Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Words and Pictures

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” -Anias Nin

The other day the prompt for Febuary Photo a Day was "self-potrait" and I shared this picture with a caption saying that it was assuredly the most accurate self portrait I could ever create.

I'm a girl who who knows her assets as well as her shortcomings, her strengths as well as her weaknesses.  And here's the thing: I will never be as good of a photographer as I am a writer.  I capture our lives much better with words than with images.  My fingers pound these keys with much more skill than when I bumbley hold a shutter button.

Ann Voskamp wrote on her blog once "I pick up a camera and the lens is my ink...".  I'm the opposite.  The ink is my lens.
I have said often that our photographs are probably the most important tangible thing our family possesses, but as much as pictures help me capture a memory, more often than not, my words capture it better.

I read so many blogs that are the "perfect package".  The blogger weaves beautiful words with breath taking images.  And I've wanted that for myself so badly.  But I've finally made peace with the fact that that will never be this place. Just like I've finally told myself I will not become undone again over a less than Pinterest worthy house. I don't have room for those feelings of inadequacy anymore.  So I'm done. I want to use the time I've redeemed from worry and anxiety and feelings of inferiority and focus on my favorite craft.

I am going to try once a week at a minimum to really write.  Meaning not a post of links, not a post of the past week's events, not a picture post, and not a summary of a doctrinal study I'm going through.  Meaning really write.  Write about feelings.  Write about life.  Write about love. Process things.  Find beauty in things.  Seek to capture truth.  Enjoy this canvas I've been blessed with.

Some weeks this may mean a Five Minute Friday post or a Just Write post.  I hope to write Peyton a Marriage Letter once or twice.  Other weeks I'm sure this will see me just pouring out what's on my heart or sharing something about the children or my faith.

That's not to say I will ever, EVER stop taking pictures of my children and sharing little glimpses of our days and that's not to say I won't carve out a bit of time trying to improve my skill at that craft.  If I can go from taking mediocre photos to taking better than average ones, I will feel so very accomplished.  But even if not it will be okay.  Because I am...and can finally say this in more than a whisper...a storyteller.

That's why the words are so important.

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Amy said...

this made me want to stand up and cheer! :)
you are a WONDERFUL writer and honestly, that's what drew me to your blog. the cute kids are just the icing on the cake ;)
good for you for recognizing your talents and taking the time to hone your skills. i'm sure the rewards will be great!