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Weekly Happenings Post #146 (December 26-January 1)-- Farewell, 2011!!!

 Well, I'm a little late with this.  I feel like this time of year is kind of exhausting blog wise.  There's so much I want to blog about and just no time.  It's weird, I remember a time when I had these things out on Sunday.  Then I moved it to Monday.  And here we are on Wednesday night, really late.  Whatever.  Next week I'm going to be back to posting on Monday.  Maybe.

Last week was really good.  I was glad to done with the busyness of Christmas and ready to start the new year.  We didn't do a whole lot and it was really nice!

Graves was up a lot during the early, early morning hours on Monday and then we had to get up early because we were going to celebrate Christmas at Granny's (Peyton's grandmother) house.  We left the house before eight.  Peyton had to work that afternoon, so we left my car in Richland and rode the rest of the way together.  We had a good, but short visit since Peyton had to be back at work by 3:00.  It was really fun to see Granny and Aunt Beth and Uncle Reid and the cousins.

Before we left, Peyton's parents asked if I wanted to leave AP and just let them bring her when they left a few hours later.  I knew it would mess up her nap, but she was having a great time so I agreed.  It was so sweet of them to offer!

Peyton dropped me and Graves off at my car and headed to work.  He slept the whole way home, so I missed that nap, too :( He was in a pretty good mood that afternoon, though, so I started cleaning up Christmas presents and organizing while he played on the floor.  I put him in the high chair and gave his some avocado and a few pieces of ham (he actually did okay, sans teeth) and he had so much fun eating like a big boy.  I grated some soap and made laundry detergent and then gathered and sorted laundry.  I stripped our bed and AP's and washed all our sheets and got Annie's gingerbread house set up.
My living room looks like something from Candy Land!

  The Herringtons dropped AP off and she had slept the whole way home.  I had just gotten Graves to bed, but it ended up working out fine because we had several hours together just the two of us.  I cleaned up the kitchen and unloaded and loaded dishes, finished up the last of organizing stuff in the sun room and folded some laundry.  I played with AP in her house and read to her and she ate supper and helped me clean up and then I put her to bed, too, way later than usual.

 AP totally fit in with the Candy Land color scheme in her infant glow worm costume from her first Halloween.  Girlfriend is (and my dad) and is all about "soft" things.  I think she would choose plush over princess any day.  And to be honest, I *love* that. [I also love watching her put on a crown and saying "I'm a little princess".

Peyton got home and we talked some and I finished the laundry and then got on the computer.  I read some and went to bed really late after I put the fresh sheets on our bed.

Tuesday was a really good, easy day.  I basically gave myself the closest thing to a day off that this job will allow ;) but then had a productive night. Graves woke up early, but Peyton was sweet and took him after I fed him.  AP woke up after that and I got up and watched her while Peyton took a bath.  We put Graves down for his morning nap and Peyton took AP up to the church to pay the rest of our tithe for this year and to do a few other errands.  Then they went and fed the ducks at the pond in our neighborhood.  Graves slept that whole time and I took a long nap, too (which was really just an extension of the night, ha!).  Once they got home, Peyton went to meet his brother to work out.  I put fresh sheets on AP's bed (she had just been sleeping on the mattress pad) and got lunch ready for myself and the kids.  I took a bath and Peyton got home and got ready for work.  I fed Graves and put him down for his nap and then put AP down.  They both went down SO easily and slept so long.  I had been prepared for nap time to be an ordeal since it had been so sporadic the past few days, but I guess they were just really tired.

I "wasted" almost the whole time on the computer.  I read blogs and played on Facebook and Twitter and shopped online a bit.  I did manage to straighten up our bedroom, make the bed, and put up a little laundry.  I had a snack and then woke up the kids.  I nursed Graves and gave him a bath and then spent a couple of hours working in their room- hanging up a TON of laundry, getting all their Christmas stuff sorted (some to go to the attic, some of AP's put up in the closet because I think she might be able to wear it next year) and just straightening toys.  I had organized her books the day before and I put some more of those up and then I went through a box of cloth diapers from the attic.  I wanted to put them in one of those under the bed boxes because I think the heat in the attic was messing up the elastic in them.  I fed Graves some solids and then at 8:00, since we were all awake, I decided to run some errands. I know, CRAZY.  It took me awhile to even get the kids loaded up and then my windshield was all foggy and I had to get the stroller out of one car and put it in the other and I almost just decided to unload everyone and not go.  I'm not one of those people that thinks "well, things aren't going well, we should just try tomorrow", though.  It makes me mad and more determined to do it.

Anyway, we went to The Children's Place to get some new jammies for Graves because he's growing so fast and I just can't put him in AP's old pink ones like Peyton suggested.  After that we went to Target and it was kind of an adventure.  I wanted one of those big bins to put some of our Christmas decorations in (the ones we didn't even get down, ha!) and I thought it would fit under the cart, but it didn't.  Here's how we ended up:

I'm dedicated to those storage boxes, y'all.

Watching them love each other is one of the best feelings I've ever known.

I should have just left them that way but after we checked out (for the second time, I forgot something, ah!) I decided it would be better to carry Graves (plus a drying rack I bought for the laundry room) while pushing the cart with AP in it.  I was rough and a guy outside offered to help me.  He said "I know you don't want some strange man pushing your cart with your baby in it, but you look like you could use some help...".  I turned him down.  I probably shouldn't have, but I felt weird.  Anyway, we made it to the car and got loaded up and as I was backing out my windshield was foggy again and some people walked right behind my car and yup, I almost ran them over.  Everyone was crying and mad and it was 9:30 almost, but we still needed to go to the grocery store.  I got everyone out again and we really hurried.  Annie pitched a fit and threw her books so once we got home, I put her in time out (after she sat on the pottty- I was so proud of her for having dry panties that whole time!).  I fed Graves and put him to bed and then got AP supper and a treat (a juice box).  Peyton got home and he read her a book and she went right to bed.  We talked and I got on the computer and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Wednesday and I had SO much I wanted to accomplish.  I woke up with a bad headache, though and felt pretty rotten.  I took some medicine and got a bath and we went ahead and ran errands.  We got the kids ready and went to Primos for breakfast and I could hardly eat anything, I felt so nauseous.  I think it was just drainage, but I was feeling so gross.  After that we went by Lemuria for a book on landscaping for Peyton (he really wants to get a plan for our yard this Spring) and then we went to Continental to price new sewing machines(!!!) for me.  We had to go back by Lemuria because Annie had left her baby doll.  We got home and put the kids down for naps and I took a nap myself.  Actually, I couldn't sleep and was near tears my head hurt so bad, but I just rested.  My mom came over a couple of hours later and brought some paint chips because we're going to repaint the sunroom.  After she left, I took another bath to try to steam away my headache. I felt some better, but not great.  Peyton left to go run with his brother and I put fresh sheets on Graves's crib, cleaned the absurd amount of magazines and books of Annie's bed and took out some trash.  I got Graves to sleep and fed AP supper and then she and I watched a movie until Peyton got home.  I fixed myself some Ramen noodles and went to bed before Annie.  Peyton gave her a bath and put her to bed.  He got in bed late and I woke up and chatted with him a little bit and then went back to sleep.

The kids both woke up around 8:30 on Thursday.  I nursed Graves and then hustled around trying to get some laundry sorted and started.  I was hoping to get a bath before Annie woke up, but she got up right after Graves did.  Peyton's been working a lot of afternoon and mid shifts and it's been awhile since I've gotten ready with them on my own.  It's been a long while since I've done it when we didn't have somewhere to go and I set an alarm to get up and it's been even longer since I tried to do it without the help of my best babysitter, Elmo ;) I felt like since we watched a movie the night before, I just wanted to try not to turn on the TV that morning.  Well, it wasn't easy, y'all.  Annie didn't want to get off her potty and I can't fit them both in our master bathroom comfortably (or maybe at all?) anyway, so I put them in the guest bath and took a bath in there.  With Graves's "Gravey pen", the frog potty, and a bunch of books, I could hardly put my big toe down.  Graves was fussy the whole time and as I got out AP got SO upset because she found a piece of gum by the trash can and I wouldn't let her throw it away herself.  I moved us all to my room and dried my hair and then I fed Graves some solids and put him down for a nap.  Annie and I had lunch and Elliot came by to see if the floors were dry.  They weren't :( but he did have a few ideas for us.  He put some kitty litter down in a few spots to see if it would help dry it up.  I took the kids outside to play for a little bit and then we had lunch and I put them down for naps. 
I worked on a post and then Graves woke up.  Peyton got home and we visited and I finished my post.  Peyton cooked spaghetti and I took a bunch of stuff to the attic and organized it.  Peyton left to go work out and I got Graves to bed.  He got home and we put Annie to bed and worked on some end of the year finances.

The kids got up early on Friday and we both got up with them.  Peyton fixed oatmeal and I worked on our budget most of the morning.  We straightened up the house and he went over to his brother's house and I put the kids down for naps early.  Graves would not go to sleep- he had taken his typical morning nap a little early, but I have no idea what threw him off.  Elliot came back over to try some other things with the floor and I got on the computer.
 See how it looks around the edges? That's why we're not sealing it yet.

Graves played while I folded laundry and watched Lost and then when AP woke up we got ready to go to my parents' house.  Some of my college friends were getting together, so I left the kids with my parents and went to P.F. Changs to catch up with them.  I typically don't really like it, but I found some good stuff!  I got back and fed Graves supper while AP ate her beans and then we came home.  I put the children right to bed.  Peyton got home and we chatted and I worked on a blog post and my January blog design.  I went to bed pretty late.

Peyton had to work Saturday and we spent the whole day at home.  We got up and had breakfast and I put Graves down for his nap pretty early because he had gotten up early.  I took a bath while AP played in the bathroom and dried my hair and then Graves woke up.  Elliot came over to do some more work and I started some laundry.  I fed the kids lunch and did dishes and ate a sandwich myself.  I had to give Graves a bath, he got so messy and then I made AP clean up a bunch of toys by herself.  It took her about half an hour and then we went outside for another thirty minutes.

 My little jailbird.  My friend Logan gave him this outfit and I'll never forget- she said it reminded her of Peyton.  She's got his style pegged, no?

We came in for naps and she pitched a fit and had to go to time out.  Her and Graves both fell asleep pretty fast.  I had a snack and got on the computer for a couple of minutes and Graves was back up. He had been kind of fretful all day and he was not a happy boy the rest of the afternoon.  Even when I held him, he fussed.  Annie woke up and I managed to fold some more laundry.  I fed Graves and got him ready for bed.  Peyton got home and he and AP watched some fireworks since it was New Year's Eve.  I cooked these tuna cornbread cakes.  They were pretty good, but nothing special.  AP ate dinner and then Peyton gave her a bath and we put her to bed.  I got on the computer and then worked on my Sunday school lesson for the next day.  I finished my redic long 2011 wrap up post and went to bed. Such a wild New Year's Eve!

Annie took SO long getting to sleep the night before that I decided we better let Peyton (who was working) go by himself to early church and just go to Sunday school and late church on Sunday.  I got up and took a bath and then the kids woke up.  I gave myself an hour and a half and I don't know how I did so well because I managed to get us all ready AND somewhat clean up the kitchen from the night before AND feed Graves a bowl of fruit/cereal.  I was so proud of myself...until we got to church and I realized I was wearing brown tights with my black shoes and gray dress. Um...okay. I dropped the kids off (poor AP had had a meltdown and I coaxed her in with promises of seeing "Ms. Penny" her Sunday school teacher). Sunday school went well.  I'm really glad our class is so laid back because I wasn't that nervous about teaching at all even though I'm not near as smart as a lot of people in it!  We had a special service this week at church- it's a John Wesley Covenant Renewal ceremony.  We do it every year and it's a really neat time to just reaffirm our commitment to Christ.  I loved this part of the covenant that we read...

Christ has many services to be done. Some are easy, others are difficult; some bring honer, others bring reproach; some are suitable to our natural inclinations and temporal interests, others are contrary to both. In some we may please Christ and please ourselves, in others we cannot please Christ except by denying ourselves. Yet the power to do all these things is assuredly given to us in Christ, who strengthens us.

After church we came home and had lunch and then all took naps.  Actually, AP never napped and at one point I was asleep on the couch and she came in and told me she pottied.  I asked her where and she said in her diaper (she was naked) and so I went to the bathroom to check things out.  Sure enough, there was a dirty diaper in the trash can minus the major contents.  I asked her where it went and she told me the potty.  I'm just praying she didn't "handle" it too much.  We had a talk and I sent her back to bed.  I fixed some Slice N Bake peppermint sugar cookies and messed around on Twitter and then Graves woke up.  We all played in their room and I put fresh sheet's on AP's bed and just kind of straightened.  I fed Graves supper and was loading dishes while the kids were playing.  Annie kept saying "He's crying". I told her he wasn't and then he started SCREAMING.  I ran in the room and she was holding him(!!!) and then dropped him flat on his face.  Oh my word. While I was taking care of him, she started hanging on the coffee table and I told her not to.  She told me "I want to break it!".  What?!? Then she started pulling on her frog rocker and saying the same thing.  I sent her to time out and thankfully Peyton walked in the door.

He played with Annie and I put Graves to bed.  Peyton had to go pick up something from another Walgreens so I hung out with Annie and then she ate supper.  We put her to bed and I got on the computer and then went to bed.

This week we've started getting back to normal.  We haven't started back with our Bible studies yet, but we have Mother's Day Out tomorrow and we had our weekly lunch date with the Howies yesterday.  I'm glad to have our routine starting back!

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Oh my word, I cannot believe you went to run errands with your kids at 8PM. You are a brave woman! I'm watching the clock that time of night just waiting for bedtime. Haha!