Monday, February 13, 2012

Letter to (Ten Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

This was one of those "big" months.  You just seemed to change a whole bunch.  You've started eating things with you hands- turkey, bananas, avocados, and Cheerios.  You love feeding yourself and I'm pretty sure, unlike your sister who was happy to be fed for the longest time, our days with the spoon are limited.

We had some weight issues with you over the last month.  It appeared you were in the third percentile and since I really didn't want to give you formula unless it was absolutely necessary, we went to see a breastfeeding specialist.  She had another chart of exclusively breastfed babies and on it you were in the TWENTIETH percentile. She also said you looked very healthy and generally just eased my mind.

You still have no teeth and you've gotten really good at crawling.  You've also started pulling up on things and if I hold you up you can mostly support just need to gain some balancing skills!

The main changes I've noticed are in your little personality.  You've always been a sweet, smiley baby but you've gotten noisy and even more affectionate.  You love to coo and screech and giggle and you give great slobbery kisses.  You brighten my day and I love spending time with you.

You love many of the things your sister did/does.  Y'all both like animals, the outdoors, and music.  I think your love for animals and music may top hers.  One thing that you haven't been as interested as Ann Peyton was is with books.  I've been trying to read to you more, though, because it's SO good for you.  I hope the day will come when you really start to enjoy being read to!

You are such a wonderfully sweet little bear and I adore you so much.

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. I lied last month when I said I had packed up all your six month things.  This little church outfit is a 6 mo.  I guess you are a bit of a wee little munchkin (compared to Sister you're a big dude, though!). 

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