Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #148 (January 9-15)-- Finished Floors!!!


Last week was great on so many levels.  The biggest highlights were having the floors finally finished and seeing my good friend Ashley who was in town for the weekend.

Peyton worked a double on Monday, but it actually ended up being a good day.  The kids woke up at the normal time, around eight.  I got a bath and we had breakfast in our room and played while I got ready.  I put Graves down for a nap and Annie and I played some more and finished getting ready.  I started some laundry and then we woke Graves up and I nursed him and we headed out to meet the Howies at Newks.  We had a good time, but it does seem like things have gotten more chaotic lately.  I'm not sure what will happen once we add Alaina into the mix!  I decided we needed to run by Target on the way home for several things (tights, bedroom slippers, sippy cups and pacis, dishwasher detergent, and more panties for AP). I ended up splurging on some cute mugs and a dish towel, as well!  We got home and I put the children right to bed and they fell asleep easily.  I unpacked all our Target stuff, straightened around the house, started laundry and dishes, and moved a bunch of stuff back into the laundry room from when we had the floors in there finished.  They both took long naps so I got on the computer and read some blogs.

When they woke up, I folded some laundry and put it up in the nursery while they played and then fed them dinner.  I had a snack and unloaded the dishwasher and then we cleaned up the nursery and I finished folding more laundry.


 [AP's closet.  She had a few things in the wash and has a few dresses on the other side of the armoire, but y'all this is a new thing.  She outgrew her clothes and I didn't buy an insane quantity of new ones!]

I put them to bed and got back on the computer.  I worked on a post and uploaded a bunch of pictures and also some videos from our video camera and then I put pictures on Flikr.  Peyton and I read Radical and went to bed.

Tuesday we had Mother's Day Out.  I had gotten up to pump super early and then went back to sleep for a bit.  We got ready and headed to school.  It was a good day, but I was so tired when we got home and the rain was making me lazy.  Peyton had the day off and we talked and ate lunch.  We fed lunch and got her and Graves down for naps.  I goofed off and then laid down myself.  Graves woke up and Peyton played with him

They woke up Annie and they all went to the Science Museum.  I stayed in my warm bed and just enjoyed the break.  It's SO hard for me to let them do fun things like that without me, but it really was nice to just relax.  After they got back, I got up and we got some things together because we were meeting our friend, William, for dinner.  We used to work with William at the pool and it was so fun to catch up!  We went to Schlotzsky's and it was really good.  When we got home, we put the kids to bed and just chilled out.  We watched TV and I did a few things on the computer and went to bed early!

Peyton was off again on Wednesday, but he had meetings that morning.  The kids got up around the time he was leaving and he put AP in the shower because she really wanted to play in there with her new fish spout thing.  I let her play a few minutes and then toweled her off and took my own bath while she watched cartoons and Graves played on the floor.  I got ready and then put Graves down for his nap and AP and I had breakfast.

Elliot came over to work on the floor and I straightened up a bit.  Annie played and I did some of those things that take ten minutes, but I've been putting them on list after list for weeks.  I cleaned the guest bathroom and dusted in our bedroom and worked on some laundry.  Peyton got home and helped Elliot move a table and then left again to have lunch with his co-workers.  Graves woke up and Peyton got back and he dropped the crib.  I started trying to pin the bedskirt to make it work, but it was taking awhile and the kids were exhausted.  I gave up and we put them to bed and I made a dessert for the Chili Cook Off that night.  Graves slept for about twenty minutes and woke up MAD.  I straightened up some around the house and got some Christmas stuff packed in boxes to go to the attic. We got Annie up and got ready to leave for church.  We had so much fun at the Chili Cook Off and when we got home we fed AP some supper and I finally got the bedskirt ironed and pinned and looking decent and then we got the children to bed.  I talked to Peyton some and cleaned up our room.  I hung up a bunch of clothes and unpacked some of my Christmas presents from my parents (yes, I'm terrible!) and then got on the computer.  I finished a post and caught up on a few blogs and then Peyton and I read an article together and went to bed.

Thursday was LONG, to be honest.  We had one of the teachers from MDO leave after Christmas and it hasn't really caused too much of an issue since Darlene keeps the thing REALLY well staffed, but it did mean we all needed to step up and stay late (until 2:00) a couple of days a month.  Anyway, Thursday was my day.  I got up and got us ready and packed some lunch for me and Graves (AP was having pizza) and we were on our way. I was so tired because Annie had been up at 4:00 again for the second night in a row.  This time I had a little more self control and we didn't just throw her in our bed, but it took me about thirty minutes (and some time outs) to get her to get in her bed and stay in it.

We had a good day at MDO and the kids did great staying late.  Graves took his morning nap, but neither of them would nap in the afternoon.  Of course, though, they fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I treated myself to a cherry limeade from Sonic and was planning on just playing on my phone in the driveway so they could nap more once we got home.  Well, Graves woke up the second we pulled in.  I took him inside and put a little crib mattress cover on AP's bed since she was still in panties and I don't trust her to sleep in them.  I tried to transfer her, but she woke up.  She was still happy to relax in bed a bit, though.  I nursed Graves and about that time Ellis and Minda dropped by.  I was still nursing Graves and it was the first time I've done that in front of a guy other than Peyton or my dad.  I felt really proud of myself and it wasn't a big deal at all!  We had a great visit and Annie got up and showed them a bunch of her books and played dress up a little bit.

After they left, I took Graves's monthly picture and the kids played in the nursery.

 Love this face!
We got things cleaned up and then headed over to my parents' house.  I wanted to pick up some cold slaw at a place by their house for the dinner I was planning to fix and since I was going over anyway, I decided we'd visit.  I dropped AP off with my mom and Graves and my dad I drove to Cock of the Walk to get the slaw.  There was a guy there saying "Fourteen dollars ain't too bad.  My pregnant wife just HAD to have some cornbread".  For some reason, I thought this was hysterical.  Maybe because it was forty five degrees and he's standing there is sweats picking up a HUGE bag of cornbread from a fish house? I was thinking "What a winner." We got home and I ate the BBQ sandwich my parents had picked up for me with their dinner and then got the kids into pjs and we headed home.  They both fell asleep in the car and I transferred them and then started working on Graves's letter.  He woke up and I just got him and snuggled on the couch.  We both ended up falling asleep before Peyton got home.  At some point, I obviously moved to the bed, but I didn't even attempt to put him in his crib.  I was so tired.

We had a SUPER lazy day on Friday.  I woke up around the time Peyton did to go to work and I nursed him and then started some laundry and took out the trash.  I took a bath while he played and then got him changed and fed him solids. He played a little more and then I put him down for his morning nap.  Annie woke up and I put her in my bed and we just watched Veggie Tales and I dozed.  It was nice and I didn't even feel guilty for being so lazy!  Elliot got here to finish the floors and Graves woke up and we played in the nursery again.  I got on the Internet on my phone and put up a little bit of laundry and then we got ready and drove through Chik Fil A for lunch.  We all ate in the nursery and then I put them down for naps.  Graves took a good one and AP had some nice quiet time in her room.  I got on the computer and answered a couple of emails and worked on Graves's letter. The kids got up and I started getting ready for my big night.  Ashley was in town and Carrie and I were going to have dinner with her.  I got dressed and Peyton got home and I left (after saying my final goodbyes to Elliot, ha!).

Carrie picked me up and we met Ashley at her hotel, which was like literally two minutes from my house.

We had THE best time catching up and Ashley even had a legit notebook of topics for us to discuss and dissect (per my encouragement for her to get in listmaking mode before her arrival).  We went to Bon Ami (a personal fave) and then drove through Sonic for some late night limeades.  Peyton had taken the kids to his parents' and then to mine for red beans and rice and so he met us back at the hotel with my car.  We went home so I could feed Graves and I changed into my comfy clothes and went back to the hotel for our slumber party.  We stayed up until 3:30 trying to make sure to hit every topic.

Peyton was going to a leadership retreat for Ultreya so I had to be back home before eight on Saturday.  It worked out good because I decided to go to Moms Pointe, a thing that Morgan's church (our church's church plant) does like once a month.  Anyway, Graves hadn't even needed the bottle I pumped.  He was in bed with Peyton, but he said he'd only been there an hour or so.  I fed him and got a bath and got ready and then got the kids ready.  I dropped them off with the babysitter that was keeping everyone's kids that morning (mine ending up being the only ones there) and then headed to the group.  It was so good and SO encouraging.  I really had a wonderful time.

I picked up the kids and since they had had breakfast late while I was at the group, I just dropped them in bed.  No one napped, but they did stay in there awhile.  Graves fussed and got pretty cranky and it was kind of frustrating. I laid down but I couldn't really rest.  Peyton got home and we decided to just go for a drive.  We picked up a Sonic snack and of course, the kids fell asleep.  We drove around some and I thought we might could just transfer them.  It was still too early, though.  We kept Graves up a bit and then put him down but Annie stayed up pretty late.

I got on the computer and finally finished Graves's letter and did a few other things and then Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

We went to early church on Sunday because Peyton was teaching Children's Church.  We gave the kids baths and got ready and headed out the door a little late.

We made it, though and church was great.  It was all about Samuel hearing God and how we should be open to hearing Him speak to us.  We started a new study on Collosians in Sunday school and that was interesting, too.  We got home and changed clothes and all hung out in the back yard some.

We had lunch and put the kids down for naps.  They both took good naps and I worked really hard on straightening/cleaning.  I sorted and started laundry, straightened the laundry room, cleaned the microwave and high chair, did dishes, and straightened up the living room.  Graves woke up and we got ready to head back to church for our Radical study. It was good, too, and after that we came home and started getting the kids ready for bed.  Ashley stopped by to pick up some magazines I had for her and she visited a bit and then I straightened up the nursery and we got the kids ready for bed.  I made these black-eyed pea cakes for myself and Peyton and then we snuggled on the couch in front of the fire.  I put up the leftovers and threw the dishes in the sink and got on the computer for a few minutes and then went to bed.

We don't have too much exciting stuff going on this week, but Peyton and I are planning to try to tackle some projects one the days he's off.

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"I woke up around the time Peyton did to go to work and I nursed him and then started some laundry and took out the trash."

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