Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Imagine That

We have loved being able to watch Annie's imagination at work lately.  Peyton and I constantly talk about how one of the coolest parts of raising kids is getting a bird's eye view of their thought process.  I love watching the "wheels turn".  Recently, Annie has been creating little stories in her head.  For example, she will tell me that MonkMonk's "mother" is at our front door.  I think this is hysterical, in part because it cracks me up to hear her say the word mother; she calls me "Momma", and Peyton and I both refer to our mothers the same way, so "Mother" sounds super formal (but really cute).

Anyway, the other night she was playing with this keyboard protector from Peyton's laptop and all of a sudden decided that each little "key" was a picture.  It was so cute and (I thought) so creative!

Some of my favorite lines:
- "Minnie had on a bib."
- "The monkey [how she refers to herself most of the time] had a bib on."
- "And that's me picking up Piglet."

I absolutely love this age!


Kodi said...

My sound on my laptop is crappy, but I detect an obvious Southern twang. She is a doll.

Sarah said...

It really is such a great age. They come out with the cutest little things, and their imaginations are amazing!