Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: February

I think this little daily photo prompt project is so much fun.  A lot of times, I end up missing a day (or two) and having to double up, but it's really a neat little exercise in creativity.

One goal of this project that I've made for myself (and achieved with only a relative degree of success) was to be as conscious of my "captions" as I was of my actual photographs.  I did each one on Instagram and although there's not a 140 character limit like Twitter, I wanted to keep them concise.  I'm not saying that every little blurb is witty or deep or inspired.  But I knew that I wanted each photo to be something that in some way was a meaningful part of our day and I wanted to try to articulate that in a few words.  Again, not every photo is of something of great importance- some are just silly little things that bring me joy, many are pictures of my children, and a lot are just glimpses of this season of our lives.  But I'm excited with the way it turned out.  I feel like it really pulled the project together and made it much more cohesive than twenty nine or so random clicks on my iPhone.

Picture slices...and word glimpses...of February:

Day 1
The little monkey is up and happily playing. Thankful that's (my view today). 

Day 2
Important reminder (words) for my tired momma brain.

Day 3
 She uses hers for talking; he uses his for walking (hands).

Day 4
All examples of (a stranger) turned a friend...thanks Internet!

Day 5
Oh, and at (10AM) I was navigating successfully through cultural chaos with the Sunday school class, led by a super handsome Clark Kent look alike.  

Day 6 
Well, I'm a couple of days behind, but here's a part of Annie's (dinner) I just found in my bed.  I let her have it as an appetizer while I was putting up laundry.  Also: first time I've ever known her not to finish a string cheese!

Day 7 
A favorite (button).  I love that he has an outie like me.

Day 8 
The (sun) will come out tomorrow...right?

Day 9 
waiting for Goldilocks (front door).

Day 10
This little slice of the Internet is assuredly the most accurate (self portrait) I could ever create.

Day 11 
(makes me happy)

Day 12
(inside my closet)...and everyone else's

Day 13 
My (blue) eyed boy.  The heart melt is inexplicable.  In tears I love him so. 

Day 14
Honey and peanut butter sandwich-- a sweet (heart) for my little sweetheart. 

Day 15
On especially busy days, CEO Baby Graves uses three (phones) to take care of business. 

Day 16
snazzy $25 a piece car seats.  They love being neighbors now!

Day 17
(Time) for bed, sleepy head

Day 18
Only a few more days to (drink) these and then no more until we celebrate the Risen Lord. 

Day 19
Can't wait for next week and the luxury of a functional dishwasher (something I hate to do)

Day 20
What? Y'all didn't believe me about the OCD? I'm only functional with two planners, one of which must be hourly. (handwriting)

Day 21
This is definitely (a fave photo of me) and Baby Annie.  Maybe I should like print it out and frame it or something?

Day 22
It's closing time (where I work).  No worries, though, someone will be up for a "meal" in a couple of hours.

Day 23
Go ahead, call me a hipster. (my shoes)

Day 24
Soap, seasonal hand towels, pipes, toilet paper, miscellaneous toiletries (inside my bathroom cabinet)

Day 25
When I hear (green) my mind goes here.  Crunch, crunch, crunch. 

Day 26
Blinds drawn, teeth brushed, Bible read...(night)

Day 27
Because I have a second grader trapped in my body, this is an example of (something I ate) today.  Random About SD Moment: I ALWAYS use these to chase a BC Powder. 

Day 28
This is almost as good as cash (money).

Day 29 
Do you ever have a music craving? This week I've had a Tom Petty craving as strong as any food craving I've ever experienced (what I'm listening to)

Thanks, February, for being so good to us!

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