Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weekly Happenings #145 (December 19-25)-- Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night

 Last week was weird, as I shared here.  It wasn't terrible or anything, but it wasn't like any other Christmas and I just felt tired and frazzled and by the time Sunday rolled around I was kind of over it.  I'm so glad the kids were too young to really notice and they enjoyed the day! [Oh and for anybody that thinks it's weird I'm super tired and hormonal (Carrie Howie), I made Peyton pick up a test last night just in case...one line, no worries ;)]

Monday was kind of weird- one of those days where you feel like you just can't accomplish one thing.  Graves got up around eight and I fed him and played with him and when AP got up at nine, I brought her in our room.

The plumbers hooked back up the water heater, so I put up clothes for about half an hour after Peyton left for work and then got a bath while Graves took a nap and Annie watched Elmo.  I talked to Darlene for an hour and also started trying to print our Christmas letter.  Here's how that went:
1. It wouldn't print on both sides
2. I got it to print on both sides but it wouldn't print multiple copies
3. I ran out of colored ink
4. The paper jammed.
5. I ran out of black ink.
6. I cried.
7. AP called me crying because she teeteed on our bed- actually on a tote bag of clothes beside our bed; poor thing was trying to make it.
8. I cried. [Just kidding. But almost]

Anyway, after Graves woke up, we went over to my parents' to get some laundry and MonkMonk, who got left again the night before.  We got a late start, but we didn't stay too long.  Annie wanted to go to the park, but I told her we could stroll around my parents' neighborhood.  Having a double stroller is really nice!  She turned around at one point and said "Momma, I LOVE strolling." Guess we need to get the thing out more.  Anyway, there was traffic on the way home and I was sure she was going to have another accident or fall asleep.  We made it home, though and I put both kids down for naps.  I had to FB message/email some people so I did that and then played on Twitter and Pinterest, like I didn't have a mile long list of things to do.  I ended up having to wake the kids up.  We played in their room and I put up laundry and then brought in another big basket to fold.

 [6-12 mo. bear suit; undies as a hat-- it's a fun age, I tell ya!]

Peyton finally got home and his brother helped him move the washing machine and dryer back in and then his brother left and he hung out with me and the kids.  I decided to run to Target for a bunch of random stuff (more Christmas sheets, a hair dryer, a veggie chopper, some makeup and hairspray, wood floor cleaner, printer ink, and a storage box). I got home and AP had fallen asleep waiting in her bed for me to rock her! Graves got really fussy and Peyton worked on the printer, which at that point, had stopped working almost completely. He couldn't fix it and he got really frustrated with all the storage boxes waiting to go the attic that were junking up the study, so he took them up there.  I was feeling sort of yucky, so I took a hot bath and Peyton drove around with Graves.  I got on the computer and then went to bed.

Peyton helped me wash Annie's hair before he left for work on Tuesday and I got a bath and gave both the kids theirs and got ready to go meet Carrie and her kiddos for lunch.  Graves took a short nap while I finished getting myself and Annie ready and then we headed to Mellow Mushroom.  We had a good lunch.  Graves sat in a highchair and AP wore panties.  She did really good, until the end when we were talking outside and then she had an accident of the number two variety. UGH.  I changed her in the car and then we headed to Office Depot so I could get copies made of our Christmas letter.

Both kids took good naps and I wasted the majority of them on the computer.  I sent a blog friend an email, finished my Weekly Happenings Post, and strangely ran across an old email exchange from a friend from the week after Graves was born. I had been so frazzled and it was so, so sweet and actually made my whole night feel better.The kids woke up and we played in their room awhile until Peyton got home. 

We fed them dinner and then Peyton took AP with him to pick something up from the Walgreens near us.  She had another accident in the store, but it wasn't a huge deal except that he forgot the diaper bag so she rode home naked!  I got Graves to bed and cleaned up the kitchen which was a  total mess.  I did my best to straighten up the living room a little- I got all the small appliances that were under the kitchen sink put up (we took them out because it was leaking) and sorted laundry.  I got on the computer and worked on Christmas cards and went to bed late.

One Wednesday, Peyton got up with the kids and I tried to sleep a little late.  AP wanted to climb in bed with me, though, so I didn't really get much rest.  I went ahead and got up and got ready for the day and we got the kids ready and dropped off my Buick to have the tire fixed again (since they didn't fix it last time and it got flat over night).  We headed to the park after than and Peyton's sister and her little boy met us.  We had so much fun and stayed for two solid hours.

We picked up the Buick and came home for lunch and naps.  Peyton left for work and I straightened up the house a bit and then got on the computer.  I finished a post and got on Twitter and then I watched Lost and worked on a sewing project.  The kids woke up and I got things together and we went over to my parents' house for dinner.  We had sushi- yum! We got home around nine thirty and I told AP keep saying she had to go the potty when I put her to bed.  I told her it was the last time, so to make it count.  At ten fifteen, she was still counting. Ha! She finally got up and told me she wanted her elephant pjs and went straight to sleep.  I straightened some in the office, started laundry and picked up a little bit.  I got on the computer and tried to work on my sewing project, but my machine was messed up.  Peyton got home and we talked and I actually almost made it to bed by my midnight goal.

Graves woke up around seven on Thursday and I fed him and played with him some.  When Annie still wasn't up at 8:30, I put him back in his bed and went back to sleep (Peyton was asleep the whole time). AP woke up around nine and we put her in our bed and watched Elmo for an hour.  Peyton had been up watching Harry Potter until the wee hours of the morning and I don't know what was wrong with me.  Thanks, kids, for cutting us a break, though! I finally got up around ten thirty and Peyton made breakfast.  I unloaded the dishes and started laundry and got in the tub while Peyton reloaded dishes.  Elliot came over and we decided to just move back our furniture and wait until next week to seal the floor.  I was kind of bummed- I was so ready to be DONE.  Peyton watched the kids while I ran to TJ Maxx for some last minute gifts and to Old Navy for some new yoga pants.  I got home and Peyton left for work.  I fed AP lunch and put the kids down for naps.  I watched Lost, at my lunch, wrote a blog post and emailed a friend.  The kids woke up and we spent the entire evening playing in their room. I folded several loads of laundry and vacuumed the nursery and study and then I fed Graves some solids, nursed him and got him to bed. I fixed AP's dinner and then got her ready for bed.   That child moves so slow- she took thirty minutes to eat, about  that long to potty, and two hours to go to sleep.  AHHH! I got on the computer and talked to Peyton when he got home and then went to bed, again, at a reasonable time.

Graves did SO good that night- I put him down at 7:30 and he didn't wake up until around 6:00 and then I put him back down until 8:30. Annie woke up around that time on Friday and we all got ready and headed over to my parents' since Cookie was home.  We had fun seeing Conrad (her boyfriend), too and eating breakfast.  We left before noon but Annie feel asleep for seriously two minutes in the car.  We got home and I put the kids down for naps.  They both had a horrible time- I guess those two minutes threw AP off and Graves was cranky because he had missed his morning nap.  They did stay in bed for awhile, but I had to keep going in and enforcing nap rules/putting pacis back in/turning on the mobile/ect. I worked on organizing my gift wrap drawer and cabinet for about half an hour

Then I spent an hour and a half trying to get the living room back in order.  Remember it looked like this.  It took me awhile because I wanted to go through everything and just get rid of some stuff and better organize all of it.  Once the kids got up, we got ready and headed back to my parents' house.  I stopped at Sonic on the way and AP fell asleep again.  We had a good time and AP helped Cookie make a Santy cake.  We got home and I put the kids right to bed.  AP had trouble, but she finally went to sleep.  I messed around on the computer and went to bed shortly after Peyton got home.

Saturday was Christmas Eve and Peyton had the day off.  Baby Graves got up around 5:00 and wouldn't go back to sleep, so I put him in our bed and he slept until eight.  Annie woke up at nine and we had a slow fun morning just playing around the house. We got ready and headed to Peyton's parents' house to spend some time with them and a couple of his brothers.
 [Annie picked her own outfit- my tshirt, a tutu, and girly Chucks]

We had a good time, but I was so tired and just stressed for some reason, so afterward Peyton and AP went to the park and Baby Graves and I took a nap at home.  They got back and AP had some rest time in her bed (she had fallen asleep earlier in the car) and I worked on straightening the living room some more.  There was still a good bit of stuff to sort through.  I ended up getting it basically picked up, but I still want to go through some of my bins that have cleaning stuff in them and organize even more.  I fed Graves some solids and we got ready and went to our church's candlelight communion service.
[I LOVE this picture.  He looks like somebody in our families to me, but I can't tell who!]

  There was no nursery and both kids did great.  AP fell asleep in the car on the way there and on the way home! After we got home, I got stuff together to take to my parents' house because we always spend Christmas Eve with them.  I packed our stuff, got down a few presents from the attic and wrapped some others and then I ate dinner and got on the computer for a couple of minutes and I packed up the kids and we left.  Peyton was going to a midnight mass at a Catholic church with some of our friends.  [He used to be Catholic and still adores the holy day masses.] We got to my parents and visited and ate some more and got ready for bed.  I got the kids in their Christmas jammies and put on mine and put Graves in the Pack N Play that I had moved downstairs to my old bedroom where we were sleeping.  He hated it, though, so my dad held him and somehow got him to sleep.

 [Mickey with his "Bud"]

We transitioned him to the Pack N Play and I let AP stay up and play and we went to bed really late even for her- around eleven.  It was so hard making her stay in bed with me.  She actually started telling me she wanted to go home and get in her own bed :( I started talking to her about all the trips she had taken where she had slept in different places and she told me all about the zoo in Saint Louis and the sand at the beach and finally went to sleep.  Peyton got to my parents' house about one thirty and I woke up, let him in, and we put out all the kids' presents.  My parents woke up and put their stuff out, too.  I was SO impressed with how well both kids slept.  Graves woke up once in the early morning, but I fed him and he went right back to sleep!

I set my alarm for seven, but I snoozed it until almost eight on Sunday (CHRISTMAS!).
[More pictures to come- obs.]

We had to leave for church by 9:30, so things were kind of rushed.  We did presents and then I hopped in the shower and got ready faster than I ever have maybe.  I had on no make-up and was planning to do it in the car, but Peyton reminded me he wanted to drop off one car on the way to his parents' house after church.  We were already running late, but I agreed.  We got there a little late and as Peyton was getting Graves out I noticed the car seat belt had come loose again.  I got really mad, started crying, and maybe dropped an F Bomb after the kids were out of the car.  It was definitely not a way to enter into a Christmas worship service.  Heck, it was not a way to enter into a worship service, period. I spent (literally) about a minute and a half putting on VERY minimal makeup and caught up with Peyton and the kids. 

The service was nice, we sang lots of Christmas carols and just read passages from the Christmas story.  The kids got to bring one present to show the congregation during the children's sermon time, and we opted out of that since we really didn't want that to be our focus. Fortunately, AP was too young to even notice and she did get to bring some of her new books to read during the service. We dropped off my car at home and I told Peyton that our options concerning the 4Runner were a) sell the freaking thing, which breaks my heart more than y'all could know, b) keep it but have a no kid policy, which seems stupid on so many levels or c) let him tear up the seatbelts "rigging" the thing and basically screwing them in place to hold the seats.  Anyway, I'm glad I have the Buick, because I'm done with that thing. Peyton changed clothes and we headed to his parents' house.  We had a good visit with them and there was lots of yummy food.  All of his siblings were there and so that was really fun.  We left there about two and headed back to my parents' house for a late lunch.  Both kids took short naps on the way to the Herringtons, but they were having a hard time at that point.  Peyton just let Annie play during lunch and we got Graves to take a nap. Lunch was really good- steaks, crunchy romaine salad, and twice baked potatoes (minus the cheese and sour cream on mine, boo!).  After lunch, I took a long nap in my sister's bed and Peyton was so sweet and packed up all our stuff and presents and then we headed home.  We actually put Annie to bed right when we got home (around seven).  We tried to feed Graves solids, but he was so tired we just ended up putting him in bed, too.  I got on the computer and went to bed early.

I'm glad that this week we really don't have much on the agenda- just hanging out at home and enjoying some relaxing days!

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