Friday, January 20, 2012

Annie's Lunch Recap: Children Not Run Around

I am so terrible about taking videos of the kids these days.  We have countless (okay, a couple of hundred) ones from Annie's first year of life, but lately I haven't made it a priority.  Really, I am without excuse, though, because even though the video camera can be a pain, our DSLR camera has a video setting and of course, my phone has video capabilities.  Anyway, today I took a couple of videos on my phone, just for fun.

Here is Ann Peyton discussing our lunch date we just arrived home from:

[Playlist is on the right.]

A few observations:
1. Thank goodness Ann Peyton has such a strong role model in her dear little friend, six months her elder.  It's so nice for me and Carrie when Aubrey keeps tabs on things and makes sure the "children [herself and Ann Peyton] not run around".

2. Annie has clearly picked up my uh/um habit.  She probably doesn't have much of a future in public speaking. 

3. I'm pretty confident I didn't mention where we were eating at all today.  However, it seems she can identify Broadstreet upon entering Banner Hall.  Girlfriend knows her Jackson eateries.

4. In the second video, you can hear one of her new things.  She will quote someone or imitate an animal noise and then say "like that".  Sometimes, she even does it for non verbal things.  For example, the other day Graves was playing on the floor and I was in the other room.  He started screaming and was face down on the floor.  I knew exactly what had happened; he had fallen over and face planted.  I asked Ann Peyton, though, and her response? "He say" [imitates the forceful face plant] "like that." Well, then.

5. After these little interactions, she got out her play telephone and pretended to call Aubrey.  Their "conversation": "I don't know where my toothbrush is.  I don't know where my pink ring is.  I don't know where my STUFF is."  Welcome to life, Baby Bunny.

6. Re the second video: I've kind of been debating when is the appropriate age to stop sharing pictures of her in just a diaper.  It's hard because, like her Papa, her skivies are her uniform when we're home for more than five minutes at a time.  Y'all may have observed this is about 50% of my weekly family pictures.  Peyton says he thinks four is the cut off.  I'm unsure.  Opinions?

That seems like the most awkward place to end this, but I have nothing else.  So there's that. 

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Carrie said...

Those videos are so cute! I didn't even hear Aubrey say that, but it's ironic since she is rather fond of running around herself ;) Haha!

I'm not sure about the cutoff age for posting pictures of children without clothes on. I've kind of felt weird about it ever since Aubrey went from a diaper to panties. I don't have a set in stone rule about it at this point, though.