Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekly Happenings Post #153 (February 13-19)-- All You Need Is Love

Last week was Valentine's.  We didn't really do much of anything at all.  We had a nice date recently, so this week wasn't much different.  It's just nice to be daily surrounded by the people you love, though, isn't it?

Peyton was off Monday morning and I slept half an hour later than him and the kids.  Once I was up, I got some things priced and tagged for a consignment sale, straightened up the house and took a bath.  Graves took a short nap and then we got ready and did some errands.  We went by the bank and to drop my clothes off and tried to go buy me a new sewing machine but the store is closed on Monday.  We went by Target to make a return and I got toilet paper, diapers, and milk.  I don't think I've ever had a "necessities" trip like that before!  We stopped by Chik Fil A on the way home and then Peyton got ready for work and I fixed the kids lunch.

Our dishwasher was broken so I had to hand wash dishes and there were, um, quite a few.  It literally took almost an hour after I boiled the little sippy cup parts (because I'm anal) and had to stop and start with tending to the kids.  I vacuumed around the highchair and in the bathrooms and then put Graves down for a nap.  He slept a bit while Annie helped me chop onions with our new veggie chopper thing.  I put her down for rest time (she had taken a car nap) and she woke up Graves.  UGH.  I cleaned up the kitchen (that veggie chopper is a pain to clean; it's really not even worth it and I should just use a knife, but my eyes are SO sensative to the onions, I can hardly see to chop them).  Anyway, no one rested very long but I did manage to get the kitchen mostly cleaned up.  I cut my finger on that freakin' veggie chopper and I was just done.  I was getting AP up and we were about to get ready to go to the preview sale for that consignment sale and Morgan called.  I was planning to drop the kids off with my dad but Morgan wanted to see if I could watch her kiddos while she ran in a store really close to our house.  It was raining pretty bad and so cold and I said sure!  Y'all I'm trying to say this with humility, but it felt SO good to be at a place where kid clothes didn't take priority in my life over serving a friend!  We had a fun time with Mary Milton and Sarah Beth and I adjusted our plans and we met my mom at the sale and she just sat in the car with the babies.  They were both asleep by the time we got there anyway.  We ended up following my mom home and hanging out at their house a bit.  We had a good time and I put Graves right to bed when we got home.  Annie helped me clean up some and then I put her to bed, too.  That second car nap really screwed us thought and she finally fell asleep around midnight.  Ugh.  I got on the computer and worked on my Weekly Happenings post and caught up on Twitter some.   I went to bed, but it was a rough night.  AP woke up to use the potty and had a hard time getting back to sleep and Graves was up more than usual, too.

Tuesday was a loooong day....good, but long.  It was also Valentine's Day.  We needed a sub at Mother's Day Out and a month or so ago when Peyton visited me up there he thought it looked like so much fun that he put his name on the list.  So Darlene asked him to work!  Anyway, we all four got up and got ready and headed to school.

 We had a good day and it was fun having my Sweetie there on Valentine's Day.
 [Mr. Peyton, the P.E. teacher]

On the way home we went by Abners and AP fell asleep in the car.  I was discouraged and frustrated.  Graves had taken an unusually long morning nap at MDO so I was sure he wasn't going to be cooperative either and I was sort of tired and ready for a break.  Somehow, Peyton managed to transfer her and she stayed asleep in her bed.  I fed Graves lunch did a few things around the house- unpacking their bags and Valentines from MDO, and a few things I didn't have time to do that morning like picking up laundry and making our bed.  I attempted to get Graves down for a nap around two but he wasn't having it.  He stayed in his crib about twenty minutes and I got on Twitter and then realized my phone was missing.  Peyton was at the courthouse trying to resolve a traffic ticket so I Facebooked him but he didn't respond.  I got Graves out of his crib and AP woke up and I decided we'd go to my dad's office to call Peyton since it's only about fifteen minutes from our house.

Peyton didn't answer but Daddy said he'd keep trying him and stop by our house on the way home.  The steps up to my Dad's office were so steep and I was sweating by the time we left.  Also, Graves had a dirty diaper and was still in cloth.  AHH.

We went by the gas station on the way home because I needed gas and I knew it would be easier to change the dipe in the car than at the office or in the office parking lot where there was no trash can to dump everything.  After that, we headed home.  Graves fell asleep and I was going to transfer him, but right before we left I had pulled the sheets off his bed to wash them.  Of course, by the time I got it fixed there was no hope of transfer.  He was actually in an okay mood most of the afternoon.  The babies played and I started laundry and got some chicken baking for Peyton and then Daddy came over.  Peyton did have my phone and I felt better knowing he had it.  I was still a little nervous about being without it (it's just isolating and I feel vulnerable?) but it's a testament to how much better my anxiety is that I didn't spend the whole afternoon fidgetty with nerves.  Anyway, Daddy played with the kids a bit and I worked on our new car seats. [We got three new ones for Graves- one for each of our cars and one for my moms'.  I liked the new ones better, though, so I put two of them in my car and sent AP's old one and another one home with my dad.]  I got the straps moved to the right places and then installed them in my car.  I was pretty proud of myself.  Daddy left and I started folding a big load of laundry while the kids played.  I sang to Graves some and he LOVED it.  I fed the kids dinner and gave Graves a bath and got him to bed.

 Bedtime was rough; he was so tired and frustrated and I had told AP she was having a bath and she wanted to get in the tub right then.  I ended up sending her to time out for being rude and I told her I was taking care of Graves and she said "Take care of me, Momma"...it was pitiful.  I got him to sleep finally and I let her take almost an hour in the tub.  I ate my supper and played on Peyton's iPad and then I got her out and we read and she had a snack and then went to bed a bit later than I had planned.

Wednesday we head Bible study and I got up when Peyton did and fed Graves and then stayed up and worked on the Bible study.  I took a bath and got Graves ready and then we had to wake up Annie.  Bible study went well....this study is AMAZING.  We got home and all had lunch and I started laundry, made our bed, and hand washed some dishes.  I played with the kids some and then put them down for naps.  I finished a post and then I ready all the Scripture for Christian Believer.  It was a good bit.  After that Graves woke up and I read the textbook and then I played on Twitter. Peyton got home and we woke AP up and headed to church.  This week's lesson was kind of dry but we managed to have some good discussion.  We went by Target for diapers and a mirror for the car to see the kids and then by the grocery store.  We got home and fed the kiddos and put them to bed.  I straightened the house, cleaned up the kitchen, had supper, and packed our stuff for the next day at MDO.  I set up the mirror in my car and took out the trash and then I got on the computer and went to bed.

Thursday wore me slap out.  We had MDO, of course, and it was my day to stay the whole time-- meaning eight until two.  That in itself is exhausting, frankly, but usually it messes up one or both kids' naps and Peyton was working the evening shift.   Anyway, MDO was good until the very end and then we had a LOT of crying and general melting down.  There were just not enough arms for all the upset kids and it was a bit chaotic.  After we left, the kids fell asleep in the car and I drove by Sonic, but they both woke up right after that so we went on home.  I let them play some and fed Graves a late lunch (he had breakfast late at MDO and nursed a really long time so he wasn't hungry until we got home) and then put them both in their room for "rest time".  They neither one went to sleep, but AP stayed in bed for about an hour and Graves played in his crib for maybe thirty minutes.  Not too bad except that I had to keep going in there to change Graves's diaper or find his paci or toy or help AP go to the potty or whatever.  I just laid on the couch the rest of the time.  I got Graves up and he played some and then I attempted a nap again after AP got up.  He fell asleep and slept for about forty minutes.

When he got up, we went to the grocery store to get a few things and then I let them play while I put up the groceries and washed some dishes.  I ended up reorganizing a whole cabinet and then it was supper time for the kiddos.  I fed them dinner and started making some food because the Howies were coming over for lunch on Friday and we decided we'd take turns making lunch instead of bringing it.  I made pasta salad and fruit salad and then I took a break and got Graves to bed.  Once he was asleep, Annie and I made brownies from scratch(!!!) and I made some chicken salad.  I got AP to bed and folded a bit of laundry and did dishes and then got on the computer.  Peyton got home and we talked some and went to bed.

We all woke up around eight on Friday with both kids in our bed.  Graves had woken up at six something to eat and Annie had an accident in her bed before that and I didn't want to change the sheets and all that.  I got a bath and then hustled and striped AP's bed, started laundry, and vacuumed the kitchen and den.  Peyton bathed the kids and was heading to the gym and had turned on a movie.  I put Graves in his crib with a toy and vacuumed the bedrooms.  I fed him breakfast, ate my breakfast, and started straightening some piles and then I cleaned the guest bathrooms.  We should have lunch dates at our house more often, ha!  Peyton got home and a guy got there to fix our dishwasher and I got dressed and did my make-up while Peyton moved a big filing cabinet into the laundry room.  Carrie and her kids got here and Peyton left to get his hair cut.  We had a really good time and got to talk a LOT more than at a restaurant.  The kids all helped clean up before they left and it was almost naptime.  I finished picking up a few things and washed the dishes from lunch and then I realized AP had fallen asleep playing in her gingerbread house.

 I nursed Graves and put him down for a nap and then I checked Twitter and worked on a couple of posts.  I read a few blogs and then I watched an old Christian Believer video so I could do my post later in the weekend.  Once they both woke up we got ready and headed to my parents' house for Beans and Rice.  Ellis came over while we were there and it was fun to visit and catch up.  I put the kids to bed and then talked to Peyton when he got home and went to bed.

Peyton was off all weekend and I meant for Saturday to be super productive.  And it just wasn't.  I didn't sleep that late (8:30), but when I got up I was so tired and had a bit of a headache.  It was raining and yucky and I just felt off.  Peyton made us breakfast and I fed Graves and AP played while I organized some stuff in the laundry room to make room for our new microwave.  I also got down some "buy ahead" shoes to try on both kids and put some others up in the closet for later.  I started some laundry and then hopped in the bath. We played with the kids a bit and then left to run a couple of errands.  We went by Continental and got my new sewing machine(!!!) and then stopped by Peyton's parents' to visit.  We were planning on going by an antique store just to browse, but it was so cold and rainy and Graves was getting fussy, so we just went on home.  When we got home, we put Graves down for a nap and AP and Peyton chilled out for a bit and watched a movie.  I laid down, too, and ended up falling asleep.  I got up and had a snack and started going through the buy ahead closet and getting some things down for AP.  At that point, Peyton remembered that there was a get together at some church friends' for a missionary in town.  We hurried and got the kids ready and headed over there.  It was fun and on the way home we went by Target because I wanted to buy some rabbit ears for the TV.  We also got some new Tupperware, a plastic bucket, and some bath salts specifically for "Allergy and Sinus Sufferers".  We got home and fed the kids and put them to bed and I took a bath and went right to bed, too.

I woke up Sunday feeling some better, but Graves was stuffy and had been up a lot during the night.  I contemplated staying home from church, but since it was just a runny nose, we decided to all go.  We listened to the missionary, who was from Mountain T.O.P (a ministry in Appalachia) during the Sunday school hour, and it was really neat!  After that, I volunteered to help with children's church because the girl that was sopposed to be assisting had a conflict. We read Radical on the way there and back.  We got home and put AP down for a nap, but Graves was super cranky.  Peyton and I had lunch and finished Radical (this week's chapter was long!) and then discussed our budget and some possible cuts.  Graves ate lunch and we put him down and then I caught up on Twitter and had a little computer time.  Then I watched Lost and folded clothes until it was time for church.  We went to our study and then came home and put everyone to bed and went to bed ourselves.
Peyton decided to let AP sleep in her gingerbread house on top of her bed.  Her response: "Papa, that looks dangerous." Hilarious.  She did end up sleeping in it, though.

This week has been pretty laid back so far and it should continue to be.  We have some fun things going on, so that's exciting!

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onions: go to kroger in the frozen section the "kroger brand" has chopped onions. I use them all the time. its like $1.00 a bag and they last 3-5 meals. It will save you. and you wont have anything to wash