Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #150 (January 23-29)-- Momma Gets the Sickies

 Totally random coincidence AP is holding her current favorite book, So Sick.

This week started out pretty typical and was actually a really nice, stress free week.  We didn't end up getting to go to Bible study on Wednesday morning (Peyton had Graves's car seat), we didn't do anything with Carrie and her kiddos, and we didn't have any random extra night activities outside Wednesday night church and our standing date with my parents for red beans.  NOW, I love all of those things, but it's nice to just breath sometimes, too, you know.  And be home and clean and organize and read and do small projects.  Then on Saturday, I came down with the stomach virus.  It was pretty mild and I've made a full recovery at this point!

This post hardly has any pictures and after last week when I said I was going to do better, too.  It's a goal for February!

Peyton and I decided to get up early on Monday.  It ended up that I got up a little after eight.  For a day when he's here, that's kind of early. Ha!  I know it sounds bad how much he gets up with the kids in the mornings, but he's so much more of a morning person than I am.  And also, I'm the one who wakes up with Graves and feeds his at 5:30 in the morning.  Anyway, Ann Peyton was still asleep and Graves played for awhile and we read some in our Christian Believer text, talked and watched part of a DVRed Mary Tyler Moore episode.  Peyton made breakfast and we put Graves down for a nap.
 Peyton always thinks that there looks like there is something wrong with our kids in the pictures I think are super cute!

 I took a bath and called the breastfeeding clinic to discuss Graves's weight. Peyton and I moved around the shelves in the shelving system in the laundry room and I put stuff on it and organized.  Ann Peyton finally woke up at TEN THIRTY.  I guess she really needed to catch up.  Peyton fixed her some "brunch" and then when Graves woke up, he took them outside to play while I finished in the laundry room.  He was meeting another pharmacist for lunch, so I stayed outside with them a bit and we had a snack and then came in.  I fed Graves an avocado and unloaded dishes and then Peyton got home.  He cut out windows and a door in the box the shelves came in and he played with the kids while I talked to the nurse at the breastfeeding clinic.  She said she thought I wasn't feeding him often enough.  Um, he eats more often that most kids his age (like six times in a twenty four hour period), but I decided I'd try to do it more.  Literally, I think every hour on the clock saw me nursing, feeding him solids or eating something myself.

 Peyton left and I gave the kids baths.  It was a good morning and I felt like we got a lot done AND enjoyed time as a family.  I guess I need to make myself get up before nine thirty or ten more often when he's home!

I put Graves down for his nap and read to Annie some and put her down.  They both slept awhile and I had lunch and read my Bible some.  Graves woke up and he played and I got on the Internet and changed over laundry.  When AP woke up, they played some and I cleaned up some dishes in the sink and loaded the dishwasher and then we ran some errands.  I wanted to see if I could find some insulated cups and a planner at TJ Maxx, but no luck.  Then we headed to the grocery store for a few things.  We got home and I fed them dinner and put them to bed.  I read blogs and then when Peyton got home I cooked some beef and brocoli stir fry for supper.  I got on the computer again and went to bed late.

We had Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and I had everything packed up the night before and got up a little early and we were on time, even though Graves had to have a bath due to his diaper leaking.  About half our class was out with sickness and we had a teacher go home sick.  I was hoping to avoid of all that. We got home and I fed the kids lunch and unpacked the diaper bag, straightened a bit, and ate some lunch myself.  I put them down for naps and uploaded pictures onto the computer.  Graves woke up and I played with him, but he was cranky and yanking on my hair and I was tired and kind of stressed.  I could feel myself getting a headache.  Peyton got home about the time Annie woke up and I laid down for a bit.  Peyton decided to take the kids to see his parents so I got up and took a bath and took some medicine.  My head felt better and it was nice to have some solitude.  I rewatched some Christian Believer videos and read a few blogs.  Everyone got home and we put them to bed and then Peyton and I talked.  I put some pictures on Flikr and renewed my driver's license and wrote some thank you notes and then went to bed.

On Wednesday, I woke up when Peyton did and we chatted a little until Baby Graves interrupted.  I took a bath and gave him a bath and got Annie up to get ready for Bible study when Peyton called and said he had Graves's car seat in his car.  Annie wanted to get back in her bed.  Weird, but I let her.  I got Graves a banana and started unloading dishes and cleaning up the den.  I reloaded a full load and then put Graves down for a nap and decided to work on some deep cleaning in the kitchen while AP played.  I moved things around and scrubbed the counters and then wiped down the high chair and cleaned the toaster oven.  My mom came over so I could run some errands since I didn't have the car seat.  I went to Lowes for lightbulbs and for some glue for Peyton to glue down a wood strip where the hardwoods meet the new kitchen floor and then I went to the grocery store.  I was speed shopping, but I took a page out of Peyton's book and stopped a manager to brag on how helpful the people in the deli were about offering to order me some pita bread.  I got home and visited with my mom some and then she left and I started cooking some chili.  Annie helped me chop onions with our new chopper thing and when it was ready she had a bowl for lunch.  I gave her a bath and put the children down for naps.

Annie slept great, but Graves didn't sleep long at all and was so fussy. I did manage to get my own bowl of chili.  Peyton got home and we took turns with him.  I baked some cookies and Peyton glued the wood strip and read for Christian Believer. We got ready and headed to church a little early so we could drop off some chili and cookies with the Howies since they had all sorts of ailments at their house ;)  Christian Believer went well and we got home and put the kids to bed.  I got on the computer and messed around and then worked on our finances. Peyton and I had a very nice chat and then I got some things ready for MDO the next day and went to bed.

Thursday we were staying at MDO the whole time (meaning until 2:00).  It was a long day and the kids were pretty worn out by the end of it.  Neither fell asleep in the car, to my surprise (and delight), but I put them down immediately when we got home.  Graves took awhile and then had a dirty diaper, but he finally went to sleep.  Annie never did.  To be honest, even though it's annoying because she calls me in her room to get her books and things (I limit it, but I think it's only fair to indulge her some since we require her to stay in her bed), I've gotten to where I really prefer her not to nap because it makes bedtime so much easier.  Funny it used to be the exact opposite!  Anyway, I still think she needs the quiet time in her bed, but like I said no naps really make for easier nights.

While they were resting, I just chilled out.  I got on the computer and sent a couple of LONG emails (one to Carrie since we missed our lunch date and one to someone inquiring about cloth diapers) and played on Twitter some.  Peyton got home and we got the kids up.  We played with them for a little bit and talked about our days and then tried to figure out what we wanted to do that afternoon/evening.  We talked about going to the park, but then decided that we'd take Annie swimming at the Y.  We got ready and headed to the pool.  Graves and I observed and Peyton and AP had a blast.  She was so mad when it was time to leave! We stopped by Lowes on the way home because I had gotten the wrong kind of glue for the floor and then headed home.  We fed the kids and put them to bed and then I watched Lost and grated soap for laundry detergent.  I got on the computer and uploaded some pictures to Flikr and straitened up around the house and then went to bed.

Friday was another day at home.  Graves woke up first and I snuggled with him and nursed him and then I took a bath and changed his clothes and fed him solids.  Annie woke up, but she wanted to stay in bed a bit again.  I started dishes and laundry and took out the trash.  I vacuumed in the kitchen and AP and I had breakfast when she got up.  Graves took his nap and I went through some piles around the house and culled some of the magazines AP likes to look at in bed.  Graves woke up and we read some and then I fed Graves lunch and fixed Annie's.  I put them down for naps and had my lunch.  I watched Lost and folded laundry and then Peyton got home.  AP never did take a nap, but Graves got a good one.  We got them up and Peyton took both kids outside to wash my 4Runner.  Annie played and he put Graves in the saucer.  We decided to clean it up because we're trying to sell it.  I finished folding clothes and helped them clean out the inside of the car.  Graves had gotten bored and Peyton had put him in the driver's seat and strapped him in with the seat belt.  We finished that and Peyton gave AP a bath and we got ready to go to my parents' house.  We had a good time, but I got so tired and kept dozing off while watching TV.  We got home and put the kids in their beds and I talked for a few minutes and then I got on the computer. I finished a post and worked on my blog design for February.

I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up.  UGH.  I was pretty sure it was the stomach bug since several kids at MDO had had it.  I woke Peyton up and got him to move to the couch and went back to bed and slept until morning.

Peyton had an important meeting for a church committee he's on that had been on the calendar for months on Saturday.  His mom was supposed to keep the kids that morning so I could go to a baby shower and so thankfully, she was able to just come on.  I did get up with Graves while Peyton was showering and he was crying in the high chair so I picked him up.  Bad decision.  I threw up all over him.  UGGGGH.  Peyton gave him a bath and I took one, too and his mom got here and I went back to bed for the rest of the morning.  Around one my mom came over so Denise could leave and then Peyton got home at two.  I woke up around three and Graves took a short nap and Annie rested for a bit.  I laid on the couch and watched a PBS documentary on Thomas Jefferson on Netflix instant streaming while Peyton cleaned up the study and played with the kids.  He fed them supper and I helped him get them to bed.  They both had a hard night and after they went to sleep I went back to bed myself. 

I woke up feeling MUCH better on Sunday.  I still had a headache, but I took a BC powder and started running my bath.  Peyton had to teach Sunday School, but we decided to keep the kids home since they might have been exposed.  I got AP up and put her in our bed with a movie (on retrospect, why would I put her in our bed before I changed the sheets/Lysoled???) and got Graves happily playing on the floor.  By the time I had gotten my bath and dried my hair, this had happened:
1) AP spilled water in our bed
2) AP "spit up" in our bed (her words)
3) AP teeteed in the tub while I was cleaning her up
4) our new crawler got into the trashcan in our bathroom

So...I got Graves down for his nap and set up Annie watching a video in the den and I just took some deep breaths, texted Peyton, updated my status on all social media outlets, and decided to try and smile.  I opened the blinds and started cleaning up the den.  It was a total disaster from the day before and I had just left it that night.  I got everything picked up and even started working on some piles on the buffet.  Ann Peyton and I had a very light breakfast and Graves woke up.  Peyton got home and he played with the kids and I started washing our sheets and picking up around the house some more.  He took the kids outside to lay pine straw and I went through some piles and filed stuff in the study.  I also worked on taping up some of AP's books that had gotten ripped up.  Anybody else relate?

We fed the kids lunch and put them down for naps and I ate my lunch and talked to Peyton about a picture I found in the piles that was really how I wanted to do our floors:

He said exactly what I didn't want to hear.  That he wished we would have to, that it would have been cheaper, and that the issue would the grout would have been a non issue.  I started crying.  But then we decided to read Radical.  Because martyrs and orphans have a way of making my floor grief seem really small.  I got ready and left for church.  Peyton kept the kids at home, even though we had pretty much decided AP's throw up episode was a fluke. Our Radical study was good that night and I got home and helped Peyton get the kids to bed and then ran to Target for a storage bin (what else?), a big file folder, and some wipes.  I also found some kid pajamas and a purse for me.  I got home, rocked Annie one last time, and got on the computer and wrote a post.  I went to bed too late.

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