Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekly Smorgasbord

Ok, here are last week's links. I actually had such a weird/crazy week last week that I hardly looked at my Reader.  I think most, if not all, of these are from links on Twitter

Posted: 04 Dec 2011 07:31 PM PST
A little background and commentary of one this cool series that I'm forever linking to.
Posted: 04 Dec 2011 07:30 PM PST
LOVE this. #1, 3, 7, and 8 were my favorites.
Posted: 04 Dec 2011 07:29 PM PST
I love the idea of "gifts that give back". My faves are the SlowColor Scarves and the Punjammies!
Posted: 04 Dec 2011 07:27 PM PST
I read this blog and wow it is heartbreaking, but it's really inspirational, too. Anyway, this is one of my favorite posts yet. Such a good reminder of how we should all be living life!
Tim Tebow criticism says a lot about us ... and it's not good - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Posted: 01 Dec 2011 07:54 PM PST
"We have become so enamored of politically correct dogma that we protect every minority from even the slightest blush of insensitivity while letting the very institutions that the majority holds dear to be ridiculed. And this defense that Tebow invites such scrutiny with his willingness to publicly live as he privately believes calls into question what exactly it is we value."
Posted: 30 Nov 2011 10:09 PM PST
I love personality theory stuff, so I thought this was super interesting!

Posted: 30 Nov 2011 02:06 PM PST
Oh, please, no.
Posted: 30 Nov 2011 01:40 PM PST
So true...I'm learning about picking battles these day!
Posted: 30 Nov 2011 01:37 PM PST
What a wonderful example. I guess there are still a few role models left!
Posted: 30 Nov 2011 01:33 PM PST
Woah, powerful. *Language Warning*
Enjoy 'em!

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