  I went to Chik Fil A and got us some breakfast and we ate and I fed Graves and then got a package ready to mail for a book swap.  I ran some errands while Graves napped and AP watched a movie and Peyton worked in the kitchen.

I went to the post office, the bank and the grocery store. I got home and Elliot was there working.  I immediately starting making chili- I was making three batches, one for some neighbors who just had a baby, one for our small group that night, and one for Morgan because when I had talked to her that morning she had told me how she was having a rough time with her youngest's sleep schedule at night.  I know how hard that is, so I wanted to help in a little way!  I cleaned up the kitchen and started my dessert and then the butter I melted exploded in the microwave.  I got that cleaned up and unloaded and loaded dishes and at that point Elliot was laying brick right by where I was standing.  Peyton had given AP a bath and was playing with the kids, so I helped him put them down for naps and then he went and got us lunch from Newks.

We read our Christian Believer lesson and then woke AP up.  We took her to my my parents because there was no nursery since our is the only group meeting and then dropped of the chili with Morgan and headed to church.  We had a good lesson and the food was good, another girl in our group brought a yummy pasta salad and rolls.  We picked up Annie and got home and put the kids to bed and then we moved the rest of the stuff out of the kitchen and Peyton finished pulling up the flooring.  I got on the computer for a few minutes for the first time all day and then went to bed.

I woke up freezing on Thursday and Peyton went to check the heat and realized it was broken. We had MDO and I actually made it on time in spite of the redic state of our house and waking up a little late. Peyton left for work right before us.  He called me around 8:30 to tell me that he had bad news- he had driven to Byram and realized he was supposed to work the afternoon shift.  I was so bummed because Carrie and I had a girls night planned.  Peyton called his parents, but they couldn't babysit and I felt like I had asked mine way too much.  I called around and ended up getting the teenaged daughter of a family friend to do it.  We stayed for lunch at MDO and then rushed home so I could do a few things.  I vacuumed in the bedrooms and changed AP's sheets to some really fun Christmas ones and put fresh ones in the crib, too.

 [stocking sheets!!!]

I put the kids down and then left to buy a few things at the grocery store to leave with the sitter (baby MumMums and processed snacks for Annie).  I tweeted that I was breaking all my recycling, tv, and processed food rules this week (we actually eat WAY more processed stuff than we should, but I try to keep it away from the children).  Anyway, Peyton left for work (again) and while they took a nap, I did dishes, changed over laundry, swept, and straightened.  I just couldn't leave my house super dirty, even for a highschool kid.  Elliot got ready to leave and I was going to move my car so he could get out and right then Annie started fussing about a dirty diaper.  I changed it and I knew I couldn't trust her to stay in bed, especially if she heard me go out the door and crank the car. That kind of situation just makes me nervous (that somehow she'd get out of the house or hurt herself inside) and so I bundled her up in a sleeper (she always sleeps in nothing but a diaper even in the Winter now) and strapped her in her car seat and moved my car.

Graves woke up shortly after that and I fed him and then he played while I put up laundry in our room.  Annie never did go to sleep so I got her up and then I played with them and got ready.  I got ready way early and got them some snacks together and it was SO nice not being in a huge rush.  Emily, the babysitter, got here and we talked some and I explained everything and then Carrie got here to pick me up.  She also brought a few of Jude's diapers because AP was on her last one and I though it might be a bit much to ask the babysitter to do panties or cloth dipes.
 [I set up a little snack for them and left it on our bed!]

  We left and went to Julep for supper.  I had strawberry pecan salad and a cup of tomato basil soup.  SO good!  We went by Starbucks afterward.  It was so much fun to get to talk without any precious little distractions!  When I got home, Emily had Graves asleep and was watching a movie with AP.  I was worried it would be rough, since they are so not used to non family members keeping them and since they could really only play in the nursery and our bedroom.  Emily said AP was great, though, and Graves was one of the easiest babies she had ever kept.  WOW!  I was really happy to have found someone I trust for when our parents aren't available.  Putting Annie to bed was a little hard.  I think she was just overly tired and wound up.  She finally went to sleep and I blogged and got on the computer.  I tried to put more pictures on Flikr, but it was taking forever.  Peyton had said he thought it was going to be too much of a time suck and I should just get multiple hard drives.  I did my Beth Moore study and went to bed.  Graves slept through the night that night!

Friday was rough.  I woke up with a bad headache and it really didn't get better all day.  Peyton had a meeting at church so he watched the kids until he had to leave.  I got up and played with them and took a bath.  I fed Graves his applesauce and gave him a bath and then put him down for a nap and snuggled with AP while she watched Elmo.  Peyton got home and took both kids to the park and to get my oil changed and I took a nap.
[Getting ready for the park]

  He got home and got ready and left for work and I fed the kids lunch and put them down for a nap and then took a nap myself.  When they woke up, I got us all ready and we dropped some chili off with the neighbors that just had a baby and headed to my parents' house.  We got home and I put the kids to bed and got on the computer to type up our Christmas letter and then went to bed myself.

I felt SO much better on Saturday. Graves slept through the night again and I felt rested and relaxed.  He woke up first and I fed him and popped in the tub as Peyton was leaving for work.  I was able to finish getting ready before AP got up. Once she got up, we had breakfast and I gave her a bath.  I put Graves down for a nap and she played in the study some while I uploaded more pictures to Flikr.  I hardly ever let her play in the study (it's not baby proofed at all) and there were several tubs to go to the attic.  She just sat on top of one and read her book for awhile.  Yes, I do let her sit (but not stand) on storage boxes.  After that, she watched a video and I folded and put up a couple of loads of laundry in our room.
 [Yes, I let her play in the Exersaucer.  She was so bored. Actually, I let her in it whenever Graves is not in it.  Choosing my battles.]

  I woke up Graves and we got ready to go to the Natural Science Museum. I decided maybe I should take the double stroller a friend had lent us, but it needed cleaning a bit.  After I unfolded it, I thought maybe we should just take one for Graves and AP could walk the whole time (Peyton swears that's easier).  She was really excited about the stroller, though, so I vacuumed and cleaned it quickly. We all loaded up and drove the the museum.  We had a good time and spent about an hour there.
 [I got my first "twins comment".  I think it was the double stroller.  "Um, no sir, he's eight months and she's two and a half".]

 ["Momma, what's that boar talking 'bout???"]

After we left, I let Annie eat some Nabs I brought and fed Graves some baby food.  It was kind of chilly outside but I really wanted to just drop them in bed when we got home.  They ate and we loaded back up.  Graves's car seat had come loose and I worked on fixing it for five minutes while he screamed.  [I talked to Peyton later and he said that is happening way too much and we should probably not use the car seats in my 4Runner anymore and really it would be best for me to learn to drive his car (it's a standard) because it has a LATCH system.]  Anyway, I got it and was feeling so good about myself for taking them alone, feeding them lunch, and fixing the seat.  Well, we got home and AP hadn't been buckled in at all.  I was SO upset. I put the kids down and got on the computer for a few minutes and then I fixed myself HALF of a chicken pot pie and some Debbie snack.  Yes, I can certainly eat my feelings.  I watched Lost and folded laundry and then I got ready because we were ringing bells for the Salvation Army at the grocery store.  I got the kids up and got them ready and Peyton got home and we immediately left.

It went better than I expected.  Peyton rang the bell the whole time and the kids and I alternated between "helping" him and just enjoying driving one of the fun cars attached to the grocery carts inside the store.
 [He adores her.]

 [And she feels likewise about him.]

Graves had a TERRIBLE diaper and I had to take off his onsie and just let him wear his little jacket without one.  After we left the Kroger, one of Peyton's coworkers was having a party, so we went to that.  We got home pretty late and put the kids right to bed.  I got on the computer and rewatched a Christian Believer video and went to bed.

We had a nice relaxing Sunday.  We woke up and got ready and went to Sunday School and late church.  Our class is going through the book, The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem.  It's a really good close up perspective of the Christmas story.  It was so interesting and Peyton and I are really enjoying it.  After church, we went to one of our favorite restaurants in Brandon, Annie D's, for lunch.  We came home and all attempted naps, but I don't think anyone really got much sleep.  We let the kids snuggle in our bed a bit and then we got all bundled up and headed to the new park right across the street from our neighborhood.  I need to bring my camera next time because it is FABULOUS.  We had a blast and had to drag Annie away kicking and screaming....literally.
[Peyton put on her bonnet backwards.  She was having so much fun, though!]

 [This is one of my all time favorite BG pics.]

We went by Target and I got a Peppermint Hot Chocolate for me and Peyton at the Starbucks and some chocolate milk and new sippy cups for it to go in (they are actually really boyish...they were so cute and I wanted to get some that weren't just plain for when Graves gets to them, ha!).  I forgot to tell them to use soy in my hot chocolate until the last minute and when I got to the car I realized they hadn't added the peppermint.  Peyton was so sweet and went back in to get it fixed.  We drove around and looked at lights and then dropped by my parents' house for a few minutes and came home and put the kids right to bed.  I was SO tired, I climbed in bed myself before ten.  It was a good thing I did because Graves was up seriously every hour of the night.  It was one of his worst nights EVER and I'm not exaggerating.

We've already been to the doctor and it's not the ears.  He does have a yucky little cold, but I can't figure out how that would keep him up like it did.  Maybe a cold plus teeth?  He's been drooling buckets for months and I can't see or feel anything, so who knows?  He seems to be doing much better. I guess we'll see this week.

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amanda said...

I know that you enjoy reading differing opinions and a friend of mine, a former colleague who was a fellow hospital chaplain and ordained minister, wrote this post about his decision to do Santa with his daughter. Whichever way people chose to end up, I'm thankful people are thinking about it a little more instead of spoon feeding their children cultural norms without regard for how they impact, either positively or negatively, countercultural christian values.

Here's the link. He's a bit wordy sometimes ;)