Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Letter to (Thirty Three Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You're getting so close to three.  It's mind boggling.  I can't imagine having a three year old little girl and in a few short months that will be us!  This month has been a blast with you and, as always, it's so much fun to watch you change and grow.

You are still so tiny.  A few of your Christmas outfits were 2T, but I also saved alot of those up for next year. You wore mostly 24 mo. and a couple of 18 mo. things that still fit from last year! I just put up one outfit that was a 12-18 mo.!  You are now only one diaper size above Graves (a four and a three, respectively).

Speaking of....your doing fabulously with potty training.  We still have accidents from time to time and you wear diapers on occasion (to the church nursery and sometimes on errands), but for the most part, we are wearing panties, even on the go! Papa and I joke that at this point, your bladder control is almost equal to mine! You definitely have *strong* preferences when it comes to panties and convincing you to let me wash certain pairs can be an epic battle.

You've gotten to be a bit more of a picky eater here lately.  The day has finally come where you turn up your nose at unseasoned steamed vegetables.  I guess I'm fortunate to have had that luxury for almost three years. Things you will never (or almost never) turn down include corn dogs, a PB&J sandwich cut in the shape of a heart, a dinosaur, or a teddy bear, and Mickey's red beans and rice.  You actually like typical "adult" food-- you eat lots of salads and you don't mind spicy casseroles and soups.  You actually love them!

You still sleep well, but bedtime and naptime are sometimes a battle.  You take a long time to fall asleep and I think it's hard for you to unwind sometimes.  One thing I've done to try to make naps or bedtimes less of a battle is to think of things to make it fun for you.  You know that you don't get "rewards" for staying in your bed, per se, but some days I do have a little treat for you right around nap time- it might be a new stationary catalog that came in the mail and I hid for the occasion or a Christmas blanket I got out in December and told you you could only use in your bed.  Today I actually let you put on one of my really soft t-shirts to take your nap and it made you so happy!

Papa, however, is the master of creative parenting.  The other night I couldn't get you to tell me something you'd like to eat (we were having leftovers for dinner and I gave you a few options, none of which you seemed to like).  He got out this little wind sock cheerleader thing that I had in high school and has become the object of your obsession.  Then he started asking "cheerleader girl" what she'd like to eat and fixed it for both of you!

He also came up with a great strategy for teeth brushing, which is something you alternate between thoroughly enjoying and violently protesting.  He asks you to name of the things you've eaten that day and then proceeds to "find" them and scrub them off.  For example: "Oh, you had carrots, today, Annie? Okay, I see a carrot piece there way in the back.  Let me get it!".

There are so many wonderful things about you, Ann Peyton.  This age is hard because you're really trying to assert your independence, but it's also so much joy and it's one of my favorite ages. When you talk to someone about me in the third person and you refer to me as "MY momma"-- "My momma gave me these pjs...". When I squish you and Graves together in the top part of the shopping cart and you quickly take your little hand and grab hold of his littler one or when you put your head in his lap so he can play with your hair because you know it's his favorite thing to do.  When you tell me "Jesus love Annie.  Jesus love Momma. And Jesus love MonkMonk".  I look at you and smile.  I gaze into your deep brown eyes and I see the face of God.  We adore you.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your outfit this month is a 2T.

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