Friday, February 3, 2012

Letter to (Thirty Four Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

The big theme this month with you is imagination.  We have seen it explode these past few weeks and it's breathtaking to watch the amazing things your little mind concocts.  For example, your stuffed monkey, MonkMonk, continues to be a close confident, but now she's also somewhat of an imaginary friend.  You will be holding her, but then you'll tell us something she's doing somewhere else. For example, you will say "MonkMonk knocked on the door" or "MonkMonk was driving down the street" and you'll run to the door or the window respectively.  We might say "Oh, I thought you were holding MonkMonk" and you'll just laugh like we are so silly and say "NO!, I not hold MonkMonk".  Additionally, you like to create your own little stories about what happened on a given day; I think usually it's things you wish happened, like a trip to the park.

MonkMonk continues to be very much involved in our days.  If anything outside the ordinary happens, you can bet it will be reenacted with MonkMonk.  You just had the stomach bug, and consequently MonkMonk needed a pink bowl to throw up in the very next day.

You talk so much about the things you love, but you mostly talk about the people you love.  Minnie and your dear friend Aubrey topped the list this month.  You are forever picking up books and telling me "Minnie gave you (meaning herself) this".  Minnie recently sent home a stool for your bathroom and every time you use it you proudly declare its Minnie origins.  It's been a couple of weeks since you've seen Aubrey due to sickness, but hardly a day goes by without you mentioning holding her hand, going to a restaurant with her, or the helpful precaution she gave last time you saw her- "CHILDREN NOT RUN AROUND". 

Also at the top of your favorite people list is Baby Graves.  You love making him laugh and you get very upset when he cries these days.  You want me to fix it immediately and if I don't you try to fix it by bringing him things to play with.

You've gotten really good at counting and consistently make it to twelve, sometimes higher.  You can say your ABC's well and identify a few letters.  And you know lots of songs and love to sing them.  And you've become very interested in coloring.

You've gotten pretty opinionated about things lately.  The other day I was using your play broom to knock some stuff out from under the couch and you ran and got the real broom and said "Here's your broom, Momma.  Not use Annie's broom." I told you that you needed to share and you said, "I share with Baby Graves....not share with Momma."  Clearly we have more work to do on the sharing front.

You had been having a lot of trouble with naptime and bedtime until recently.  You've been a great sleeper all your life and I had no idea what was going on.  I realized finally that you were just craving some individual time with me, so I put Graves down first now and we read some together and snuggle and sing songs before bed and before your nap.

Annie, I am loving these days with you. I love reading to you and teaching you new things and trying to explain things to you in a way your little mind can comprehend.  I love that us time we have- the songs and snuggles and silly laughter.  I love seeing more and more of myself and Papa reflected in you in different ways.  I love reading Bible stories to you and hearing you spontaneously mention them the next day.  I love watching your relationship with your brother grow and I love seeing the sparkle in your eye when you discover something exciting.  You bring so much to every single day!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your outfit is a 24 mo.

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Jennifer said...

Ann Peyton sounds like such a sweet girl!

Aubrey's precaution & the fact that AP remembers it cracks me up!! Too funny!