Saturday, March 3, 2012

Letter to (Thirty Five Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

One month and you'll be three years old!  Three sounds so old and it's so difficult to believe we have a "baby" that's now a little girl.

You are so sweet and so cute.  My favorite thing lately about you is still your vivid imagination.  You create cute little stories and I love hearing what you can come up with.  Your favorite stories involve MonkMonk's "mother".  I think it's hilarious you use that term because you call me Momma, and your papa and I call DeeDee and Minnie Momma, respectively.  It sounds so funny.

You constantly refer to yourself as "the little monkey" or say "I'm a little monkey".  I will say "Are you hungry, Annie?" And you'll say "THE MONKEY is not hungry".  It's super funny how determined you are about it.

You love music and you've started singing more and more.  I'll hear you in your room singing the songs we practice at Mothers' Day Out and it just melts my heart.  Your favorites are "Deep and Wide", "Jesus Loves Me", and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands".  A secular favorite is "The Wheels on the Bus".  I started singing your old lullaby to you again (I sing "Goodnight, Annie" to the tune of "Goodnight, Ladies"). I did it for probably the first two years of you life and then sometime during the last year I stopped.  When I started spending more time with you before putting you down, I added it back.  You love it, request it, and often sing it with me.  However, almost without exception, these days you request an encore where I sing "Goodnight, Monkey" instead.

You are still crazy about Baby Graves.  You started calling him just "Baby" and I thought it was because  you thought it was legitimately a diminutive of his name, the way we call you "Annie" even though your name is Ann Peyton.  Then I realized that on all you Sesame Street videos, Elmo has a segment where he asks questions to a bunch of preschoolers and then to a baby in a high chair.  He calls the different babies "Baby" and I think you picked up on that.

You've also started wanting to hold Baby Graves which is hysterical because you never took an interest until he was mobile and almost as big as you! He's started making a lot more noise and you say all the time "He's kinda talking."

Last night we had some bad weather and it's apparent you still have a BIG fear of thunder.  When you want to tell us about your emotions you often project them on MonkMonk and you told me during supper, when you heard some thunder, that "she was scared" and "she was crying so hard".  You held and kissed her so sweetly and I loved watching you.

We're trying to figure out school options for next year and one thing I'm certain of is that I'd really like for you to be in some kind of group setting.  You are a little bit shy and reserved, so I think it's important for you.  It's amazing the difference between you at home and you out in front of other people.  The Howies came over the other day and Ms. Carrie couldn't belief how talkative you were.  You were so much more relaxed in your own house!

Annie, I love you so much, I'll never be able to put it into words.  You fill up my heart!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your dress is a 3T....the second 3T outfit to fit.  You're getting so big!


Nathalie said...

My daughter also likes to refer to herself by a different name. Except it's not as cute as "Monkey" -- she likes to be called "Tiger Woods" or "Woody"!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I love these letters! Evie also does this and thinks her name is Strawberry. She even told the worker in the nursery that her name was Strawberry. 3 does seem so big. These girls are changing so fast!