Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: January

I've grown to realize that just as I love memes and things of that nature, I love little daily challenges.  Just as I gained so much from the November thankful challenge I gave myself, deciding to participate in the Photo A Day Challenge created by Chantelle at FatMumSlim was a such an enjoyable exercise.  I won't say it provided the oppurtunity for spiritual growth that my 1000 gifts month did, but it did open my eyes more to little slices of beauty all around me. 

Here's how the challenge works. Each day there is a "prompt" or a theme.  It's typically one word, or maybe a short phrase, and the thing is most of them are broad enough to be interpreted a variety of different ways.  So part of the fun of the project is being able to be creative with it. 

I got started late and I did miss a couple of days.  Also, somewhere along the way, I decided to focus on my captions as well.  I wanted to them to capture as much as the photo. I didn't always succeed, but there's going to be a photo challenge each month, and for February I'm trying even harder to be as creative in my captioning as I am with my pictures.

Day 5
argyle trouser socks, aqua ones at that (something I wore)

Day 6
my sweetums (makes me smile)

Day 7
(favorite) singer and album

Day 9
just in case...surprises can happen ;) (daily routine)

Day 10

Annie's new favorite literary indulgence (childhood)

Day 12
Such a simple, old fashioned toy and yet the source of SO much of his joy! (close-up)

Day 13
the important stuff- robot lovey, Tide to Go pen, and Sofie (in my bag)

Day 14
Well, those are some pretty string implications about my current lifestyle, Mr. Platt. (something I'm reading)

Day 15
(Happiness) is enjoying your own personal leaf collection and ignoring a big pile of favorite toys.

Day 16 
Recently acquired: Momma Elephant and Papa Whale. Maybe they'll motivate us to become (morning) people.

Day 17
This guy makes toddler baths much more bearable. (water)

Day 18
green Christmas box, pink girl clothes storage box (something I bought)

Day 19
Nothing says love like seasonal Debbie snack cakes. (sweet)

Day 20
Kinda hard to choose just one (someone I love), ya know?

Day 21
Mirror, mirror on the wall...(reflection)

Day 22
old owls, new monkeys (my shoes)

Day 23
Hushpuppy- Peyton's dog from when he was about the age of the boy in this picture. Definitely (something old)- HP is about to turn thirty!

Day 24
A (guilty pleasure) that is no longer. Peyton canceled the cable today. I am at peace with it.

Day 25
(Something I made) back from my School of Ed days. It's one of AP's treasures now. If I had known I was making it for her...{tear}.

Day 26
Command center during play time. Living room, dining room, den and play room are one and the same at this house. (color)
Day 27
Baby Graves's (lunch)- sweet taters and banana puffs .

Day 28
Natural (light). Goodness knows, this house needs it.

Day 29
(In my fridge) Dairy Free Delight- Tofutti "sour cream" and "cream cheese" and soy yogurt.

Day 30
Every little girl needs a stump for jumping! (nature)

Day 31
And here's (me) on the last day of January. Natural SD.

I'm so excited about doing this again this month!

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Lindsay said...

I love this idea! I might steal it and do it also!