Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday Prompt: Delight

I am learning a new way. Learning to delight in relationships, not in stuff.  Learning to delight in people, not things. Learning to delight in the eternal, not the temporal. Slowly learning, but learning.

It feels good to be at a place where I put serving a friend before kid clothes and don't hesitate to do it.  Delight found in the moment where I watched her two little ones play with my two little ones while she ran to the store in the rain.  Delight in not feeling one ounce of worry about being late to a sale to buy Summer clothes for a boy and a girl whose closets already overflow.

Delight in finding the energy from somewhere after a long day to extend a bedtime and let a precious little girl enjoy making brownies with me.  Delight in those perfect moments that were just the two of us...that we didn't have to share with anyone else.

Delight in the extra effort those chocolate squares costs me.  Delight that I could overcome my fear of the kitchen in order to use products that are better for my family, but more importantly, better from a global perspective as we seek to use ingredients produced not from the sweat and toil of another little one.

Delight in friendships that challenge me, books that convict me, and a family who supports me. Delight in a Lord who loves me and guides me.  Delight in a new way.


thegypsymama said...

Oh those bedtimes that last sooo long and dragggg out forever can be hard. I love imagining you just letting her come make brownies with you instead. Maybe I need to do that as a surprise for my boys one night when they're asking for yet another glass of water :)

I loved this - thanks for sharing it!


Gidget said...

Oh, how I love those unexptected moments that happen late at night. My daughter and I frequently watch old movies while the "boys" sleep - how precious that time was for you I'm sure!

My favorite line: "Learning to delight in the eternal, not the temporal." This is something that I am working on learning too :)

Hopping over from Gypsy Mama's

Emily said...

You've found so many truly authentic, inspiring ways to show delight...and patience...and openness...and friendship. I love thinking about you making brownies at bedtime!