Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #151 (January 30- February 5)-- More Sickies and Starting to Simplify

 We started out the week with more sickness, but thankfully it was shortlived.  Another big theme of the week was simplifying- we got rid of our cable, a car, and my anxiety crutch AngelCare breathing monitor.  All a pretty big deal. I also got a monthly visitor that I haven't seen since July before last.  I had forgotten what an emotional delight that is.  Seriously, y'all it is not pretty. 

Peyton had to leave close to nine on Monday to drop our cable box of at UPS before heading to work and the kids woke up around that time, too.

I was thankful, because Graves hadn't had the best night.  I think it had to do with him being congested, but it was no fun.  Anyway, I had a bit of energy (surprisingly) so I got going, too.  I took a bath and had my hair dry before Peyton even left.  I nursed Graves, changed him and then we all went to the den.  I started some laundry, put some sheets on our bed (they were finally dry from the night before) and put the also freshly washed highchair cover back on the high chair.  I Lysoled the bathrooms really good since we had had a virus around the house the weekend before and then I fed Graves solids and put him down for a nap.  He slept great and I was super productive.  I cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher (the sink was overflowing with dishes), and pureed some squash for Graves.  I even got two (small) loads of laundry folded and had some time to visit with Annie.  Graves woke up and I got some things together and got the kids dressed and we were going to go over to my parents' house and pick up a few things and have lunch with my mom.  Well....the car seat was with Peyton AGAIN.  We've just gotten in the habit of not getting it out of the car. Anyway, we decided to just play outside some and then came in and had lunch ourselves.  I was trying to hand our big comforter that I had washed on the shower rod because the dryer would not dry it completely and the rod and curtain came crashing down.  Annie helped me fix it by holding the hooks until I needed them ;) and then it was nap time.

I put Graves down for his nap and read to Annie and put her down and then got on the computer.  AP was up a couple of times for the bathroom, but then she fell asleep. I caught up on Twitter and worked on a post until Graves woke up and then I folded laundry and watched more in my Thomas Jefferson ducu while he played.  Annie woke up and we had snacks and did more laundry and then Peyton got home.  He was feeling awful and we thought he might be sick, so I took the kids to my parents' house.  They were having chicken pot pie and we had a fun time.  We came home and I got the kids to bed.  It was AWFUL.  I have no idea what was going on, but both kids were so fussy and I couldn't ask Peyton to help.  They finally fell asleep and I cleaned up the kitchen, took out the trash and put up some laundry.  I finished a post and put pictures on Flikr and went to bed.....

For about two hours.  Annie woke up screaming and when I went to check on her she had thrown up a TON.  I got her up, put her in the tub and started cleaning up her room.  I got her rinsed off, put her in our bed and stripped her bed, Chorox wiped the gazallion books that were in there, cleaned the FLOOR which had chunks all over it (::shutter::), changed my own clothes, and started a cycle of started laundry.  Right after that she vommed in our bed.  Oh my.  I striped our sheets and got a flat crib protector and towel and put it under her (the mattress pad was still on it) and got a bowl for her.  Surprisingly, Graves slept through all of it.  I woke up Peyton who was sleeping on the sofa to figure out if we should get her medicine, Pedialite, ect. and he came in our room.  She got so upset when we tried to turn out the lights so Peyton went and got a wand that glows that he had been saving and she slept with it all night.  She woke up probably ever thirty minutes to an hour to heave in the bowl I was holding for her. It was a long night.  [Sidenote: my mom couldn't believe we put wee little sick person in our bed.  Um, what were we to do, Minnie? She can't hold her own barf bowl very effectively yet and I could hardly get it to her in time with her lying right beside me.  Plus, um Baby Graves? He and his health was kind of my priority.  I kept thinking that if these past ten sometimes excruciating months of giving up grilled cheeses and pizza and EVERYTHING I LOVE IN LIVE protected him from that, they would be well worth it.]

Peyton was supposed to go in to work on Tuesday, but he was still feeling sort of sick. I told him I was exhausted, but he said it would be unfair to call in sick for that since sick days are sick days for employees, not for kids, wives, ect.  Boyfriend is an ethical giant, y'all.  He was worried about getting his techs sick and I made the point (and enlisted Twitter's help in backing me up) that nobody wants somebody who had their head in a commode less than twenty four hours prior handling their pills.   Obviously calling in to Mother's Day Out was NBD.

Anyway, I got up with Graves and he stayed in bed with Annie.  I just let Graves play on the floor and dozed off and on on the couch.  Peyton couldn't get anyone to cover for him so he was going to have to go in for an hour or so and so I put Graves down for his morning nap after I fed him breakfast and got back in bed with AP.  She wanted to read and talk and not rest.  Peyton got back home (someone called right as he was almost to his store), but Graves was up.  I was trying to keep him away from Peyton and Annie, so I took him back in the den and he played while I started some more laundry and Lysoled all around the house again.  Then I put on a program for him to watch so I could rest some.  It was the first time I've ever turned on the TV specifically for him.  We made it to almost a year, though. [We made it to almost two with AP.]

I fed him lunch and we all went outside for a bit and it was finally naptime.

 Yes, this is how we said goodbye to January.  And no, she hardly ever wears clothes.

He slept for about an hour and Peyton and I read some in a new book we got, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. After than I laid down and napped for about an hour.  Graves woke up and Peyton and I talked while he played and then we woke AP up.  We decided to go for a drive since we needed to do some errands anyway.  We dropped off the cable box (Peyton hadn't had everything he needed the day before), dropped a letter at the post office, made a Goodwill donation, and picked up supper for us at Broadstreet.  Both kids took another nap in the car and we ended up also running to Lowes to exchange some lightbulbs and to Best Buy to get a new TV.  NOW, I know that makes NO sense since we just canceled the cable, but Peyton got this thing called "Apple TV'.  For a hundred dollar one time fee, it allows you to steam things from an iPad, watch Netflix, see certain Apple TV news events, see/hear everything in your iTunes library, and rent and buy movies and TV shows.  We had a really archaic TV that wasn't even compatible with the thing, so we got a new one.  I told the guy our specs and a price point and he found us an "open box" one that someone had returned that was still in perfect shape.

We came home and Peyton got it hooked up and I fed Graves supper and put him to bed.  I put up some clothes in the kids' room and then Peyton realized we didn't have a remote.  I ran back to Best Buy and he gave AP a bath.  I got home and straightened the house, changed over laundry, and vacuumed the kitchen. We put Annie to bed and I got on the computer.

Graves woke up around the time Peyton left on Wednesday and I took him in the living room and nursed him and snuggled and then let him play on the floor while I laid on the couch.  Annie woke up and I played on the Internet on my phone and fed Graves his applesauce and we played some more and then it was time for his morning nap.  I took a bath while AP read books and then started cleaning bathrooms.
[Queens are not scary.]

  I had Lysoled them and rinsed out the tub that I bathed AP in the night she threw up, but I wanted to do some deep cleaning with the chemicals that scare Peyton (Comet and such).  I cleaned the tubs and toilets really well, wiped down the vanities, and Windexed every mirror in our house.  Graves woke up and the kids played will I straightened their room and put fresh sheets on our bed.

I folded laundry and Ann Peyton played in her little house Peyton made her out of a box and then they ate lunch and I put them down for naps.

I straightened the den and put up the laundry I folded and just as I was getting ready to read the Scripture passages for Christian Believer Graves woke up.  He stayed in his crib happily for a bit and so I read some.  I went and got him and he played independently for a while so I finished that up and then let AP get up (she never napped).  I finished my leftover sandwich from the night before and cleaned the kitchen up and then got ready to go. We had a good time at church and when we got home we fed and put the kids to bed and then I got on the computer and then went to bed, too after a bowl of oatmeal.

Thursday was Mother's Day Out and we had a good time.  It was good to be back!  We stayed for lunch and I put the kids down for naps right when we got home.  Graves took a GREAT nap, but AP never went to sleep.  I played on the computer and then just relaxed.  I let AP watch a video and I just laid on the couch.  Peyton got home and we talked and then got ready to go to church since I had my UMW Circle meeting and he had mens' group.  Circle was SO FUN. We're having older women from the church speak each month and it's fascinating and so encouraging to hear their testimonies.  We got home and took Annie's monthly pic.

Then we got the kids fed and put to bed.  I wrote thank you notes, cleaned up the kitchen and straightened the house, did my Beth Moore Bible study and got on the computer.

Friday was such a fun day.  We got up and got going.  I changed over laundry, folded some clothes, played with the kids fed Graves his breakfast and then gave him a bath put him to bed for his morning nap.  I took a shower and got ready and got Annie ready.  We woke up Graves and wen to meet Carrie and her kids for lunch.  It was so much fun to catch up since one or both of us or our kids have been sick for several weeks.  The highlight of the lunch was when Jude gave Baby Graves one of his crackers.  I can't wait to watch our boys' friendship develop just like our girls' has! We left in kind of a rush, because AP started saying her tummy was hurting and I was scared it was a relapse.  Turned out she just needed a nice loooong trip to the potty ;)  After we got home, I put the kids down for naps.  They both took good naps and I wasted time on Twitter and worked on a post.  Peyton got home and we talked some and then I started getting ready because we were going on a date that night.  Peyton had a gift card his techs and coworkers gave him for Christmas and we wanted to take my 4Runner on one last outing before we sold it.  We dropped the kids off with my parents and went to Table 100 for dinner.  It was good, but not one of my favorite restaurants or anything.  We picked up the kids and Peyton gave AP a bath at my parents.  We put them right to bed when we got home.  I got on the computer and then went to bed.

Saturday was another fun, laid back day.  Peyton got up with the kids and took them to visit his parents and I slept in.  I'm embarrassed to say how late I woke up, but it was so nice!  I got a bath and when they got home I fed Graves and ate lunch and then ran to Target to get a baby shower gift and to the grocery store for a few things.   I got home and we put the kids down for naps and I made some pasta salad to take to the shower, wrapped my gift and got ready and then left.  The shower was so much fun.  It was for a girl at church and she's had some complications, but she's made it to thirty four weeks and that was her big goal.  We were all so excited to celebrate wit her!  I got home and we fed the babies dinner and just hung out.  Peyton and AP went to the grocery store and I straitened around the house, did dishes, and got Graves to bed.  They got home and we put Annie down.  It took her SO long to go to sleep, but she finally did.  I made a chicken pot pie and got on the computer and then went to bed.

Annie was up several times and Graves was up SO much.  I have no idea what the deal was.  Actually, I think with Graves it was that I put him in a cloth diaper.  He does fine in them during the day, but wakes up at night more (I think?) when I put him in them.  Anyway, I was SO tired Sunday morning.  Peyton was teaching Sunday school and then we went to the late service.  After church, there was a little fellowship time where some people brought soup because it was Super Bowl Sunday.  We ate and then headed home; I rode in the back on the way home to keep the kids awake.  We got home and I put everyone down for naps.  Peyton went to work out.  Graves took an okay nap, but Annie never fell asleep.  I got on Twitter and started some laundry and then read a chapter in Radical.  Peyton got home and I was really getting frustrated.  Annie had woken Graves up and he was in a horrid mood.  I literally wanted to jump out a window (and throw them out one).  It was just one of those days and on top of that I was SO emotional because we were selling my 4Runner that day.  At one point, I just sobbed over it.  Stupid, I know.  Anyway, Peyton kept telling me to go drive it one last time and I kept saying I just couldn't.  Finally, I decided we'd all go.

We drove around and went by Sonic for a snack and then came home and got the other car and went back to church since our group had decided it wasn't very "radical" to skip for the Super Bowl.  After church, we dropped off Clifford at his new house and came home.

 Annie was playing with the bottle, giving it to MonkMonk and stuff and she wanted milk in it.  Peyton let her have it, y'all!  Then he preceded to burp her and play like she was his baby.  It was really the sweetest thing!

We got the kids to bed and Peyton and I talked some about some future dreams and I got on the computer.  I went to bed kind of early for me.

This week is pretty normal and I'm hoping it stays that way.  No more sickness!

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