Thursday, February 9, 2012

Joy to the World [Christmas 2011: Part 2]

I was starting to get embarassed about even doing this post, but this week I saw two of my friends do Christmas posts, so I figured it's okay.  Anyway, I wanted to share a few pictures of the second part of our Christmas activities!

We had a fun time seeing Peyton's parents on Christmas Day after church.

Unfortuantly, I didn't get many great pictures :(

The day after Christmas we always go to Granny's (Peyton's grandmother) house.  We had so much fun!

Annie and Cousin Simeon love playing piano.

Let's play spot the unhappy Babykins.

Blurry, but he's better.

It's an Annie/Uncle sandwich!

Enjoying Granny's chair.  And yes, she wore her new pjs all day.

Sweet girl in the baby rocking chair.

So much has changed since her first Christmas in it!
She was so tiny! 

Enjoying a little walk sans shoes.

We had such a wonderful time over the holidays and were so blessed by the time with both our families. 

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