Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday Prompt: Brave

Within weeks of Ann Peyton's birth, I came to a conclusion, one I've shared quite a few times on my little blog- the most difficult thing about parenting is the emotional resources it requires.  When people say this is the "hardest job in the world" that I'm doing, it resonates; I can't lie.  Not because it's drudgery.  Not because my kids have boundless energy and so many times at the end of the day I feel like I rush bedtime because I just have nothing left to give.  Not because I feel like I've lost myself in it, though sometimes that is the case.

But because there are so many fears to fight.

The fear that something will happen to one (or both) of them.  That something as ordinary as a careless driver or a rogue medicine bottle or an uncovered outlet could snatch them away from me me.  Forever.

The fear that they will grow up to seek thrills in the dangerous ways this world condones.  That playing this game could destroy their lives, or at the very least, break their fragile hearts.

The fear that I'm not, and will never be, enough.  That I don't give them enough of me- my time, my patience, my understanding, my sympathy.

The fear that they'll make poor decisions that will effect their entire lives.  That they'll never make the one most important decision in life and will live for themesleves instead of Christ.

The fear that I'm a poor example of doing the latter. 

Do y'all have these fears, too?

If so, be brave, Momma!

Carry on, warrior. 

His grace is sufficient. 

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

I love this and needed it right now!