Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #149 (January 16-22)-- What With the Tiny Babies I Keep Raising???

This past week was nice.  Not too busy, not too boring.

We did have Graves's nine month check up and he's slowed down on his weight gain a lot.  It looks like we're back to doing weight checks and stressing over how often they eat.  I really thought we were going to avoid all that with him and I swear if you look at him he looks like he has plenty of chub. And then there's the fact that he and AP are literally like one size apart in several sets of pajamas (12-18 mo., 18-24 mo., respectively).  His height is in the fiftieth, so I guess that throws things off.  UGH.  Honestly, I really think it's just their metabolism.  Y'all know I have had my own weight issues and- I do NOT say this to brag- the only times I've broken a hundred pounds in my life is when I was carrying them.  Also, I've had to just stop carrying Graves in his carrier at all because it hurts my back so bad.  I really feel like God knew what he was doing because if I had one of these twenty five pound kids that still has to be carried everywhere I'm not sure I could wake up in the morning.  Peyton did also say he thinks it might be how I kind of stopped worrying about sticking to my diet plan as much when the kitchen was all torn up.  I ate way too much junk and skipped eating as often as I should have.  Anyway, this week I've tried to do better with that.

In other news, my pictures are either of terrible quality or they're non existent this week.  I looked back to last Summer and I did SO much better taking pictures with the camera.  I think it's partly because I have a decent phone now and then also when we got the floors redone it threw me off and I was just surviving each day. [I blame everything on that dumb project!] Anyway, this week, I'm trying to do better! Here's a few examples of some of the great photos from last week:
Peyton said I had to put this one up.  Someone's dedicated to blogging, yes?

Kid looks ill, ya'll.

This is actually a fun one that I missed last week.  Peyton has gotten so much closer to BG lately.  I think he's incapable of truly bonding with his children until he can flip them upside down and induce hysteical laughter.

On Monday, we had Graves's nine month visit to the pediatrician. We got up and all got ready since Peyton was going with us this time.  We were right on time and then on the way there, someone rear ended me.  It was just a small bump, but it kinda shook me up a bit.  We didn't even file a report and we made it just a few minutes late.  Well, things continued to go downhill.  Graves had a good check up, overall, but he's now in the third percentile.  I swear he looks like a chunk to me, but Dr. Denney is so cautious (which I really do appreciate) and we're coming back in six weeks for a weight check.  I left the appointment early to go have brunch with Carrie and Ashley.  Ashley was leaving town right after, but we got a one last fun meal in.  Peyton had our kiddos, but Aubrey and Jude were there.  We had a nice visit and some yummy food.  I got home and Peyton told me the rest of what Dr. Denney said and we cleaned up the kitchen and from where Peyton had cooked breakfast.  AP was eating and I fed Graves and then Peyton left and I put the kids down for naps.  Annie never slept and I had to keep helping her potty.  I watched Lost and got some clothes folded and then the kids both got up.  I straightened some, but Graves was SO fussy.  Annie stuck her hand in the toilet and made a huge mess with the water and then as I was going to get towels to clean it up, she slipped and busted her lip really badly.  It was awful and Graves was SCREAMING.  I was so thankful when I heard someone unlocking my house and Minnie walked in!  We visited with her and I fed the kids dinner (Graves ate a ton!) and then she left.

I cleaned up some more and straightened up the nursery.  I got Annie's bed cleared off (she has SO many books in it!), vacuumed in the kitchen and the nursery, put up some of their clothes, and got Graves ready for bed.  I nursed him and put him to sleep and then AP played in our room while I put up laundry in there.  I put her to bed and she fell asleep quickly and I got on the computer for the first time all day!  Peyton got home and we chatted and then went to sleep.

We had Mother's Day Out on Tuesday, so we got an early start on our day.  It was a good, but uneventful day.  Peyton came up to the church to make some copies and bring some tea for our Ultreya group that night, so it was fun seeing him.  We got home and I made AP's lunch and fed Graves and then Peyton got home.  He had to leave for work right after and I put the kiddos down for naps.  They both fell asleep SUPER fast and I took a nice, long nap, too.  I also talked to my friend Amy on the phone about Graves's weight issues and called the pediatrician's office.  I got up and got ready and then woke the kids up to go to Ultreya. We had to get there early because I was one of the hostesses that night and needed to get everything set up. We had a nice meeting, but there was a small turnout. Maybe because of the weather? Anyway, we got home and I fed the children dinner and put them to bed.  AP was up late, but she stayed in her bed (or on the potty) for the most part.  I got on the computer and then Peyton got home.  We talked and I finished a post and went to bed.

Peyton had the day off on Wednesday and we started it off with dentist appointments for the both of us.  We decided to just take one car and alternate taking care of the kids.  Peyton gave them both baths before we left and then we left.  I went first and Peyton took the kids to Primos to pick up some breakfast. I got a good report!  They got back and he had his teeth cleaned while I watched the kids in the waiting room. AP and I split a blueberry muffin and I fed Graves some applesauce.  We had a small orange juice spill so I lugged them both back to the car to get some wipes to clean it up.  When Peyton finished, Dr. Toler did a very quick first visit with Annie.  I was still feeding Graves, but Peyton said she did GREAT.  After we left the dentist, we went by Target for some storage bins and to look at a new shelving system for the laundry room.  We also went by Hob Lob to get a stool for Annie's bathroom so she can wash her hands without help.  I got one, but it was too short.  We got home and all had lunch and then we put the kids down for naps.  Peyton went for a run with his brother and I did some reading for Christian Believer. I also got some stuff together in a bag to take to Goodwill.  He got home and we packed up the kids to go look at a couple of antique/consignment stores for stool.
close up of her busted lip from the bar fight, um, playing in the toilet, incident

We didn't find anything and it was getting close to time for church, so we got a snack at Krispie Kreme and I fed Graves and then we headed to church.  We had a good meeting and it was fun to start back.  We got home and I fed Graves and put him to bed and then we fixed AP supper and put her to bed, too.  Peyton and I ate and I cleaned up the kitchen and picked up toys in the living room.  I got on the computer for a few minutes and went to bed.

Peyton had the day off again on Thursday and so he kept AP at home for some Papa Daughter time and Graves and I went to MDO by ourselves.  We didn't have to stay late and the day just flew by.  Also, getting in and out is SO much easier with one kid.  Like whoa.  After we got home, I fed Graves lunch and then Peyton and Annie got home from the grocery store.  I unloaded the groceries and AP ate lunch and then we put them down for naps.  I played on the Internet and ate my lunch and then I Choloroxed some of Peyton's pharmacy coats and worked on a little painting project outside.  I organized some around the house and started marinating a brisket and then the kids woke up.  We played a little bit and then went to run some errands.  I had to return the stool to Hobby Lobby and we had some child safety things we've been trying to return to Babies R Us for months (they wouldn't let me make the return because my license was expired...what??).  We also went by Lowes to get a shelving system for the laundry room.  We got it to the car and I really thought I was going to have to go home and get my 4Runner to pick it up.  Peyton made it fit, though:

Once we got home, we fed the children dinner and put them to bed.  I ran to Target to look for a new planner and some duct tape and to the grocery store for some corn for a casserole I was making.  I got home and Annie was still up, so I rocked her and put her to bed.  Peyton and I watched a CNN presidential debate and ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch in front of a fire. I woke up a little later and put the leftover food up and went to bed.  Graves woke up once and then was up pretty early on Friday morning.

We all got up around sevenish on Friday and Peyton helped me give the kids baths.  He got out the latex gloves he uses to paint because he didn't want to get the band aid he was wearing wet.  He's so funny!  I fed Graves some solids and then Peyton took the kids to the park for an hour and I took a bath and got ready.  We were planning on meeting Carrie and her kids for lunch, but he didn't realize and got back later than I expected.  It cut Graves's nap short and he had picked up donuts for himself and AP (and me).  I figured Graves would be sleepy and fussy and Ann Peyton wouldn't eat (and not want to sit and be still) and lunch would be a bust.  I tried not to be too upset, though, after all he was trying his best to help me every way he knew how.  I woke Graves up after thirty minutes and we met the Howies at Broadstreet. Lunch actually was one of our best ones lately.  We got to talk more than we usually do and everyone was really well behaved.  And Annie decided that she liked holding hands with Aubrey this week, so that was fun! AP mostly recapped the lunch here, but it also included Carrie using the phrase "throw you under the theological bus"...it's quotes like that totally affirm our friendship.  Anyway, we got home late and I hadn't fed Graves at the restaurant like I meant to and by the time I got the kids fed and diapers changed and Ann Peyton took a few trips to the potty and all that it was close to three.  They both fell asleep and slept GREAT and I really let them nap too long.  I was trying to put a couple of apps on my phone and they kept saying "waiting".  I Googled the problem and tried everything everyone recommended short of deleting every app on my phone.  I really wanted to figure it out myself, but I decided to just wait and ask Peyton after a couple of HOURS of trying.  I kind of assumed it would take him awhile, too, and be a few days before he could get around to it.  I did get out the double stroller and put the two canopy things on it and tried to attach the front tray like I've been meaning to do.  I couldn't figure out the tray, but the other stuff was easy.  Dumb they've been sitting in our living room for weeks. I finally woke the kids up and we got ready and headed to my parents' house for beans and rice.  We had a nice visit with them and supper was great.

We got home kind of late (intentional since the kids slept so late) and I put them right to bed.  Annie took awhile to go to sleep, but Graves went right down.  I wrote a post and Peyton got home and I fell asleep on the couch.  Graves was up a few times and I didn't sleep great the part of the night I spent on the couch.

Graves woke up pretty early, but I snuggled with him on the sofa and he went back to sleep.  I transferred him to his crib and climbed in my bed for another thirty minutes.  Peyton had to get ready for work and he was waking back up, so I went and got him.  Annie woke up right as Peyton was leaving and we got our day started.  I sorted a bunch of laundry and started a load and then started running my bath.  I forgot to stop it up and the water got cold, though, so I had to wait awhile for it to heat back up.  I fed Graves breakfast and straitened up our room some and then took my bath while AP watched Veggie Tales and Graves played.  I got ready and then put him down for his morning nap.  Annie and I cleaned up the kitchen and it took a good while because it was such a mess.  I've really gotten lazy about just leaving dishes in the sink at night.  Graves woke up and I straightened up some in the nursery and fed him and then we went over to my parents' house.  Ann Peyton fell asleep on the way.  We had a good time- we had lunch, colored and baked cookies and then my mom and dad took the kids on a short walk so I could just have some time to myself.  We left and when we got home, I put Graves down for a late nap.  Annie and I read books and hung out and then Graves woke up.  Peyton got home and I vacuumed the bedrooms and straightened some and then it was Graves's bedtime.  Peyton took AP to run some errands- to two Walgreens and to the Dollar Tree for some supplies since I was doing children's church the next day.  They got home and AP was fast asleep.  He told me that at the second Walgreens (their last stop) she was asleep and he carried her around the store for five minutes without her waking up.  Poor thing!  I did some stuff on the computer and when they got home and he dropped her in bed.  We chatted and then heated up leftovers for supper.  We watched the end of Love and Other Drugs (Peyton had seen the beginning earlier) and then an episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show off the DVR.  I folded some laundry and then got on the computer again.  I got my stuff ready for children's church and went to bed.

I woke up, got ready, got all our stuff together and then started feeling really sick on Sunday morning.  I ended up throwing up a couple of times.  I think it was just the vitamins I took on an empty stomach, but Peyton said not to risk it, so he ended up doing children's church for me and I stayed home with the kids.  I had already woke AP up, so we got going.  I fed Graves and started some laundry and the kids played. I fed Graves his solids and then put him down for a nap.  I was pretty tired and still feeling kind of nauseous so I put Annie in our bed and we read stories and watched a couple of videos.  Graves never did go to sleep and was fussing on and off, so finally I just went and got him up.  I was feeling better and we got a lot done around the house.  Graves played well independently and I straightened, stripped the beds, swept the hardwood floors, cooked some carrots, and did more laundry.  I put the cover I had washed back on the high chair fixed the kids' lunch.  I put a mattress pad and fitted sheet on AP's bed and then put them down for naps.

Graves only slept for forty five minutes but I did manage to clean up their lunches, eat my lunch, and read a chapter in Radical and a bit in my Christian Believer text.  After he woke up, I folded a bunch of laundry and then I went and got Annie up.  She never did take a nap, but she rested pretty good.  We watched Galloway's service from that morning (I had DVR'd it) and I did more laundry.  Annie was so cute; when they sang Come Thou Fount, I was singing it too and she was trying so hard to sing, but she didn't know the words. We started getting ready for our Radical study really early and actually left on time.  Graves didn't fall asleep in the car (surprisingly), but Annie did.  The study was good and Graves had fallen asleep when we picked the kids up.  We got home and Peyton left to go run with his brother.  I put the clean top sheet on on AP's bed (we only have one top sheet) and hung up some clothes in the nursery and then put Graves to bed. He had SUCH a hard time going to sleep and I felt terrible for him. There was just nothing I could do and my nerves were shot by the time he finally fell asleep.  I let AP stay up for a bit so he could get into a good sleep.  I read Pooh to her and we prayed and read her Bible story.  It was about God making the world and I told her God made everything.  I said "God made Annie. And God made Baby Graves." and then she said "And God made Momma.  And God made Papa.  And....God made AUBREY." I'm glad she loves her friends!  I got her to bed and Peyton got home and we just chilled out and went to bed early.

This week I'm starting back my morning Bible study and Peyton is working every day.  He has something on Saturday, too, and I've got a baby shower.  I think it'll be a good amount of busy, again!

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