Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weekly Happenings #144 (December 12-18)-- Bedtime Nightmares

 [Peyton is forever asking me to use ridiculous outtakes like this, but I'm really compulsive and I can hardly put a picture up if his arm isn't around me the same exact way it usually is.  It's a problem, y'all.  Anyway, this week it seemed appropriate.  And yes, this is week two of a family picture featuring our kitchen table.  I learning patience. Last bit of commentary on this picture- does AP not look a bit like a sorority girl with that Colonel Rebel cup? Thank goodness that's just grapes she was partying with!]

Anyway....We haven't had any legit nightmares this week, but nap time and bedtime has definitely been truly nightmare-ish in the figurative sense!  I had probably the singularly hardest night of my parenting life (not overstating) on Monday and Ann Peyton really struggled with naps.  Graves had two nights where he was just beyond consolable (one because he was sick and one because I inadvertently ate something with dairy, I think).  He has started sleeping through the night pretty consistently and I'm so thankful for that.  I know he's eight months old and it's time, but y'all- he did it with NO intervention.  It was just like one night he did it and here we are.  Anyway, all that to say it was a rough week on all sleeping fronts and I really made it worse on myself because with them taking forever to get to bed and taking sporadic naps, I couldn't get as much done and stayed up way too late a lot of nights.  Add to that the mess that is our house and there were a couple of days I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. Of course, we had some wonderful, sweet moments, too,and I'm (slowly) learning that the holidays are just going to be very different with two small children!

We had a super hard night Sunday and I was so thankful AP slept until nine on Monday since Graves had us seeing every hour of the clock all night.  We got a slow start and poor Graves spent most of the morning continuing to howl. I felt so bad for him.  I got a bath and got dressed and then spent about an hour cleaning up our disaster kitchen while Peyton bathed AP and played with Graves.  I fed Graves and put him down for a nap and did a few things around the house.  We all had lunch and then Peyton left for work and I got everyone ready and dropped AP off at Peyton's mom's house and took Graves to the doctor.  I adore my pediatrician, but he is thorough, so it takes a while to get in and out.  I got there at two thirty and we left about two hours later.  Anyway, basically he had a bad cold.  We did get him weighed (sixteen pounds) and I talked to him about how bad he's scratching his neck and ears (steroid cream for dry skin) and about the weird thing that happens when he's laying down and trying to do a "sit up" (it is, in fact, a hernia, but not something to worry about until he's two at which point, if it isn't gone, we'll contact a surgeon), and finally his crazy, grabby hand movements (not ADD or autism and also not an issue at eight months, but maybe if he does it as a toddler).  So, whew! Wish I could just opt out of our nine month well baby since Dr. Denney basically did it!

After we left, I picked up something for the floor from Jimmy Lyles and then drove through Chik Fil A.  They forgot my mayo, so I ended up stopping at home, running in and refixing my sandwich and then going to get AP.  I visited a bit with the Herringtons and then we came home.  I had really thought we wouldn't leave the house on Monday and we ended up with our tails in the road from lunch time until after dark.  I can't lie, I'm a planner so I was a irritated, but at least I was full and had healthy baby and bonus! AP had a wonderful time playing with her grandparents and cousin!

We got home and I fed Graves solids (for the first time that day-whoops!) and gave him a bath.  I took his monthly pictures (a joy with his mood) and put him to bed. 
[I love the Christmas backdrop.  I wish I had used it for Annie's, too.  Oh well, there's always next year.  Because, more than likely, I will be doing this to her when she's three and a half.]

AP was being a handful, but she helped me clean up in their room, so I let her watchhates him getting in her space in her bed...it's so weird but I think it's because he gets in there and annoys her (tickling her and such). Anyway, I think the whole situation really broke his heart and I told him we needed to discuss it because time out didn't seem to be helping and neither did just rocking her or laying down with her.  I'm not sure a spanking would help either, though, because I did do the shoulder pinch and all it did was frustrate her.  Sometimes it does work, but in this case I think she was just so tired and worked up a spanking might have put her over the edge even more.  I did manage to fix some spaghetti for supper.  I cleaned up the kitchen and then stayed up late working on Baby Graves's monthly letter.

Tuesday was, thankfully, much more typical.  Of course AP was a little cranky from not getting enough sleep but we had a good day at Mother's Day Out.  I brought lunch so I wouldn't have to feed her when we got home and I could put her straight down for a nap.  I ended up talking to Darlene and Daniel, or associate pastor, in the parking lot for a good while and AP feel asleep before we even left the church.  Of course, when we got home, she didn't really want to get back in bed.  I told her she had to, but I did fix her some juice.  Graves took a great nap and she stayed in bed for a while.  I got on the computer and found some last minute gifts for Peyton and then watched Lost and folded laundry.  She got up and I worked on laundry some more and then Peyton got home.  I fixed a dessert and we got ready and went to the nursing home where our Ultreya group was caroling.  It was fun and AP was a hit with the "elders" as they call them.  
 [This sweet lady wooed Annie with her bag of potato chips. The way to this girl's heart is through her tummy, for sure!]

Afterward, we had a little party where people brought all different kinds of soup.  We got home and put the kids right to bed.  I got on the computer and really worked on a couple of posts for the first time in what seemed like forever.  I uploaded pictures and put some on Flikr and then went to bed.

I woke up early on Wednesday to feed Graves and then he fell back asleep and Peyton and I chatted and then he woke AP up and washed her hair for me and then left for work.  I got us all ready for Bible study and we headed to it.  It was our last one of the year.  It was good and I stayed a bit and talked and then we came home.  AP feel asleep in the car again and sabotaged her nap.  I made her rest in bed for about an hour and tried to get Graves to nap, too.  Neither one did.  I wasted time on the computer and once they got up we all had a snack/lunch.  Peyton got home and I got things together and we dropped them off at his parents' house and went to our Christian Believer group.  It was a good discussion and then we picked up the kids and came home.  We moved furniture and stuff back in the sunroom and completely cleaned out the laundry room.  I cleaned up the kitchen and got on the computer and then went to bed.

Thursday morning came early!  It was our last day of MDO for the year!  Peyton had the day off, but he got up and helped me get the kids ready (after he ran to the store at 6:30 to buy the sweet tea I was supposed to bring to our party after school).  Anyway, it was a crazy day, but a relatively good one.  Annie wasn't near as disobedient/whiney, but she was really clingy and kept wanting me to hold her and refused to let anyone else take her to the bathroom.  After MDO, we all went over to Darlene's house for lunch.  We had a good time, but one of Graves's teachers, whom I ADORE, announced she wouldn't be coming back.  It was really sad and there were lots of tears.  I kept AP awake in the car asking her all about the Christmas story- "And tell me again, WHO was Jesus's momma?" "And who was his papa?" (I let that go with "Joseph", but Peyton later asked her "And who else?" and then told her God.  Big concepts for little people!).

I got home and put the kids down for naps, but Graves couldn't fall asleep.  Peyton took him for an ice cream run and then got him to sleep.  I wasted a bunch of time on the computer and Annie woke up later than I planned.  Peyton was taking a nap, too, so we woke him up and we all went to Chik Fil A for supper (mainly because Peyton had promised AP a trip to the park and it was just to dark and wet and he's big on keeping promises).  We ate and played and dropped Peyton off at the gym.  His brother brought him home and then they loaded up all the old laminate pieces that the garbage men left to go haul to a dumpster themselves.  While he was gone, I unpacked all our stuff from MDO (presents and such) and straitened up a bit.  Annie tried to feed Graves some applesauce I left sitting out and also spilled chocolate milk in her purse(??) and on the floor.  I got those messes cleaned up and kind of picked up their room and put up laundry.  I gave Graves a bath after I fed him the applesauce and then we got ready because Peyton wanted to go ahead and take my Buick to the tire place since we've been meaning to do that for over a week. We all loaded up and did that, got gas, and went by Sonic.  It was super late when we got home.  Graves fell asleep easily, but AP fought it.  I was really proud of her because while she did fuss a lot (which we're trying to encourage her not to do since she's sharing a room with Graves), she didn't get out of bed one time.  I used a calm voice and told her from the very beginning that if she got out she would go "straight to time out".  I read my Bible some and got on the computer and finished a post and just caught up on blogs and stuff.

Friday was a good productive day.  Peyton and I got up early and got the kids up and dropped my 4Runner off at another car place because it was leaking oil and then headed to my parents' house for showers since our hot water heater was in our garage while the floors were being redone :( The plumber was supposed to put it back in Friday afternoon, but we ended up having to wait until Monday.  Anyway, we visited for a little while and then came home for early naps.  Both kids were tired and I took a nap, too.  Peyton went to lunch with a pharmacist friend and I got on the computer and started addressing Christmas cards.  Peyton got home and we woke up Annie (Graves was up already) and picked up the key to the Buick and then went and got the 4Runner and ran by the post office for stamps.  Peyton took AP and went to the grocery store for a few things and Graves and I drove through the bank and went back to my parents' house to get MonkMonk, who got left that morning.  We came home and picked up the Buick and then I cooked dinner while Peyton played with the kids.
  [Annie in her bee pajamas that came with a matching tutu- so fun, right? She picked out her Missoni shoes and ski cap to go with them.  Also pictured: the new floors, sans sealer. (The sun room has been sealed already, see the difference?)]

I cooked this Cajun Shrimp Casserole.  It was good, but kind of time consuming and I forgot one thing I needed and had to send Peyton to the store once the kids were in bed.  Actually, it was white wine and since we live in a dry county he had to go to a neighboring one, ha!  Anyway, it was good, but next time I'm going to add less cayenne pepper because it was SO spicy! Peyton went out for drinks with his brother and I messed around on the computer and cleaned up the kitchen.  I put some pictures on Facebook and read blogs and Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

Saturday was a nice, relaxing day.  Graves woke up around seven thirty when Peyton left and I nursed him and then snuggled and played with him in bed.  AP got up around nine and we watched some Elmo and then I put Graves down for his nap.  Annie and I rested a little more and then Elliot came over to seal the floors.  They weren't dry yet, though, so he left and when Graves woke up we got ready and headed to my parents' house for baths.  My mom was working, but we had a nice visit with my dad and then I took a bath and gave both of the kids one.  We got home and AP took her nap with absolutely no protest.  So nice!

Graves had a hard time falling asleep, but he slept for awhile once he finally did.

 [Y'all: that lip.  I am in love.  There was a time I really thought I'd never love him as much as AP (I can admit it now), but sometimes I look at him and I think "You are perfect.  Don't ever change." and I can't even comprehend how much I adore him.]

 I watched Lost and folded laundry and got on the computer.  When they woke up, we just played in their room and I put up clothes.  Graves was pretty fussy.  When Peyton got home, he played with AP and fed her supper while I got Graves to bed.

 [She's such a good eater- that's a salad she was eating.  As long as it's got Ranch, she loves a good salad!]

We put Annie to bed and then Graves was up again.  He was screaming so loud and I could hear the gas in his tummy.  I still can't figure out what I ate, but I'm sure it was my fault :( He went to sleep again finally and I got on the computer, wrapped a present and baked a dessert for a party the next day, worked on a sewing project, packed up some stuff to go to the attic, and watched more Lost. I went to bed way late, even for me.
[This makes me sad.  Also, see again: SD is insane. See that detailed labeling? absurd! I am thinking that the baby cousin arriving in a several months will benefit not only from my compulsive shopping, but my compulsive organizing. Ha!]

We got up early Sunday and took cold baths (yuck!).  I jumped in and out in less than a minute and washed my hair in the sink.  We went to early church because Peyton was assisting with children's church and we got there early because we still had about twenty hymnals in the car from the when we sang at the nursing home.  We went to Sunday school and then headed to Target to buy some diapers for Graves and then home to change clothes.
 [One of last year's outfits.  It's a 12-18 mo. for anyone curious.]

We loaded back up and went to our Sunday school class Christmas party.  So fun, but so much yummy dairy :( After the party we came home and I took a nap after we put the kids down.  When I woke up, we went over to my parents' house because they were having beans and rice since they had Christmas parties and stuff on Friday.  My mom was a little under the weather, but we had a nice time visiting with Mickey.  We talked about his morning Bible study time and that was interesting- he said he always tries to pick things that he's interested in and doesn't know enough about.  Lately, he's been examining John the Baptist and Pontius Pilate.  Peyton and I also both took baths over there, ha! We got home and I was still feeling tired and yucky, so I went to bed after I got on the computer for a few minutes.

I'm glad Christmas is almost here.  I still haven't mailed Christmas cards and I decided yesterday that there was just no way we were going to decorate at all and if our house is remotely back to normal by Sunday it will be a Christmas miracle.  I'm still glad we did the project this way (we saved a ton of money and Elliot is so friendly and accommodating), but it has been a process, to say the least.


The Taffs said...

I love the out-take! Cute!!!

Amy said...

our bedtimes have been the same...maybe it's something in the air?! it's awful and i hate feeling so frustrated at bedtime thinking that's the last thing libbi sees that day. it's hard though!
and my word....graves is your twin!! he is precious!
ps - are ap's shoes on the wrong feet in that last pic? haha! just adds to the toddler charm :)